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    Selling this parts as I do not need them. Cheap prices for quick selling. N. 3 - MAG 160 Round Magazines for Systema PTW. They are new, and unfortunately they are not compatible with my FCC receiver (fits in Systema only) , selling for 15 GBP each . N. 1 - Stock Pipe for PTW/ GBB , this is the version for the Real steel stocks. Rear plate included. Price 15 GBP N. 1 RAS FCC MIDWEST INDUSTRIES 7" GEN2 SS-SERIES , black, for PTW, fits in Systema/FCC/ GBB receivers. Like new . 35 GBP N. 1 Front Sight ARMS, flip up delta style. Never used - 9 GBP N. 1 Troy Flash Hider, Steel made - CCW ( Marui, no G&P) - 10 GBP N. 1 Knights SR25 Flash Hider, Steel - CCW ( Marui, no G&P) - 9 GBP N. 1 Reflex RED DOT, Green ad Red color, you can select different shapes of DOT. Price is 9 GBP Postage fees not included


    Newmarket - GB

  2. Swap with RAS or accessories?
  3. Hello did you see my messages?

  4. Can you sell it without Elcan?
  5. @klein, Thank you very much for the info. We will be in touch as soon as I arrive in UK.
  6. Thanks for the info anyway. I can imagine that 80% of the times the games are pure combat. This is not a problem, actually I need to find a site for training with others on the weekend. I will probably travel to other countries to attend Milsim events 2-4 times per year.
  7. Thanks @Druid799, Can you suggest me a good Airsoft Team close to Cambridge? I am looking for Milsim / Reenacting events as well. I use to play in my region (Sardegna) where we have plenty of space for Milsim as is a big island with few population. You can see the Social media pages of my team here: www.maddogs.it
  8. Thanks to all for your advice. I was also thinking to sell part of my collection here in Italy, to buy something new in UK. This is also an option. Can I bring with me equipments like Eotech, Scopes, Bipods, PEQ etc? How much time it takes to get an UKARA number?
  9. Dear, I am coming at beginning of February. My plan is to leave the equipment and ASG in Italy until I am settled in the new house. Then I will probably need to register as player in a UKARA site and then I will probably be able to ship my Airsoftguns collection. But I was wondering If is an option to send the guns to someone in UK which already has a UKARA membership. Do you think is possible?
  10. Hi Guys, Happy New year, I am Italian and Airsoftplayer since 25 years ( Milsim ). I will be relocating to work and permanently live in UK ( Cambridge area) and I planning to ship all of my equipment and AirsoftGuns in UK, to be able to play my favorite hobby there. I am aware about the UK rules about Airsoft and I was wondering If anyone can suggest me the best way to get my stuff in UK without problems. I will really appreciate your help Thanks and Regards
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