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  1. Heroshark, Mako. http://heroshark.co.uk/#!/Mako/p/9943528/category=0
  2. I think my motor pinion may be FUBAR. Its circumference is 1mm less than a motor that is known to work well. Could just 1mm be enough to cause it to be scrap?
  3. The ares is an awesome gun for the cash, imo better than the g&g. Has a decent mosfet, well built and decent trigger response. Can take lipos and just works well oob. Don't mess with it and just enjoy it.
  4. Can they be added to the known scammers thread now?
  5. Gen 1 and 2 have both reported cracks, but then so has every airsoft gun brand ever made.
  6. Did you read the article? She was found guilty. She was not accused of "eating an apple with intent" she was accused and convicted of being "not in proper control of a motor vehicle" an offence under the Road Traffic Act. That whole article is an anti police smear by her lawyers, when she was categorically in the wrong. Genuine question: would you think that someone eating an apple is a reasonable excuse for them to avoid prosecution, if they killed your family by being out of control of their car?
  7. Small gun, big bag, it's really not that difficult is it?
  8. So go on, whats the rest of the story, what are you not telling us? What happened before all of this? Context is very important. The police would absolutely not have followed this course of action without precedent or reason. They certainly wouldn't threaten to call you affront a court without all of their eggs in a basket. There is a reason this action was started and it wasn't just for putting pictures of facebook. My speculation is that this has stemmed from a facebook/social media argument, that has become heated and aggressive, Threats and intimidation were made, probably by both parties. Someone involved has seen your images and feels genuinely threatened and took it further. Any previous? That scenario would seem to support the polices actions to be reasonable. Your internet persona certainly would fit the bill. Ball park figure, anywhere near the truth? If YES: Suckit up princess. If No: f*ck the police!
  9. Sounds like you need to aim a little better
  10. It could be the bbs, try thunderball! Once its working it will be a great little gun, you will have a liscence to kill. You could order the correct parts online, but may take a while to arrive from russia with love. But remember your eyepro, or you may get a goldeneye! And if you cant get it fixed today, remember, tomorrow never dies! Sorry. I will get my coat....
  11. Krytacs? #clickbaittitle I'm fed up with my aegs being too unreliable (my own fault for tinkering) so im on the market for a new gun to just use and enjoy playing again. My choices are: Krytac CRB - OOS everywhere, £330 G&G mk18 - £160 CYMA ak74 - £150 Simple mods such as a prowin, hop rubber and a gate mosfet on for less than £60 if truely neccesary, but even then this still brings them amost £100 less than a Krytac. Metal vs plstic is neither here nor there. Its mainly tne gearbox and motor im interested in. So krtyac they have been around a while now, hype or genuinely that much better? Much love xx
  12. A couple of feet of heavy elasticated bunjee chord and a S-Bina is the best sling I have ever used. Light, strong, can take the weight and folds into mole like it not there when not needed. Alot of Armed police round this way seem to love it, and now I see why.
  13. There are hundreds of nsrt episodes on youtube by Evike, they are interesting and funny and done by people that know a lot about airsoft.
  14. Chuck it in the bloody washing machine and stop over thinking it!
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