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  1. Well, I might have some autistic traits like many people But I know I can't be autistic coz I get sarcasm Which most autistic people never understand The OCD part is quite common - their routine etc... Deviate from this and there can be real hell to pay Severe cases of autism are heartbreaking needing 24/7 care Most cases are mild to moderate - often no sarcasm & black/white logic Einstein was autistic and tbh I'd take a stab at Mr Spock too Though he might blame than on his half human side In reality think them Vulcan's caused this autistic stuff When they become focused on something it is 200% Though at the same time getting them to focus on new stuff can be an enormous challenge for everybody involved and each person is different in how they may comply or completely kick off. Even a simple slight change in habit or routine can become the biggest mountain for all involved But autistic people do have mega OCD, and the people supporting them need one thing above all else..... PATIENCE - omg buckets of this stuff and some understanding But one you do learn is patience I'm just weird with some weird traits I guess
  2. Autism That is basically what it is, a form of compulsion to own all of them - even if you never intend to use them Honest - this kinda crap is a trait of autism - though to be fair there are many many signs of autism And no - autism does not mean everything is always arranged perfectly in rows or formation etc..... You can be completely chaotic in organisation and be way up high on the autistic spectrum So if you are a sad weird bastid like moi, then you probably have some autistic traits a little above "normal" WTF is normal ? most people have some tiny autistic traits..... Think you have to worry when you stop being obsessed by your hobby and become possessed by it instead I don't care - I am unique I say to people, though Mrs Duck just refers to me as f*cking odd
  3. Always the way, the more attention to detail - the smoother it runs (nearly always bar the odd bit of crap luck of stuff failing/$hit happens) After doing the usual checks for piston binding, smooth/polish guides for piston/tappet plate Often I may have two or three possible piston choices and choose the one that is just right (or need least work before swissing (if I can be bothered - depends on build and my OCD)) Good wiring - very neatly arranged etc...... The spin test really speaks volumes, some boxes love SHS gears but not all Some like cheaper ZCI/Core/Big Dragon gears that seem to run a bit smoother - though bevel not so robust imho (heck I have even mixed a 16:1 SHS spur & ZCI sector up & found a nice 4 AR lug bevel than ran real smooth) 4 lugs x 5.75 bevel turns = 23 AR lugs per cycle which is ok (wouldn't use a 4 lug bevel on a 13:1 set (about 18 lugs/cycle)) (keeping the SHS 6 lug bevel as spare bevel for 12 or 13:1 setups or DSG etc....) Most of the time I start of spinning up the spur & sector first and roughly shim/space them out If these two spin crap or are noisy then there is little point continuing with that set "as is" (try a different set/make - heck even another ratio perhaps or experiment if all else fails) Keep spinning those gears tilting box on its sides to see if sector's cam is rubbing on tappet rail etc.... lift sector and see if it pushes up the spur viewing the selector plate side = avoiding swirly marks on spur rubbing (Most of all this is just done by holding the box together as you got a rough idea shimming play halves when tightened etc...) If those two gears "seem" sweet, then add in bevel and yes there will be a little more noise of course BUT at least you know where the little tiny extra noise is coming from.... How bad the bevel is - well hopefully not much extra noise but at times one gear can make all the difference I have found Setting sector in other half of box - checking the operation of tappet plate, if sector lug catches on tappet guides Ensuring tappet plate or fin doesn't catch/snag/hit - especially on re-enforced boxes etc..... Trying to shim spur as low as possible but watching the outer edge of spur doesn't rub on bevel/sector bushings (minor modding required with tiny dremel disc in some instances where thick bushings protrude into box) BLOODY HELL - got well carried away as per usual just on installing 3 friggin' gears !!!!! (no wonder I take too long at times) Soz you know all this but just confirming - YES more attention = more smoothness = more efficiency/rps etc.... (and less friction/heat/amps etc.....) I'd sooner take a couple of days to build a box than a couple of hours as the end result is worth it imho
  4. Did you borrow that girly GOS-V1 stock from a G&G Black Rose ??? the pink is subtle but the room for battery leaves your options limited - that is my main beef (was referring to your gun likely being rear wired - think the Black Rose is front wired like G26 30th)
  5. Metal M4 @ £130 is a struggle in itself time you start adding shiny bits & internal tweaks - you could spend that again this is a good offer - metal rebadged cyma: but need defense & wotnot
  6. Personally couldn't toss about "must be metal"..... £130 will buy a cyma cheapo to tweak or a Raider but not metal So for the "must be metal...." - must be 2-tone, must be UK..... only thing I can come up with is..... £140 but try " RC10 "and might get 10% off taking it to £126 delivered it is an old CQB AGM - often rebadged as JG or even A&K on some US sites How great - well not entirely sure it is ultra high end BUT upgrades - well if you really want to go nutz..... Personally I still stick to a polymer G&G firehawk - but to each their own you won't get much for £130 in the UK and think you would need to go a bit higher....
