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  2. I've never had any experience with the R-hop and barrel, only what I've seen from durchhooligan on YouTube, even though he uses 450fps so wouldn't know what it would do with out fps limits.
  3. ** waving Frantically like the geek at school saying pick me pick me** yep im from costa del Telford
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  5. I buy quite a bit from aliexpress and dhgate, mostly I'm pleasantly surprised. Thats a nice stock btw
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  7. You know when you order something from China and you don't have very high expectations because it was cheap, so it's a copy, so it'll be a bit meh....? That was a pleasent surprise, and now I wish I'd bought two!
  8. The Prowin hop doesn't fit in a lot of things, but the R hopped Prometheus barrel will work fine with the hop up in the Krytac with the addition of a flat nub. I've just seen the price! For a lot less money you could simply get a new Krytac barrel and run the extra length inside the suppressor. Equip it with a Modify flat hop and nub and you'll be good to go.
  9. Your motor height AND bevel to pinion shimming is way way out..... The motor height is never really guessed (only Mr Spock can make accurate guesses) The motor height is checked and set in alignment with pinion to bevel Then the bevel is shimmed to pinion once the motor height has already been determined & set You should never need to tweak the motor height more than 1/2 turn either way If you find that you need to wind it in/out a considerable bit then your motor height and/shimming you did was out I don't think there is one single guide that explains it all or a straight forward 101% foolproof method There is this that explains the motor height to bevel issue.... But you kinda have to feel what you think is best slight lash or a little tiny bit under shim on the bevel Or the " walk " as Rogers calls it...... The motor height is set correctly, then bevel shimmed up against the pinion but not too tight/loose If you search for Rogers " shut up gears " - spread over about 3 clips & measurement tools etc.... But jeez are they shimmed sweet.... I don't think I fully agree 101% with any video - balanced against what is realistic etc..... But you should watch and fully understand the utmost importance of pinion to bevel & as close to perfection shimming Get this bit out of whack and the whole gun is f*cked.... If over shimmed then as the pinion meshes fully it creates extra strain of bevel smashed against the bushing or gearbox or if under shimmed the pinion keeps getting wound in further & further until the tip of pinion is rubbing on AR lugs of bevel Normally.... AND this no way even a rough guide to even begin to go by as different bevels have teeth cut in deeper or shallower.... LOOK at the bevel in center.... its teeth are cut much higher than other two bevels on left/right so you can understand the shimming of bevel will not be same So you can't just assume or take anything as a given oh about 0.25mm will do - coz it bloody won't IF you had bushings in a G&G std box thenabout 0.20mm MIGHT do as a very rough guess HOWEVER if you have used bearings then these sit much lower than bushings giving you more space to shim up on all gears So this figure on top of bevel could be 0.40mm to 0.60mm THIS ISN'T EVEN A WILD GUESS - I don't use bearings as a rule so can't even begin to guess But I'd lay money it is much more than bushings would ever need From what you say that the motor is wound in quite a lot then I'd take a stab that the bevel is undershimmed By that the shimming on top of bevel is too little and your motor is far in to mesh and pinion rubbing on bevel AR lugs (been there done that thinking yeah it spins ok - I have got this shimming malarky sussed - WRONG !!!!) Watch first video, see bevel on one half of box, grip+motor fitted - set the height of motor and keep that setting Try to gauge not guess the shims required on top of the bevel using whatever technique you feel is best (there are loads of methods) If you have to wind the motor in say a full turn or more you likely have under shimmed the bevel If you have to wind the motor out say a full turn or more you likely have over shimmed the bevel Your motor pinion to bevel should meet like the GOOD picture - max teeth meshing with a absolute whisper of walk The moment you wind in/out the motor and they no longer mesh as effectively the energy is not being transmitted 101% Resistance builds, heat/amps rise, fuses/mosfets blow and gun stalls - sounds familiar ???? 99% sure your issue is shimming - mainly motor height pinion to bevel etc..... There is also a very slight chance you can get similar issues if you have a very tight piston binding in the box A new piston that binds a lot will slow the gun - even stall it in extreme cases Rate of fire - even fps can be robbed in a slow returning piston pistons can bind at the rear of box or in some cases a bad piston can bottom out though in your case the gun is straining always so don't think piston is bottoming out on full retraction It might be binding but tbh I doubt it with what other things you have said - 99% ya motor height/shimming is crap Won't hurt to check piston for binding if you have ever replaced the stock piston at some point But reckon you needto set motor height and reshim the bevel properly Also do not shim the gears too tightly - if there isn't about 0.1mm to 0.15mm side play on all 3 gears you are shimming too tightly Other issues like motor angle etc... if you changed pistol grip etc...but I reckon you need to set motor height then quite possibly need to add a bit more on top of bevel THIS IS A ROUGH - VERY ROUGH GUESS ONLY - YOU NEED TO CHECK STUFF YOURSELF !!!! Hopefully you have or will soon understand exactly first hand where the shimming is out and where you need address the issue Hope some of this crap helps, I've been there many times at first so feel your despair at your gun running poorly
  10. 【CUSTOM GBB WORKSHOP】 BERETTA M9A1 two tone G&G GPM-92F base cerakote OD green two tone after / before
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  12. Are these the ones that Chris @GearTech sells? His ones look very cool (especially painted) and he's got videos he's made of then taking 500fps hits. I personally wouldn't own one though as it'd feel a bit... Claustrophobic for me I think. Plus as a glasses wearer I'd struggle with it.
  13. Make: KJ Works Gun/Model: KC-02 Desired Condition: Working Desired FPS: 400 Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: Condition dependent
  14. Ah thank you, although I've seen that the ProWin hop up unit doesnt quite fit the SPR. Have you had experience with this?
  15. Hey bud, sorry i should have been a little clearer. £50 for the Taurus and hard case. The G19 is available with two mags. Open to offers on both. :-)
  16. If you've got the money umbrella armouries do a tightbore barrel with R-hop that will fit the SPR perfectly.
  17. HI are they still available, are they both in good working order do they leak gas or vent? is it £50 each or for the Pair? Cheers Daz
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  19. Finally got my G&G L85 carbine today, haven't had a chance to fire it yet but it feels damn perfect.
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  21. Apparently Umarex have just received licence from Glock to make some replicas. Wonder how good they'll look, and if they'll shoot half as good as they look!

