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    Custom MK18 Mod 1 Clone, CYMA AK107, TM Glock 17.
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    I run a civilian operator style. Chest Plate, Fast Helmet but jeans and a flannel.
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    FAO: The Mill, Anzio, Kidderminster. Non FAO: Level 2 Airsoft.

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  1. My mother always did tell me I should stop being so honest on the internet......
  2. Jesus wept, not having a good time atm you and your family are they? Wishing you both all the best, speedy and full recoveries!
  3. Names Pavel, level 17 UKARA, Inspiration for the Hitman games except I'm not bald, ripped as fuck, think a younger sexier fitter george clooney and you're not even close to my level. Panties fall I conquer them all
  4. Wish you all the best with it if it is legit but this has all the hallmarks of a dodgy drop shipping supplier, the markup on some of these prices is so extreme that it's either pure greed or drop shipping. Either, best of luck.
  5. Hello and welcome, you should use the search function. There's a ton of posts on this forum already which will help you
  6. Many many days like this at Level 2 Airsoft! Brilliant gameplay, brilliant marshalls, brilliant site!
  7. No it can't be, Novritsch would see the hat and netting separately and they only work with each other
  8. Looks like custom machining to me!
  9. A sensible HPA user appears! I completely understand the appeal of the platform I really do, amazing performance and reliability and the potential for a realistic blowback function ect!
  10. The inner thigh is a great place to ensure someone takes a hit
  11. Breaching a room at the speed of sound, taking out everyone in said room despite being hit multiple times and then moving onto the next room..
  12. Oh of course I called him out, Marshall came over and Chrono'd after a few minutes and surprise surprise it was just on the limit for the weight of ammo he was using. This particular person and marshall are good friends in real life so I expected no less. Needless to say, me and my party of 15+ (work colleagues and friends) won't be visiting that site again which is a shame, as we often booked the site out for private events. The new site we play out has a lot stricter policies in place for all types of weapons, I was randomly chrono'd no less than 7 times throughout the day along with pretty much everyone on the site which was extremely refreshing to see.
  13. Personally not a fan of a couple of things which I shall elaborate on each below; Speedsofting - I enjoy a semi-realistic type game, I appreciate not everyone has the skills or desire to play Milsim - this is completely fine and alot of the Skirmishes I go to have realistic objectives, realistic site designs ect and people come to 'roleplay / re-enact' military operations ect but what annoys me is when you get a group of people with their HPA pistols darting about, sliding all over the place not playing the objective and simply 'killing' people in a crappy fashion. Getting 5 kills before you die is all good but you're not helping your team push onto a site or collect an objective. Do not get me started on speedsofters who seem to think powerplaying is acceptable.. Leads me onto my next gripe and this will be a controversial one, HPA. I am in no way a HPA fan, I despise it. I am sure that somewhere in the world there are sensible HPA users but I'm yet to meet one. A few weeks back I was playing at a site in the North West. It has a long back corridor, probably about 45-50 meters in length, at either end is a double door type set up to provide cover. I engaged a target at the very far end, I clearly hit him multiple times in the helmet (all that was showing, I don't purposely aim for the head area unless that's all that's visible. I try to avoid shooting peoples expensive weapons!) The person flinched a fair few times after being peppered in the helmet a few times, only for them to pop around the corner and pepper me back (fair enough, they didn't take the hit but that wasn't the problem, neither was the returning fire in anger) what really got me was the fact a round hit me in the finger. I wear Mechanix armoured gloves, nylon fabric on the fingers with polymere armour on the knuckle areas. The BB pierced the polymer and broke my finger instantly. Now I have no proof of course, but I've been using those gloves for about 2 years and they've taken multiple hits from closer ranges and never had an issue. My best bet is this guy was using heavier weight BBs with his power turned up way beyond site limits but of course when the chrono comes out, its turned back down again. In my opinion, if a site cannot regulate HPA strictly it should not be allowed. There's no need for a ROF in the high 60s nor is there a need to deliver a .28BB are bone smashing speed. It's just silly. Having said that I am sure there are sensible HPA users, I'm just yet to meet one.
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