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  1. And I will get a chrono the site will know what the limit will be on a .3 my weapon is consistent on hpa and does not creep each round is consistent on all the chronos I have been on. Think this boils down to a hate of hpa and to be honest I'm done with this forum and the attitudes on it.
  2. It's consistent on hpa doesn't creep at all.
  3. I agree but some sites still insist on chrono on .2s it's the first time I've had to chrono with. 2s normally chrono with 3s and they work it out.
  4. Not sure what it was on .3s as they chrond on .2s using hpa mate.
  5. Just a couple of other users. Will await your details and can organise a demonstration etc obviously in a suitable location.
  6. Message me your details then and we can discuss it in person could also show you the range aswell.
  7. Early testing with the standard hop and crap standard barrel you really are a complete and utter bell end. Maybe you should check the Tippmann page out smart arse.
  8. There's plenty of people getting the same range on the Tippmann forum I don't give a toss if you believe me. I sat again you are welcome to come and call me a liar to my face and I'll put you on your arse. Dickhead
  9. I said fps was 353 on .2s not that I was getting 70 metres on .2s The 70 metres is with .3s
  10. I'll do a video when I'm next out mate.
  11. I only use .2s to chrono use .3s all the time.
  12. I'm the same mate. And I sometimes doubt they would be exactly the same to your face. I'd rather get on with people but sometimes it's hard.
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