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  1. Hi all, looking to buy some parts for a few backburner projects I've got on during this never ending COVID season. Generally I've used parts from an ever growing collection of random AEG and GBBR parts that I've somehow managed to collect over the years but to complete a few of these projects i'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay-out for some parts and bits... Looking of any advice on where's the best place to get these from; it seems like fire-support have the best variety but charge a small mortgage for some stock/replacement parts, most UK websites seem to stock the minimum. I've heard some frustrating things on here about UK customs when trying to ship AEG receivers and parts from our US friends across the pond. Am i better off buying a second-hand donor AEG kinda-thing? Anyway, i was wondering how the AEG gunsmiths on here have managed to come out with some cool looking RIFs - any help appreciated, cheers in advance. (Edit; Mainly needing metal receiver(s) and external parts etc. Only been able to find ICS receivers on Fire-support & i think the gearboxes are different, i could be wrong)
  2. Following this thread was the best thing I did since signing up 🤣

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    Hi, i am looking for a receiver for an M4 type AEG, struggling to find decent options online which are in the UK and are in stock, im not sure how well the UK imports receivers from international suppliers for airsoft guns as from what i understand UK customs can be a pain in the arse distinguishing real firearms from airsoft parts. Anyway if anyone has one for sale (lower and/or Upper) please drop me a message, also any M4 AEG parts that anyone has lying about spare which they want rid-of, drop a message. Cheers!


    Ipswich - GB

  4. If you listen carefully, you can hear mikhail kalashnikov crying 10/10 for being able to create such a unicorn, have to admit i was amazed when i saw this.
  5. RYoung22


    Thanks bud, I probably should have updated this post after I found a fix for the problem but in the end I found 3 spare metal rails I had lying around and machined holes in rail to match the MSK hardguard & after countersinking the Holes I drilled it worked pretty well, but I’ll be in touch if I need anything printed in the future 😊
  6. Would be a cool idea to give stuff to sites to use as rentals or something along those lines maybe?
  7. Are you after something like this... https://www.geniestuff.co.uk/mp-40-clear-co2-airsoft-pistol-689-p.asp
  8. RYoung22


    Not a bad idea, i think most genuine handguards will fit on the MSK with some small mods but just had a look on AliExpress and i think there are a couple of bits on there with the right spacing to fit on the stock handguard, Cheers! ill get a few and see which ones fit best!
  9. RYoung22


    Chaps, for anyone who has this gun knows the hand-guard may look MLOK but it wont fit MLOK or standard rails and its a royal pain in the backside. WE make their own rails and they are available on KY airsoft but they're also about £30 +Shipping and they're not really what i'm after. Id like a rail that runs the length of the hand-guard instead of the 40/50mm ones they give ya in the box. I think the only solution is to have one 3D printed but does anyone know any UK based companies that will 3D print this? plastic 3D printing seems fine as they're only weaver rails. Cheers!
  10. RYoung22

    WE M16

    Might be a strange solution but is it fitted with an NPAS valve? I’ve known the valve to get stuck or close and essentially not fire any gas to the barrel (sends near 100% gas rearward to cycle the bolt) & ends up feeding 2/3 bb’s without firing, jams & throws them out of the extraction port (sounds strange I know but I’ve had a friends gun with this problem) however this wouldn’t explain why it works on semi and not on auto
  11. RYoung22

    WE M16

    Very true it’s a rare thing to happen, to be fair all the suggestions in this post are very possible issues/solutions - Like you say, more info surrounding the issue is probably needed
  12. Been browsing the 2nd hand airsoft market today and there's too many ads just like this, "RRP when new £700 , 2nd hand Selling for £699"... Nobody can possibly justify buying 2nd hand gear for close to retail prices.
  13. RYoung22

    WE M16

    Agreed, there could be a possibility that the catch on the bottom of the nozzle that feeds the bbs into the chamber is hitting the feed lips and knocking them loose?
  14. Had a quick gander on Kyairsoft & Agreed, around about $8-$12 for shipping, restored some of my faith in WE's aftermarket & parts.
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