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  2. snuff

    Ics transform.

    Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    My m8's ICS Transform,again little used but adapted to his liking.Raer wired with a pouch on the stock.Upgraded(Ris?).Firing nice and straight at 300 fps.Package includes a battery 2200MaH,2 hi-caps and a brand new spare upper motor (420 fps)..also including fees and postage.

    175.00 GBP

  3. Wo1f

    P90 mag pouches

    I’ve used the Viper double pouches before. Loop around your belt/molle and work as a drop leg. They’re not Gucci by any stretch of the imagination, but they work perfectly fine
  4. Hey guys, Here's the deal: I want a low profile backpack to go with my Helikon-Tex TMR. Possibly in a colour that resembles a-tacs iX or doesn't look too bad. Something low profile, that can be used as a hydration carrier and, when needed, as a proper pack to carry what I need, mainly a Gore-Tex jacket, spare eyepro and BBs.. Any suggestions?
  5. Tiercel

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    Also in Surrey (just!), usually play at EAG Dorking and The Mall, two sites very much worth checking out! And depending where you are in Surrey, not too far either!
  6. MisterG

    Some help with the IMAX B6AC v2 6A please

    Hi This is the one I bought based on the recommendation from Sonofsammo https://hobbyking.com/en_us/imax-b6ac-v2-professional-balance-charger-discharger-uk-plug.html Seems to work fine. Fortunately, my NiMH batteries now have Deans connectors, as it didn't come with a Tamiya adapter (though I do have a couple I didn't need to use them) Cheers G
  7. BigStew

    P90 mag pouches

    Hi folks what are peoples recommendations for P90 mag pouches in tan looking to hold 4 mags on a belt rig or drop leg panel.
  8. I want to buy one of these but am a little confused. I know that there are plenty of fakes out there, and I have taken the advice of members to google "genuine Imax B6" . I get a mix of genuine and fake items of course, but the prices vary considerably. I'm wondering if price is always a good indication. Obviously I will stay away from anything at a low price, but can I be sure that the more expensive ones are genuine? Could anybody point me to a reliable source. Is it risky to buy from Amazon? The other thing that bothers me is the differences in specification I have come across. Some products are advertised as 60 Watts. Others are advertised as 50 Watts. Some are said to be 5 Amps. Others are said to be 6 Amps. What am I to make of these differences? What sort of price should I expect to pay for the real deal? Would I be safe buying the following for example: http://www.rchobbyestore.co.uk/accessories-c4/chargers-c30/sky-rc-new-imax-b6ac-v2-digital-lipo-lion-nimh-battery-balance-fast-charger-p946 Is this a reputable store? Or this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01BBJKB8Y/ref=sxts_sxwds-puwylo_rv_2?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=9126202214565547164&pd_rd_wg=Z4Cqt&pf_rd_r=63XC7GZXZGF6GC8BTT26&pf_rd_s=desktop-sx-top-slot&pf_rd_t=301&pd_rd_i=B01BBJKB8Y&pd_rd_w=JVOBO&pf_rd_i=imax+b6ac+v2&pd_rd_r=b840520a-5576-42c8-87f8-9eb799a4b643&ie=UTF8&qid=1526986149&sr=2 It doesn't say it is genuine. Or should I be paying something higher like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07B8P53S4/ref=sxts_sxwds-puwylo_rv_3?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=9126202214565547164&pd_rd_wg=Z4Cqt&pf_rd_r=63XC7GZXZGF6GC8BTT26&pf_rd_s=desktop-sx-top-slot&pf_rd_t=301&pd_rd_i=B07B8P53S4&pd_rd_w=JVOBO&pf_rd_i=imax+b6ac+v2&pd_rd_r=b840520a-5576-42c8-87f8-9eb799a4b643&ie=UTF8&qid=1526986149&sr=3 I would really appreciate your advice.
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  10. Iceni


    Actually they do a beast 600 rnd high cap in steel for £16. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/lct-lck47-hi-cap-ak-magazine-600-rnd You can't fault a steel mag with that capacity for £16. 3 of those is a full bottle of BB's
  11. E21A

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    Hi, Dont worry about being on your own, I’ve done my first 2 games by myself. If your based near Gatwick I’m guessing you’ll be going to Dogtag? If so let me know, I’m in burgess hill and will be at dogtag every other Sunday until I get frostbite! Be more than happy to meet up with you there if you’d like?
  12. HKRiceBucket

