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    G&G Firehawk High Cycle DSG
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    One mid cap, one hi cap. Three 7.4v lipos. And more than enough BBs.
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  1. CharlieWhelan

    Battery for G&G firehawk

    Hey bro, Biggest battery I can get in mine is the VP Racing 1300Mah 25C stick battery. £15 on Amazon or £10 plus £5 postage on Patrol Base. Enjoy.
  2. CharlieWhelan

    What weight BB's?

    With the G&G hop ups, I find .25 works the best, but I cheap out on .2 cos I spent all my money on patches! The guy who recommended ASG blasters is absolutely right and Patrol Base have a deal on with them at the moment.
  3. CharlieWhelan

    Zero one warranty postage

    Hey bro. I had some trouble with my gun after a week with them, but once they fixed it, they didnt charge for postage. They said the only reason they would charge would be because the problem was the customers fault. They were really good about it, but took two weeks to replace a fuse. To answer your question, yes it's annoying because to some people, you can do the work for under £20 while sacrificing whatever warranty you still have on it. Bit of a mixed bag imo.