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  1. We obviously watch some of the same YouTube vidjas 😂
  2. Use a hole saw and guide to cut a lifetimes supply of polycarbonate discs and affix with a bit of tape. I like the tap into the front of a flat red dot idea, for some reason I’d always assumed there must be some mechanism or electronics in there that I’d destroy.
  3. I got a C04 as an experiment and it works very well, hops 3.2g nicely, tough plastic body horrible RIS fore end. Only real issue I’ve encountered is the stock is slightly slower to change a battery in than the Krytac. Get one, it’s too cheap not to have a go with.
  4. Hooray for lazy journalism then. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/28/what-are-the-rules-governing-the-use-of-air-guns-in-the-uk
  5. Definitely not for .209s
  6. Is there a resource (or does anyone know) what the approximate order of release/development of TM pistols was? I’m just interested in the general development of their various generations and tech.
  7. What you’ve described is the pick ‘n’ pluck foam mentioned above.
  8. Aye, it’s the bottom option on the Submit Advert drop down menu.
  9. There’s the tricky area of liability too. If the spoutings were libellous, the site owner or admin can be held as the publisher and jointly sued with the spouter. Also, who wants to tune into something they’ve made and love to have it wrecked by someone they hate? Rules are rules but if you run a pub and someone really gets on your tits, you just tell them to fuck away off and darken someone else’s urinals.
  10. Think of it like dropping into Normandy in Band of Brothers, just link up with others and take it from there. Or hang out cosplaying shrubbery, both are totally good options.
  11. Shopping. I’ve got so much crap hoarded that I won’t need to leave the house for three years.
  12. Pyramex dual pane I-sport goggles work well for me. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Pyramex-I-Force-Slim-Sporty-Goggle/dp/B00PWVBS0I Or save a bit and get some Bolle X800i
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