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  1. On the possibility the exact fit doesn’t show up, wouldn’t one of these plus a couple of minutes angle grinder time do the job? https://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/parts-c8/external-parts-c97/krytac-alpha-crb-spr-lvoa-sling-plate-p9321
  2. Depending on how technically capable you are, you could try a helicoil type thread repair kit for the knackered hole and source some correctly sized screws for the spots you describe as ‘too small’ By too small, what dimension are you talking about, the screw length, head diameter, thread size, shaft diameter? if you want to try googling for original sizes, the thing they are securing is called a handguard or rail and they are most likely called handguard or rail retention screws.
  3. Yeah, it's a real killjoy of an act. You can't have a blowgun either 😒
  4. Well, shuriken are specifically illegal under the CJA 1988, unfortunately. You would need to get very good at the ninja-ing.
  5. That would be a much longer study 😂 But I do wonder myself, has the tech improved or have manufacturers found the formula that gets them as close as possible to being able to claim biodegradability while being as shape retaining as possible? I heard a podcast discussing the subject a wee while ago and I think that almost all BBs, whether Bio or not, are made in the same factory, the podcast mentioned HPA BBs as being particularly good and made in a different way but that's a nightmare of a search term so I can't find any sources for them in the UK to have a blat with. The one trend that is fairly visible on the measurements is that the measured diameter has consistently reduced (though within the error of the measuring system), this could indicate a softening of the BB shell and, if that is the case, there could be some increase in the deposits left in barrels? This is a ridiculously extended test though, if anyone had BBs they'd left in a bottle of water for three weeks and put them through a mag, I doubt barrel cleanliness is high on their concerns.
  6. Just to give a little data to this thread/topic and to see for myself if there is a significant difference in the behaviour of Bios in wet conditions or a difference between the behaviour of Bios versus Non-Bios, I put a small sample of whatever I had in the house into ziploc bags of water following my last post so these are figures based on the sample BBs being completely submerged in tap water for 18 days (it was night time so I'm counting only whole days). Following the submersion, I measured five BBs from each wet sample and five BBs from the original dry source bottle/bag. I don't have a massive selection and most of those are Bio so I don't have a great control group of non-bio BBs to select from. So, the hypothesis tested is that Biodegradable BBs swell out of spec on absorption of moisture. The attached table is a summary of the results and I think the conclusion I first draw is that there is no absorption or swelling of BBs after nearly 3 weeks underwater. The variation within samples appears greater than that between wet and dry in most cases. Also, I am pretty happy with my standard choice of Nuprol RZR 0.28g Bio 😉 There are obvious limitations to the test, primarily in that the sample sizes are small, I can't be fussed expanding the test but I'd be more than happy to applaud anyone who wanted to, I am happy to email the full data table with individual measurements, if anyone is that bored on lockdown. Another possible source of error is the measurement equipment, I used my general garage micrometer to do the measuring, it doesn't have a valid certificate of calibration and it has a stated precision of 0.01mm so the variation seen in most samples falls inside the possible error of the test equipment. Thirdly, this isn't a blind test, I knew what each sample was and so there may be subconscious bias but I doubt it. I really hope this lockdown ends soon, I clearly have too much time on my hands.
  7. Does that come with the sling? A half decent M1907 copy is a very nice touch. Looks a very bonny unit.
  8. Is this the BFG rip off or the HSGI rip off? There will be different solutions for each but, as Skara says, it’s a cheap thing made to minimum cost, there’s a chance that it was made a bit small. It will also probably be sized to fit the smallest mags, if you are using a polymer mag such as PTS, Hexmags or some other chunky polymer unit it will likely be snug. Time should ease it off.
  9. Go with an actual chest rig rather than a plate carrier, as people have recommended already, there will be plenty of adjustment.
  10. Looks like these guys bought it or were involved along the way: https://www.roncoconsulting.com/about/facilities/afghanistan/index.html
  11. Aye, it’s very vague, just a bit better than with the fake rounds in. It’s largely about gauging the spring compression and/or looking through the side of the slot to see where the follower is or isn’t. Certainly not a patch on the indicator in the new EPMs, that we might get over here sometime next year, hopefully.
  12. Yeah, mine just go in the bin, I've not even tried to replace them. 😉
  13. Very. The process is: Stick some masking tape over the windows, this saves you needing to fiddle about to get the little slip of plastic back in. It's not really essential but looks neater afterwards. Remove the base plate by depressing the central catch, it needs to go in a fair way to allow the plate to slide off. Unscrew the small phillips head screw to release the inner magazine and the little corrugated strips of fake rounds will come out. Put the inner mag back in, screw it in place and reattach the baseplate, remove the tape and you are done.
  14. The great thing about best booze wars is that they are easily solved. All the participants just remember the outcome they want, regardless of the actual events.
  15. No worries. Full and Empty.
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