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  1. So I've finally finished my L119A2 build Based off a TM M4 CQBR GBB, full angry gun L119A2 conversion kit (except lower receiver), I'm into this puppy for over £1600 at this point... TM M4 CQBR Block 1 GBB Angry Gun L119A2 Handguard Angry Gun L119A2 Flashhider Magpul MOE pistol grip (mil-spec) Magpul CTR stock (mil-spec) Magpul AFG Foregrip (mil-spec) C79A2 Clone (Canadian optic for a Canadian born rifle) Mil-spec 45deg canted rail Nothing special red dot Element DBal A2 clone UTG Over Bore Bipod I did have a
  2. According to the blurb ... And I' can't vouch for this since when I tried to by one, the length I needed was OoS ... The air channel along the bottom of the barrel provides additional and consistent back spin on the BB for the entire length of the barrel, rather than backspin just being applied at the hop-up, they say it provides better range and accuracy Would be good to know if it indeed acts as expected/sold
  3. I've lost a couple of close mates who served, more to PTSD than combat, and I absolutely respect the commitment, service, and sacrifice
  4. Fair point fella, appreciate the feedback
  5. Since I'm looking at replicating a IDF ARW load-out, the flag insignia would be part of that, same as anyone who wears a Union Flag on a British inspired kit or Stars & Stripes on a US inspired kit, it's the extra details, like the dropzone flash, or AWG Regimental insignia that I feel pushes the kit to a borderline Walt situation that I'm interested in discussing Saying that, the closest I can get to being Irish is marrying my half Irish partner (hold the date: 7th April 2021) and applying for dual citizenship ... Which oddly enough is an entirely separate non-airsoft related
  6. OK, so I'm sure this is going to prove to be a controversial topic ... So there is a line between 'imitation being the highest form of flattery' and misleading persons unknown into believing that you are or represent something what 'you' are not But where is the line? I am looking at 2 loadouts, one I am currently using based on British Army 16 Air Assault Brigade Pathfinders Group (for woodland sites), and a 2nd I am starting to work on based on Irish Defence Forces Army Ranger Wing Counter Terrorist Unit (for CQB sites) The IDF BDU I've found
  7. Hi fella, I play at RIFT The Village occasionally, RIFT The Ridge when I feel like punishing myself, and Spec Ops MK more frequently, I have been wanting to try Sentinal as it looks good, but am booked into Finmere Night game on the 5th Dec, so will probably go mid December...
  8. We few at UK-JTF are recruiting new team members over the winter with a view to attend MilSim events in the new year. We are a friendly bunch, who appreciate teamwork to achieve objectives and domination of the field. To apply, DM me your full Discord UserID, and I will invite you to apply/interview Here are the rules for Applying for UK-JTF. If requirements are not met you WILL be removed. Should you fail the interview first time command will speak with each other and possibly grant you a second interview should you want it. Rules are as following: 1. You mu
  9. Thanks fella, I'll look into this before investing £50/£70 quid in an Odin
  10. Good afternoon all! I have issues loading my gas mags ... All 6 of them, I currently have a Viper speedloader, just what I bought when I started out nearly a year ago, and it's done fine, works with AEG mags brill, Gas Magazine on the other hand, it really struggles with... Can anyone recommend a really good loader for TM M4 Gas Magazine please? Looking for robust, and ease of use, not looking to wrestle BBs into mags any more!
  11. Thanks all for the warm welcome! There are 4-5 on my team, and one actual cadet out of 8 of us.
  12. Afternoon all at AFUK! Found this site thanks to Gamble's YouTube endeavours, figured it can't hurt too much to introduce myself nearly 6 months later ... I'm Simon, I'm 38 and based in Bedfordshire, I'm MilSim orientated, but enjoy a skirmish well enough. Bit of a collector, sucker for a bargain, and am a new(ish) member of a new Milton Keynes based team of largely Army Cadet instructors playing out of Special Ops HQ Airsoft, loosely based around British Army Rifleman, my current primary is a UKSF L119A2 based gas blow-back, with a few personal touches. Ni
  13. ICS SA80A2 with replica Daniel Defence handguard, C79A2 sight & Grippod, AN/PEQ15 housing a spare battery TM Glock 17 Gen 3 GBB L119A2 GBB, build on a TM M4 CQBR Block 1 frame, with original Magpul mil-spec stock, pistol grip and AFG, as this is my new primary, the C79A2 is going on this with a canted red dot and a replica DBAL A2... A lot of money spent between these three guns ... Also the proud owner of a Cyma CM.060 P90 since Sunday too
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