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    Custom MK18 Mod 1 Clone, CYMA AK107, TM Glock 17.
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    I run a civilian operator style. Chest Plate, Fast Helmet but jeans and a flannel.
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  1. I run 2 x 1100 11.1 NUPROL LI-PO's never had an issue in about 18 months. Both complete charging cycles like champs. Also used to run a NUPROL Delta Bravo and never had an issue either..
  2. So it's ok for dave down the pub to put you on the UKARA database for a tenner despite the fact you have no intentions of skirmishing ect?
  3. I don't understand why people have so many issues with this - The simple thing is to obtain a valid and legal UKARA number. It really isn't a difficult thing to obtain. Go and play Airsoft 3 times in 2 months (rent if you have too) and fill out your forms. Job done.
  4. Judging from his prices, I don't think every light is on at home..
  5. http://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/electric-powered/ics-m1-grand-and-kar98-unsure-of-brand_i13879 (weird looking Kar98..) 2 fully broken RIFs for £225 EDIT, found a better one - £200 for a Krytac M4 (It's actually an APS 114, I have one of these myself and it was 175 brand new) http://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/electric-powered/krytac-m4_i13773
  6. Yes, member of a local gun club and have all the correct certification etc - absolute ball ache to acquire. I don't actually run with it at skirmishes, for reasons you can imagine I have a black fake knights type for that (going to spray it at some point) EDIT as I didn't see the other responses - Owning a real steel suppressor in the UK is a bolt on for your FA Certificate - whether you use it on a firearm or airsoft weapon I do believe it needs to be registered. Personally, I didn't want to take the risk and had it registered. It took a few attempts to get it registered and I had to have my local gun club rep 'vouch for me' (one of the reasons I do not skirmish it) Basically, it looks good on the gun when it's on the wall..
  7. Frankenstein MK18, made out of a Nuprol defender outer shell, internals are all custom. X Gate Titan, 6.02 Tightbore, TM High Torque Motor, wired to deans, Maple Leaf R Hop (an absolute bitch to fit) Aimpoint T1 clone, Real Steel Knights Type Suppressor (heavy and expensive, I don't use this as much) I have replaced the AFG with a tango down and added a PEQ15 at the front since.
  8. Yep, got a few of these and the flash mags - never let me down. Reliable feed and really good build quality.
  9. Yeah the buffer tube needs to be removed, it's one large screw and then threaded.
  10. With mine I take the stock off, and move the rear cables out of the way. Push the back of the gearbox where the spring is located, that then pops out the spring and guide, insert another spring and pop it back in. Reattach the stock and away we go
  11. Well I can assure you, after opening it up for a service it has a quick change spring system and a mosfet. It may just be intermittent manufacture? I guess I got lucky.. I guess in this case I didn't get lucky.. Airsoft Karma in action!
  12. I don't have it anymore, I gave it to a friend who was struggling financially and wanted to do something nice for him. He still uses and LOVES this rifle. I service it every now and again. It's still as it was out of the box! Been through the ringer in 11 years haha, I've had G&Gs, CYMA's, King Arms, More G&Gs, TM's and also a few WE's and the Nuprol was the best out of the box for the money by far. You can tell the LiPo ready comment to CYMA who said their AK107 was LIPO ready and as soon as I put one in it ripped the gears apart!
  13. Not sure why people are hating on these rifles. I bought one a little way back and it was the best rifle out of the box I've ever owned. Straight as an arrow, never let me down. Lipo ready from the box and contained a programmable mosfet (2 or 3 round burst). Excellent rifle for the money!
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