  7. Actually it is the opposite in airsoft due to "creep" if you put on a longer barrel almost for sure the fps will increase over the shorter barrel suffice to say very short barrel guns (MP5k = 110 to 141mm) need a slightly stronger spring to hit 350fps (m110+) than a longer full length AK47 at 455mm barrel needing a weaker spring to hit 350fps (m95) There is a bit more to this and cylinder volume has to be taken into account for barrel being used etc.... But in general the fps will increase in a longer barrel though this may place the gun over limits etc..... Stop over thinking stuff and listen/research more
  8. firearm bullet say 7.5gms Vs airsoft bb say 0.25gms (about 3% of bullet's weight) propelled by totally different methods with bb requiring magnus/backspin to maintain flight Airsoft barrels are totally different often they are polished/cleaned bone dry if any oil or lubricant gets anywhere near the hop bucking it has to be stripped and degreased in washing up liquid the hop up bucking must be oil free or it won't apply the backspin the barrel is kept free from oil to avoid risk of contamination if you was lapping the barrel then silicone oil could be used in the process BUT for general maintaining your gun NO OIL SHOULD BE USED to avoid screwing up bucking a few may use a DROP of silicone in the last half of barrel and buffed ultra bone dry - very very carefully BUT it too easy to screw up and should be avoided at all costs unless you like cleaning up buckings in the sink tbh - it is more important to use decent bb's than cheap $hit bb's - this can really make a big difference Honestly - very very little is the same in airsoft as in real steel (I fired a Desert Eagle in the states and f*ck that kick in airsoft) airsoft is just toy guns, real steel is uhm real $hit if we take the car example - like comparing a Sinclair C5 to f*cking Tesla There is a big massive difference and very little is similar in the mechanics of it all especially on a AEG (a stfu GBB M4 might have a tiny bit more similarity in the operation but still way different tbh) Stop thinking - "oh it must be like......" IT ISN'T - it is a f*cking toy gun not a firearm, so clear your mind a bit listen to others - seriously this will hold you in good stead
  9. ^ THIS ^ X 1,000,000
  10. That is why you choose the cylinder volume/port to suit the barrel (perhaps bb you are using as heavy bb's need a bit more air too) Airsoft range is mainly due to the magnus effect - the backspin the hop applies to bb without this the bb will travel about a quarter of the distance with no hop
  11. Firehawk DSG with 5000 box mag..... Lots of silly stuff out there - some I have done but calmed down and gone back to more sensible stuff still - was fun though..... dumba$$ 5000 rnd box mag - manual version daft electric one is too much dosh and more crap to wrong imho tbh it is just a tester poops n giggles - done now doing silly stuff
  12. ?
  13. YUP I'm done here, time for my meds now...
  14. I would be pretty damn pi$$ed if I had a super duper HPA and got owned by a plank of wood, duct tape sniper like above - but clever funny stuff then there is the Aussie backyard technician bloke who made a sniper years ago with a bike pump and some tube on a block of wood trigger sear nailed on shooting the crap out of objects in his garden can't find the vid but had to hand it to him with his determination to shoot stuff even though it was banned down under
  15. But when people saying this $hit just got real..... ergh no it didn't, just some players got a bit over excited we are still just big kids running around playing peew peew