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  1. Not quite sure if I have enough shotguns for my shells, or shells for my shotguns I love my shotguns so the expansion only expands, it's all I run so please, feel free to judge me
  2. that sounds amazing, I imagine it didn't last very long
  3. Starting to make a ghillie suit, though not for camouflage in the usual sense, (I like outrageous costumes) making one in a colour scheme involving pinks, white, and others that may go with it, have read the forums, but bit stuck. Pink jute twine is difficult to get hold of, as is white (can't dye anything) so, what other materials might be suitable, I've tossed around the idea of cotton yarn and waterproofing it, pros been it comes in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses. Also potentially do a more killer kamo style suit so fabrics, images for reference TL: DR what fabrics or string type is suitable for a ghillie without burlap/twine
  4. now somewhat of a newbie to gas guns, would abbey ultra gas be fine to run in a KSG, and if not, what gas would be recommended?
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    A&K M249nanoHARD MOSFET, wired to deans, 22rps at 326 FPS on .20g, with no hopup applied2 box mags, one brand new, the other auto only, both A&K Entirely new gearbox, built to draw low power and low heat, so will last all day. C79 elcan scope.11.1 lipo wired to deans. Full metal rails, barrel and body. Weight: ~7kg PARTS LIST:Air Nozzle: SHS 21mmGears: SLD 16:1Motor: ZCI High Torque 22TPA (SS)Pinion Gear: SLDPiston: SHS 14.5 toothSector Delay Chip: SHS SDCSpring: SHS M110MOSFET: GATE nanoHARDAlso new tappet plate,cylinder and cylinder head, however not sure what brand these are. New A&K 1500 round mag. Sound control, auto and a built in pressure switch, in desert digital. Runs on builtin battery (do have the charger for this)Old 2400 round A&L box mag, only works on auto, and runs on 2x AA batteries.Found the older box easier to fill, as side comes off, newer one fill port is small and under the cover https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu6iQZDnMXm/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_linkvideo of shootingDue to weight and all the accessories, this is collection only, apologies in advance. May be able to deliver if reasonable distance. Would be willing to trade for a Secutor Velites G-XI or a tm KSG


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