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  1. Does anyone know of a G36 magwell conversion which is compatible with the ASG model? Thanks
  2. Jambo88, I mentioned twice that I was managing my kit preparing for a reload. In other words, I didn't see him pick up the gun, I turned around to reload the magazines that were with the gun as he was pulling the trigger, it was at that point that I took it off him. Why don't you tell me of your stellar record in airsoft? Y'know, how you have NEVER done anything wrong? I'd be quite interested to hear it, perhaps you could be my role model? Just for clarification, normally I would remove the magazine, fire off a burst of auto, put the safety on and finally put a solid plastic orange muzzle cover on the gun (just in case) - I am feeling the need to prove I'm not a complete fool now! But yeah, second time using the VSR, seemed safe enough to be left for five minutes, alas, I was wrong. Once again thank you everyone for your contribution! Some very good points made for both perspectives
  3. Brightcandle, pretty sure this is the video you're speaking of? Saw it not too long ago:
  4. Yeah I had a look at that, it's what made me think of this incident again. One lapse of judgement on my part could have wound up in a scenario like these kids have experienced. See, my view on it was that once I fired off the chambered round there was no way another BB could get in there without me pulling back the bolt so I left the mag in whilst I got the rest of my kit ready to reload Everything - Stupidity I know, but it isn't like an AEG, where even after removing a magazine there will still be 3-4 BBs ready to be fired in the gun, I should have factored in that others would piss around with the rifle after I had left it down. Regardless, thanks all for your contribution.
  5. Yeah I'm pretty glad no one was hurt, I just hadn't considered someone else coming along and using my kit without me knowing. Anyway, thanks to both your replies, just wanted a wider view on the circumstances
  6. The other week after a game I fired off the chambered BB and turned on the safety switch on my VSR before entering the safe zone - I however left the magazine in as I figured if the spring wasn't compressed, no BB chambered and the trigger couldn't be pulled then I won't be able to hurt anyone. So I set it down in the safe zone and started managing my kit, some kid took my vsr and pointed it at someone, pulled the bolt and attempted to fire it (thinking he would only be dry-firing) but luckily he didn't take off the safety before hand. At this point I took the gun from him, took it outside and cleared it completely. If the kid had have shot someone, who would be at fault? Me for leaving the magazine in or him for pulling the trigger? I've learned from this mistake and understand that random people may take it and potentially cause damage - I now make sure the magazine is removed from the VSR, as I have always done with my other RIFs
  7. Sorry I haven't been back on in a few days, standard delivery from ehobbyasia is about 10-20 days, although I've gotten some things from them in less time than that.
  8. I used to have that tracer unit and hated it, constantly had issues with it (although I may have just had a lemon, I know a few others who love it), I got the marui one instead from ehobbyasia and it is a hell of a lot nicer, costs about £55 including delivery, I couldn't recommend it enough. Here's a link for if you want to check it out yourself: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui-new-full-auto-tracer.html#.VnxpaZTfWrX
  9. Thank you very much for confirming that for me
  10. Hello, during my break from Uni I was intending on making a new thread on the ICS L85 featuring my own upgrade guide, troubleshooting things such as the semi-auto issue a lot of users have had, a disassembly guide and a few other sections with pictures and maybe videos. I'm just wondering that since Airsoft-ed already has a very in depth guide on the L85 would it be appropriate for me to make another or would it be against forum rules (or just rude to ed himself)? Also, if it is okay for me to go ahead with it, what section if the forum should it go into? Thank you!
  11. Sorry for posting so late but the sling I use for my ICS L85 is incredible, allows the battery to held in the sling and has a wire running through it and plugs into the front of the gun. The wires don't get in the way and you don't notice the battery in the sling! Here's a link for anyone interested: http://uk.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Combat_Gear_Slings_Lanyards_Milspex_Battery_Pack_Three_Point_Sling.htm
  12. If you go to buy a new gun I would recommend researching the gun you want using INDEPENDENT reviews and disassemblies. Chances are you'll find someone, such as airsoft ed and other members of this community who post incredibly detailed reviews of the gun. If you do it well enough you'll know it inside out before you even get your hands on it, know what needs improved, what the gun excels in, the quality of the internals and externals and many other aspects to it. Please, never trust retailers reviews, majority of the time they would be a lot better than JBBG, but at the end of the day they will still be biased and trying to sell a products good points and only highlighting minor faults, if any. In response to the debate on creating a claim and digging up dirt on the company, to me it is a good and bad idea. it can show the non-airsoft community that we are committed to protecting ourselves, new players and possibly the general public from stores such as JBBG, but at the same time it might give more reason to make it more difficult to get hold of the replicas or even to have them banned all together worst case scenario. As far as I'm aware that's what the EU is wanting, right? Good luck with whatever route you go down!
  13. Without a doubt, mime has been shot at in CQB without so much as a scratch, I've dropped it out of second story windows, dropped it down a flight of concrete stairs, like I said it is ridiculously robust, the glass is a good 5mm thick and the casing is a thick aluminium. Trust me, for the price it is incredible, for something as bright as this alone it should be a hell of a lot more expensive. I had a £45 torch before this one and the first time I used it the lens was shot out and the thing was no where near as bright as this one. Even in the off chance you did break it, it costs £6? To me, there isn't even a choice! Trust me, this torch will be worth every single penny you spend on it, unless you would rather fork out for a weaker/ less robust torch for more than triple the price?
  14. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=151859799291&globalID=EBAY-GB These torces are incredible, buy a mount for it which can be around £2.50 and it won't let you down. Three brightness settings and a strobe function. Plus it is rock solid, you'll struggle to break it. It's so good that I have two for airsoft and one for work, for the price it seriously can't be beat!
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