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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 8 hours

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    Selling parts not used anymore. VFC - AEG outer barrel 14.5 inch ( M4) with Nato logo - 15 GBP Crane Stock made in China, never used, fits on AEG tube ( no real steel) - 8 GBP Scope ring mount 20mm pica tinny, and 25 mm rings - 8 GBP G&P ambidextrous magazine catch = 8 GBP Postage not included I can offer 45 GBP posted if you take all.


  2. Federico

    PTS motor grip

    Time Left: 2 days and 23 hours

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    I am selling a brand new PTS EPS stock, fits on Milspec pipe and a PTS motor grip for AEG . The stock can fit 11.1 Titan Battery pack. Both are new, removed from a DAS15 due to a custom work. EPS stock : price 30GBP + postage and fees SOLD PTS Grip: 12+ postage and fees


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    Selling part of my collection, another great rifle. Umarex VFC HK 417, used few time. Original logos.Extended barrel Internally fitted with Steel precision barrel 460 mm, silver wires with Mosfet, deans connector, High torque+speed motor, DMAC cilynder and piston head, M110 spring. High Reactivity and Very accurate rifle. Including: 3 original Midcap mags + hicap mag. Harris Bipod, replica steel+aluminium, not cheap. Larue Vertical grip, 11.1 Lipo battery Visioking scope-short dot 1,25-5 X with Larue Mount Original Box Price 400 GBP + postage and PP fees Available for test before purchase.


  4. The Crane stock is Milspec? Brand?
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling a beautiful Centurion RAS + Surefire Silencer/ Flash hider. Brand new, removed from GBLS rifle, including additional rails and rail covers AEG barrel nut 110 with Silencer - posted with Royal Mail 80 Without silencer



  6. Federico

    Spare tm bits

    Does the Stock fits in real steel stock pipes?
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling a beautiful Trijicon RMR replica with logos, currently the best in the market. Nice part, but is too big for my tiny Glock 23, so never used. Glock mount base included, fits on 17,19,34, 23, Marui and VFC clones. Second weaver mount base for rifle included. Hard case 29 GBP, + postage fees with Royal Mail


    - GB

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    Selling this parts as I do not need them. RAS Daniel Defence replica 9 inch black , used but good conditions. Fits AEG barrel nut. Knight Silencer + flash hider All together 40GBP Postage fees not included


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    To finance a new project selling as following Secutor Velites, dark earth, leaks free as just serviced with new gaskets. 3 or 6 Shots selector. Sliding CTR stock. Gas tank in the pipe. Hop Up. Included - 6 Shells - Reflex red dot - No original box, will ship in a custom box. Used few times. Good shotgun. Postage not included


    Newmarket - GB

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    Selling beautiful Marui S&W M19, quite rare, for another project. Gun is perfect brand new, no leaks, 24 rounds, hop up , tested at home a couple of times. It has original box with manual and few BBs as you can see in the picts. Asking 95 GBP + shipping fees to be agreed ( small room for negotiation for a quick sale)


  11. Federico

    Osprey suppressor

    Trade with RAS?
  12. Federico

    We p virus

    swap with parts?
  13. would you like to trade the 1911 grips?
  14. Swap with RAS or accessories?
  15. Hello did you see my messages?

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