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  1. leaving one at spawn is not a bad shout! oooooh very fancy! I did think about having the launcher underbarrel but it just looks cool af as a standalone 👌🏻
  2. Blimey! Very fancy I know I know... was quite a pointless buy!
  3. Cheers! ahhh makes sense! The shotgun rarely makes it out tbh - it was a pointless buy but the launcher more so for room clearing at CQB sites - I’ve got one of the TAG pro shells too so looking into getting some rounds for that. I wouldn’t run all three and the pistol at once - that really would be stupid! Where it’s quite short (see top pic) the method you’ve shown is quite a neat idea Might have to do this... 👀
  4. Why not!? I picked up a standalone launcher that I don't want to remove the paint from to mount to the gun as it looks sweet as it is so that's why! I get it's not to everyone's liking but I'm just asking for ideas on what people do...
  5. Pic of all my gear and one of me at South Coast CQB - give us a follow on Instagram: alphagroup_airsoft!
  6. Hi All! I run a rifle as a primary, with a pistol side arm - I also have a shotgun and standalone launcher so I was wondering how people carry a second primary on their loadouts etc? I've made a way it works with a buddy--buddy system but want to see if anyone has any better ideas that work for if you're alone? (pic for attention!)
  7. Hi! I made the mistake of buying an awful Chinese knock-off G36 model when I first started in 2017 - after a break due to work, I purchased a Specna Arms SA-C12 Core in November, and honestly would recommend it to anyone who is getting into airsoft. The FPS is brilliant out of the box, and being an M4, the rail system allows for lots of attachments and accessories to be put on. See mine below before replacing the stock for a Tan stock, adding a tan grip tape and changing the mags from hi-caps to 85rnd capacity!
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