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  1. Roundel91

    Help needed! Aberdeen Area

    Bit far away from me then.... Its definitely on my list of sites to do. Just a shame there there arent more sites around this way. didnt realise how good i had it when my local was only a half hour drive before i moved back to bonny scotland.
  2. Roundel91

    Help needed! Aberdeen Area

    Where abouts in aberdeen are you bud? Im on the moray coast. Looking to try bunker 31 as ive never been yet.
  3. Roundel91

    Eye protection - revision sawflys ?

    i've been using mine in airsoft for a good 6 months now. Pros: Good face coverage, i wear a mesh lower face protector with them and the gap between them is less than a few mm so chances of a stray round getting behind them are small You can get the prescription lens inserts so if you wear glasses then that's a bonus 3 sets of lenses that are quick and easy to change (clear, tinted and yellow) Cons: fog up very quickly when combined with facepro, iv'e lost count of the amount of times iv'e had to call myself out and wipe them down because i cant see crap, this is despite having used just about every type of anti fog treatment going. They do work much better without any facepro but since i mainly play CQB i value my teeth too much to ditch the mesh guard. I'll add that this is my own personal experience, i know that i sweat like a peado in a playground as i ten dto be more of an active player.
  4. Roundel91

    Looking for UK military uniform answers

    As others have said, i wouldnt wear any rank, insignia or qualification patches you personally havent earned or been entitled to, especially if its insignia you have to pass arduous courses to have the right to wear.
  5. Roundel91

    Ukara being down and all...

    Well, i got a prompt response from bothe the UKARA admin and Frank from fire support. Dear Jack I understand your concerns, The database is and has been secure, no information has been accessed by unauthorised third parties, the old system had become incompatible with latest server requirements and had to be mothballed while a complete new system is being written using the latest coding. Because we have a great regard for security it took a little time initially to find a programmer we would trust, there are plenty of third world offers for web site and database construction but we were not comfortable with that option. The rewrite is almost finished and has been done by a programmer with military security clearance, so we are confident that the information is and will remain secure. Best Regards UKARA Admin Any advice, comment, or opinion is given purely on the understanding that it has no legal status and UKARA and its representative will not be held responsible.
  6. Roundel91

    Ukara being down and all...

    Well i have pinged them an email asking for assurance as to the security of my information and voiced my concerns, We'll see what comes back but i doubt theyll fess up if it was true. tbh considering they are the 'industry standard' when it comes to having a valid membership to prove your defense they are doing a crap job. If i were a retailer I wouldn't be affiliating with them again.
  7. Roundel91

    Ukara being down and all...

    Given the suspicious lack of reason UKARA being down for so damn long the sceptic inside of me reckons their has been a serious data breach. to that end, if theres has been and our personal info has been compromised, what recourse do we have for them failing to keep our info secure? as someone mentioned above, a full name, adress and date of birth is plenty of info for an identity thief to start with. i have sent an email to UKARA expressing my concerns and asking for reassurance that this isnt the case. I cant see them admitting if it if it has happened either.
  8. Roundel91

    Bad eggs

    Never had any issues buying or selling on here or on another airsoft community page on FB. will admit this forum is my go to page when im looking for 2nd hand stuff.
  9. Roundel91

    Appraise my G&G CM16 raider

    Cheers for that. i was thinking of listing for £85 with a mag thrown in. Paid £117 all in but that was with a battery, charger and 3 mags and half the postage fee not in a desperate need to sell so wont let it go for pennies anyway
  10. Roundel91

    Appraise my G&G CM16 raider

    Hi all, i was wondering it anyone could appraise my G&G CM16 raider atall please? Im thinking about upgrading to a higher end gun bit naturally id want to sell this one to help with the new purchase. internals are completely standard. It was originally two toned on the stock and the front end but has since been painted satin black. the receiver was painted in a camo colour but has also been stripped off back to the original manufacturer colour. works flawlessly, chrono'd at around 300 FPS on .25's a few months back. externally it is in a fair to good condition. Its been used but not abused. I'd be selling the gun only and the rail covers atached to it as seen in the pic.
  11. Roundel91


    should last more than one use mate. i did the whole of my gun using some poured into a Chinese container over the course of two days. was only replacing the cotton pads when they got really gammy to stop the thinned out paint spreading around.
  12. Roundel91

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just taken a punt on this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351935378027
  13. Roundel91

    Gun picture thread

    Nothing special from me. Cant wait to skirmish the shorttie at my local site.
  14. Roundel91

    show me your shotgun rigs

    I finally got round to having a bash of some DIY. will admit this is not the best of attempts, its a bit of a pain trying to judge the length of elastic needed inbetween stitches to ensure that the shells are held securely enough but not overly tight. I had to do all of this by sight And as you can see in the pics there is some minor bunching up when all 3 shells are fitted. Some really primitive testing (jumping up and down and swaying arms around!) has shown the patch holds on well to the jacket although i'll find out how well it works when its put through a skirmish. if anything its a way of trying to keep my hand in on the sewing machine (hardly use it these days) and has cost me nothing. Would be interesting to see how the proper stuff is manufactured en mass.
  15. Roundel91


    Just had my order arrive today one day later than expected. Not TWG's fault as was a UPS feck up. all in im very impressed to be honest. will definitely be buying from them again.