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RED are a national team with members all over the UK but we are always on the look out for new team members you will however find most of our activity on our FB group page RED1 look us up check us out and if you want to join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/168397477037098/
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  2. so here are some of the team pictures from NAE 18 we had a blast we paly on the Others every year and we smashed it the year . We well and truly kicked Bravo and Delta asses this year as you can see by the scores
  3. OK a quick update as to what's happening in red at the moment . As of 23/08/18 the team is off to national airsoft festival at ground zero airsoft for anyone not in the know it's the biggest airsoft event of the year in the UK and Europe with over 2700 players in attendants . RED play on Others for the event against our foes Bravo and Delta . Although it is a lot of fun it's more a social event where yo get to catch up with friend you don't see that often and also make new friends . plus with so many people at NAF there is always bargains to be had as lots of people sell on their gear.
  4. Team patches available to purchase in red pink and green . Patches cost £10 each £2 of which go to charity . The current charity the team support at the moment is pilgrim bandits a charity for former special forces members injured in the line of duty and their families .

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