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    Nice! Maybe I'll run into you in one of the events sometime All this window browsing on equipment is making me drool. Although my wallet will not thank me for it...ugghhhh
  13. allyballybee


    Thanks for the responses guys! Yeah i love the aesthetic, with a mount for the back so you can a holo or red dot on it, it will look great! I know some people aren't a fan of the rails but the ability to mod it with different attachments is a big bonus for me. Just got my UKARA so it's a little overwhelming, i like to know as much as i can about something before i go spend a good sum of money on it. I've been saving for a while and have money aside for it but not keen to just blow it all without some facts :). Just unfortunate not many people here seem to have used one so not a huge amount of user feedback other than what you can find from random reviews. There are so many great looking rifles out there, the Bren A1, the Scar-L the list is endless!
  14. CarloBear

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    Welcome! From Surrey too I go mostly on my own, but when I go with people we normally just get separated anyway. Like said by @Gepard You'll be on a team anyway so you'll interact with people regardless. Almost all the people I've met and dealt with are friendly there are bad apples here and there but have fun as Airsoft is what you make of it really.
  15. emilianoksa

    Marui new GBBR's

    Thanks for the explanations.
  16. Druid799

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    There an absolute God send at the NAE wk’nder! Between the site being so undulating AND however many hundreds of radios you have in such a small area as well , bog standard PMR’s aren’t worth s**t so its great to have a radio that actually gives you effective comms there !
  17. HKRiceBucket

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome. Nice to know I'm not the only one then. Was worried I'd be more of a sore thumb standing out from the crowd going in alone But looking forward to get stuck in soon. Only other concern is how much of a money pit this hobby eventually be ( I have lack of self control when it comes to spending on hobby's lol)
  18. Bad news: I sold the HK 45

    Good news: I sold the HK 45

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    2. allyballybee


      What was the reason for selling it? i just bought one yesterday!

    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      I needed money otherwise I wouldn't have. I love it.

    4. allyballybee


      thats good to hear, excited to give it a try! heard great things about it, i got the KWA version rather than the TM but either way it's a great looking pistol!

  19. @Duff for when you take your best friend....


    molle vest



  20. Guyver1

    New player, west coast Scotland

    Welcome aboard SgtMac. Nice to see another "jock" joining the crew 🙂
  21. MisterG

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    Hi Welcome to the forum. I'm fairly new to airsoft, third month of playing. I was like you, and kept debating then one day just did it. I went on my own, as no one I knew plays. It's great fun, and I have found many friendly and helpful people, it seems to be the nature of the sport. Cheers G
  22. Cleaners inc

    ASG CZ Skorpion Evo owners ?

    Mine tuned up today, yet to try fit the ASG life battery
  23. Hello all, I'd like to upgrade my AW .308 but I'm unsure what to buy. I've found this kit and I just need advice to see if it will fit ok? https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/zero-upgrade-set-pro-tm-aws-a-well-mb44xx-ver.3-detail if this isn't the right kit,, PLEASE please could someone point me in the right direction. thanks steve
  24. Gepard

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    Welcome! Ages vary wildly. Kids as young as 12 and adults all the way up to 70 and beyond play at my locals. Lots of people play by themselves so I wouldn't worry about turning up alone. Just put on a smile and interact with the guys there. You'll be sure to meet new people who you'll click with. You'll be set into teams anyway so either way you'll be playing with friendlies. Can't speak for London as I've never played there but typically the Airsoft community are a sound bunch. You might meet one or two knobheads but the vast majority are just like you and I! They play the game for the game and just want to enjoy themselves. Taking that first step is indeed the hardest so I'd go down and get stuck in already!
  25. Delivery day!
    At some point. Fingers crossed.....

  26. HKRiceBucket

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    After a lot of umm ahhh. Should I should I not deliberation finally made a decision to finally push myself to try out Airsoft like I always wanted to. Previously made so many excuses like not enough time, expensive. No one I know interested in doing it. I'm based near Gatwick so would likely be starting off around that kind of area to try out. What kind of age ranges usually you find turning up to these skirmishes? (I'm a bit more on the older side :P )I find it a little daunting going solo. Is it weird to be going solo? How toxic/friendly are the communities usually around the London side of Airsoft? I know in all sorts of gaming related there usually are a few bad apples that ruins it for everyone else. Just don't want to throw myself in without knowing what I'm getting myself into I guess?
  27. Floatingboater

    HPA magpul PDR-C, Wolverine custom.

    Bump £500
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