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HitCorp International

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PMC and Corporate Security theme. Bristol, UK branch of a small gaming and airsoft group formed in 2004 themed after a multinational security and technical services company. Former overseas teams were franchise operated (only the team leader was a member of the core group, and organised team members independently). One entire team was conscripted (Finland) and others have come and gone as team leaders have moved on, died, or left for other pastures. Now it's time for to try forming a home-country airsoft team properly. We're fairly casual, not hard core, competitive or even organised right now. Depending on player input we can adjust our style or let people lead specifics in their interest. Mostly we just like to share a common theme, lore, patches and chip in to share equipment such as radios. Our looks are generally either classic PMC, or uniformed tactical corporate goon. Good for folks who love a PMC style or uniformed all-black loadout. Contact Kirby if you're near/in Bristol and interested. We're generally not bothered by folks playing in multiple teams so long as they aren't volunteering for extra organisation duties then neglecting them, or coming to games with us all done up in their other teams theme/patches.
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