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  1. hephaestus came up with this a while ago but its all gas operated so no luck there i also found this url=http://www.red-alliance.net/forum/index.php?topic=13544.0 but it died 3 years ago
  2. well then, ill have to probably come up with a custom made gearbox casing. good thing i ve got some buddies who cand weld
  3. i've been through that, but what he did was he kept the gearbox unchanged and covered the bit that was hiding inside the original pistol grip. he ended up with a weird triangle at the back of the weapon. i want to keep it hidden inside the receiver. plus he didn't explain exactly how he managed to make the trigger work after he moved it to the front
  4. I've been thinking for a while to do a conversion from a regular AK to a bullpup configuration, kind of like a OTS14 Groza. I did some research and came to the conclusion that the most difficult part for me would be to come up with a way to move the trigger up front and connect it (with maybe a kind of bar) to the gearbox at the back. I think it would also be necessary to change the type of gearbox to maybe a famas v1. If anybody here had any experience with this kind of project you re welcome to share the knowledge some images:
  5. there is dievixer from spain and marty airsoft from russia and of course the veteran sniper vavann from france
  6. thanks everyone for the input! i'm less concerned about the internals as i'm going to get it upgraded straight away (mosfet, strenghtened gearbox, 11.1v battery, a 6.05 PDI inner barrel, rhop, deans connectors etc.). I'm looking for a strong exterior build because i'm a more hands on player, i like to run and crawl through bushes so ill need a sturdy frame for my AEG. For my first game in this country (17th of april) i got together about 20 guys, we're going to rent for now, spoke to ppl in bush valley and dragon's lair and now i have to decide
  7. thanks for the help! i'm considering dragon's lair cause its close to where i live plus its ukara accredited. i visited the site but they haven t posted anything since january 2015. from what i read on facebook they organise weekly games which is good because im looking to a group rental about 20 ppl
  8. Hello everyone, I am considering going for an LCT as val and I was wondering if anybody has one. There are a lot of reviews on youtube and the web but most of them are first impression ones. I am interested to hear a long-time owner's opinion. How it fares over time, say 1 year, is the build quality good enough that it doesn t start to rattle after 10 games and so on. If anybody has one, i'd be grateful if they shared their experience. Therre is also the russian NPO replica, but that's way too expensive
  9. I just knew gettting into a forum would help a lot, my google searches for open-space sites had turned scarce results. thanks!
  10. Hello to airsofters across the UK! I recently made up my mind to play some airsoft again, after my last match back in 2011. I would have to get myself aquainted to the regulations around here, because where i come from the law isn't exactly specific about airsoft, so everybody was kind of "freestyling". I understand I would have to get registered with UKARA and some other things, but first i have to decide upon a replica. I think it'll be between an e&l aks74u or a TM mp5sd6 (more research needed). I'm also looking for people to play with, so if there's anybody from London just give me a shout! I prefer open-space games, like woodland or something similar, I'm not really into cqb. The replicas i mentioned earlier will be modified for accuracy and (maybe) power, so if anybody has any advice about that, you're welcome!
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