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  1. Hopefully mate! Got my tactical equipment setup now, ready to go.
  2. I’ll be ordering one from HAO since Angry Gun is deemed to lack QC lately. Will post a picture when it arrives 👍.
  3. Thanks Jim. Asked them couple of times from the online chat, but couldn't get an answer. Are they allowed to / do they ship to UK though (without UKARA number)?
  4. I was looking at those handguards, it’s literally out of stock everywhere, or simply I’m not able to Google it somehow. 9.3” and FDE colour is what I need. About the barrel nut, do you use an adapter to fit the thing to the MWS or is it just machined right to fit to the MWS? Is there a common name for MWS barrel nut?
  5. I’ve played couple of games there, since I’m running a GBBR now, I can’t really do full auto, and people going auto from far distances disabled me from the game mostly. I’ll do CQBR for a while, at least before getting set up with a secondary. It’s a good place overall, I’m gonna probably do another game in there this month.
  6. Would you recommend buying a GHK AKM or WE AK instead? I'll be upgrading the internals and the furniture. WE having full bolt movement is a good bonus though.
  7. I was thinking about buying an AKM next month, but I'm surprised the mags are basically out of stock in everywhere. GBBRs are not good at compatibility, how did you find the spare mags, or are you still waiting? Such a shame, looks like a great gun.
  8. I’m literally astounded by how replica production for every sort of thing in Airsoft has evolved over years. Picking a real steel stock without knowing whether it fits to the MWS platform, there is a replica version of it. Insane guys, thanks for the help.
  9. Thinking about buying a PDW stock but I’m not sure if this will fit to the MWS. https://www.wingtactical.com/firearm-parts/ar-15-parts/stocks-accessories/strike-industries-pdw-stock/ It seems to be a practical stock, not cheap but pretty solid from the videos I’ve seen in YouTube. Sold in the US though, not sure if it’s possible to export it to the UK.
  10. Thanks for your detailed reply. That guy is an absolutely gold mine, looks like I'm gonna spend a lot of my time watching his mods. The buffer upgrade is definitely popular amongst users, I heard it multiple times today. I suppose I'll sleep on it for a while, let's get used to the baby first.
  11. Probably asked many times before, pardon me for asking it again. I've bought my TM MWS today (yay), and considering using Nuprol 2.0 Green Gas with it. I encountered a couple of places where TM is strictly suggesting to use 134a (probably it's Nuprol 1.0 - never used it before). The gun will be stock initially, do you think I should do any upgrades at least in the near future to save the life of the gun? Better, do you have any green gas brand/product suggestions to use with it?
  12. Thanks for the answers! Eheh, good to know! That's a good point. Well done web site. Little question though, in order to run an airsoft site in UK, do you have to be UKARA registered? Or asking from the players side, are these airsoft sites found in the web site all UKARA registered?
  13. Just wanted to say hola to AFUK people, I'm looking for games near Woking, Surrey. I played with JG AEG's like 5-6 yrs ago in Turkey, left airsoft entirely because it was overwhelming to import the toys to my country. Luckily, it's not the case anymore. I've spotted a place called Ambush Airsoft, probably it's good, I'm also planning to arrange a UKARA defence in the next months. Would be actually good to do some new friends and hobby in my new country. Lastly, advice needed: Would you buy a two-tone or wait until UKARA registration? I've no issues with colouring and looks as long as it's done finely at all! Also, I tried to search for site rules but haven't seen anything regarding GBBR usage. It was strictly prohibited in Turkey, in the site I was playing, however it's not the same here as long as the stopping power remains below the limits. Cheers!
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