    1. Defender90


      If they use KWA as the manufacturer then yes I'd think so.

      I have an Umarex/KWA HK45 and it shoots really well out of the box.

    2. AshOnSnow


      Depends if they make it in house or outsource it. Their HK416 chambered in .22LR is fantastic.

  22. Yeah i clean my barrel before i go out every time. I saw that as well when i first got my gun after i cleaned it it worked pretty nicely. Can anyone suggest anything to further this guns range? I might be able to improve the accuracy with a nice new inner barrel!
  23. If this/these item(s) sold through this forum, could those involved in the sale/purchase please leave feedback for each other. This is a general message which helps us speed up forum moderation. Thank you.
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  25. Got a little prezzy from the wife for our anniversary
  26. ive got a Dboys PDW that cost me £70 brand new with battery and charger and a high cap mag. Only played one game with it so far but i can say it is a fantastic little rifle downside is that the battery sit in a peq box plus side was it was out the box pretty good.
  27. VCRA doesn't appear to say anything about permanency, durability or the ease of conversion of IFs to RIFs. Paint is removable. It's even readily removable with common household items, as I determined within a few minutes of receiving my dayglo guns. I'm minded to agree that if you were selling/importing/manufacturing IFs then a non-durable colour coat would increase the very small risk of prosecution and conviction, but I don't think we can infer anything absolute from the legislation as it's written. For a purchaser/owner with legal uses in mind it remains an effective non-concern.
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