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  1. I'm not sure if I'm glad I asked now or not. Thanks for everyone's input. What I have gathered is: Clean your barrel when you feel you need or want to. Neither alcohol nor silicon lube cause any significant harm in most cases Take care to avoid physical damage Try a variety of techniques and see which works best for you and your gun Different guns may need different methods Test power and accuracy after cleaning.
  2. Hi All I read a suggestion (on FB I think) of using cigarette filter tips for barrel cleaning. Just wondering what people think of the idea? I tried a 'slim' which fitted nicely, not tight, pushed through easily, and came out quite dirty from one of my pistols. They are apparently made of cellulose acetate. Not sure how that affects the barrel or hop rubber if at all. Dipped in surgical spirit should give a good clean. Has anyone else tried this? Good idea? Terrible idea?
  3. I've been told that BB's will work their way through a mesh. We tried fine builders mesh and it didn't even slow them down. I've tried light cotton dust sheets but even doubled up I got full penetration at 3m. The only thing I've found to work so far is plastic backed heavy duty cotton dust sheet doubled up over a line. I got penetration of the first layer and stopped by the second layer at 3m. The layers are more effective if hanging loose in a pleated way rather than flat. I haven' yet tried non plastic backed dust sheets which may be more effective as they are lighter and able to move
  4. Load out pretty much ready for my first game. Was due to be the 4th but looks like not now. Still undecided about knee pads or a sidearm though. I'm taking a pistol as backup in case the Double Eagle misbehaves but probably won't carry it.
  5. As someone who is on both sides I can understand why IPSC shooters want to be able to acquire RIF's. We don't 'need' a black gun but we do like our guns to be aesthetically pleasing to us and there are I think few people who would consider the average two toned pistol to be attractive. My IPSC Open class pistol ( red trigger going in today😄) I feel I am lucky that Hi-Capa's have plenty of choice of colourful bits (as long as you throw money at them) and I could buy one like this just for IPSC shooting. I can understand shooters being a bit miffed that they need to pay an
  6. Yep, something like that but I'm on a DPM/woodland load out. I'd prefer not to go multicam just for the lid.
  7. Looking at that top picture I now know what the swivel clips for arc rails are for😁 I like the popper idea. Not having to put tension on the mask would be more comfortable . i think I'm going to run into problems when I've fitted the ear pro adapters which will take up a big chunk of rail space. Anyone know where I can get this style of helmet cover for an airframe?
  8. Neck protection is one of the things I'm working on. Any tips? That's definitely neater. Did you cut the original strap to fix it like that? I'm still deciding if I want fix the goggles there or the mask. I like the idea of keeping the mask separate from the goggles and using the rail clips to fix the mask so that the mask can be unclipped on one side and swung out of the way. Attaching the mask and goggles together and just a single strap to the rail like yours is so much neater though. I'm a bit reluctant to cut the goggle strap until I'm sure. It looks like I
  9. Still a work in progress but it's coming along.
  10. Let's assume that I'm not in a position to spend more on my trousers than I spent on my RIF. They do look like good kit though. This look like an idea worth pursuing though. Unless they have moveable knee pads the leg length will be wrong for me (28" inside leg) I like this idea. Similar to what I had in mind using velcro but simpler.
  11. Since I've already got the pocket inserts looks like it's time to brush up on my sewing skills. If that fails I'll try the Altaflex.
  12. Most people recommend knee pads but I've never had much success with them myself. Always found them more trouble than they were worth. For the odd occasion when I've needed them they have usually slipped down to my ankles or I'm constantly pulling them up. Either too loose to stay put or tight enough to cut off the circulation in my legs. I've tried some trousers with the built in knee pad pockets but as I'm vertically challenged the pockets are at shin level. I'm thinking maybe adding custom pockets to my trousers which could be tricky or using velcro patches to try to keep the pa
  13. Since I've picked it up basically for free I'm going for a helmet build. One Tigris mask attached to X800 goggles and both secured to the helmet by one strap, ear defenders mounted to the arc rails with input ready for comms if I get to that stage. There's a whole new world of helmet accessories I didn't know about. If nothing else it's giving me something to do.
  14. I can't really say at the moment. Only got it last night and some of the padding is missing. A size 58 hat was too small for my head so I'm probably about 60cm and the helmet has room to move on me. I'll update when I've sorted out the padding.
  15. It doesn't have a liner just individual pads. I guess I'll just have to pull them all out until I find the marking. I'm probably going to replace all the padding anyway. It's most likely FMA as there aren't that many choices in the Airframe.
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