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  1. Speaking of which, went into the London shop to get a Delta LT for my sister for Christmas and it was so niceeeee I had to get myself one!😂
  2. Georgeturner2001

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread Discussion section Only

    Thats because he’s comparing the Slickster to the Warrior CPC, taste the difference vs Sainsbury’s basic!😂
  3. Georgeturner2001


    Bunker 51 is tiny! 7 of us went and just dominated, so easy to just keep them in their spawn when you’ve got a few guys with you.
  4. Georgeturner2001

    WE MP7

    Same same but different, it’s styled round an MP7. In my eyes, call it an MP7 ! Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can work out that there’s a few slight differences.
  5. Georgeturner2001

    Gun picture thread

    He means for his super intense life or death tournaments😂
  6. Georgeturner2001

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    As @Dentonboy knows I’ve formed a bit of an addiction! New Index 15 and Zeta AR!
  7. Georgeturner2001

    New FMA La5 PEQ

    It also has a lot more features than the old one, I’ll see if I can find the list.
  8. Me and the sister at Stirling’s OP traction 4....


    1. Druid799


      Question is though which of you has to take the other or you can’t go ? 


    2. Georgeturner2001


      Both members of the same team, both her and my brother drive so without them it’s a bit harder for me to go!😂

  9. Georgeturner2001

    Hate it with a passion.

    Not many plate carriers or vests come with a NIJ rating, you have to put in the soft Or hard armour inserts. It’s Airsoft, if I wanna call my Crye CPC body armour I will.
  10. Georgeturner2001

    Loadout Visualiser?

    Can’t relate, never bad those issues! -buy crye CPC -place pouches I already had on it Maybe I just got lucky!😂
  11. Georgeturner2001

    Loadout Visualiser?

    Choose a plate carrier. choose pouches you need. Sorted!😂
  12. Georgeturner2001

    Hate it with a passion.

    People that blab on about tournaments all the time... looking at you @Skara
  13. Georgeturner2001

    Hate it with a passion.

    What triggers me is cheap rigs too like your JPC, seems hypocritical to me....😉
  14. Georgeturner2001

    Swift clip backpacks?

    Take a look at the AVS 1000 by crye or TMC make a great replica.
  15. Georgeturner2001

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Nothing wrong with being a gear whore, there’s a few of us on this forum.... I don’t think it’s fair to say if you wanna do milsim Join the army! Very stupid thing to say. we just like the added immersion etc that we can’t get at a skirmish.