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  1. Lewis that CM18 looks amazing. Is that rail system stock or modded? Can't find it
  2. Okay well I'll always be an advocate for the firehawk. It's just a fun gun with how loud it is, and very easy to move around so great for CQB/quicker play styles. That said - just have a browse on patrolbase looking at various guns that have a good reputation. (G&G/Ares for example) and see if you can find a gun that you like the look of.
  3. G&G always get a good recommendation - and for good reason. How many guns do you currently own?
  4. Well DDPM and 95 pattern are completely different colours. One's tan, the other is woodland. It's not uncommon to see desert/tan setups (both airsoft and real life) that have green/woodland-ish trimmings (chest rigs, yokes, vests etc) but in terms of unity, the 95 pattern would complete the setup
  5. Nope. Massive gaps where bbs can get in and blind you. What's wrong with mesh
  6. The MK6 is bad enough until you put on a bit of lower face pro and then suddenly it's unbearable (for me anyway). Whenever I use it at a milsim event I have the lower face pro resting on the helmet till I run into an engagement, then I drop it. I don't use the MK6 for skirmish fights. Much prefer a boonie
  7. I dunno any inf squaddie that wore a respirator enough to even consider putting it into an airsoft imitation setup
  8. But it wouldn't make a difference. If you're u18 they need to see the mesh/full blown facial shit, if you're o18 then it really doesn't matter whether you have face pro on or not.
  9. Technically you still could - Just have a face mask over it. Would be a bit pointless but yeah, you could. Also I question why you'd run a bally if you're going for an infantry look
  10. I has SA80 for sale. Electric blowback too. Also - If you're going for a pre-2013 Inf loadout, I'd advise not bothering with the respirator. Go for your bog-standard infantry guy, front line shit. Helmet, camos, gloves, yoke system for carrying ya mags and other general equipment. I went full imitation and believe me, sometimes the most realistic set up is the most non-standard. Look at a lot of squaddies (especially SF type dudes) who were out in Ir/Afg. Absolutely 0 uniforminity in camo (for reasons), minimum gear as possible, and unless in combat, no helmet. Why? MK6's are cumbersome as shit and couple that with the lower face mask, suddenly turn into a fucking respirator itself anyway. Trust me on this - leave the respirator. And try not to get carried away. Otherwise you'll be hiking a 90lb Bergen all over the playing field and wondering why you have knee issues and your quads feel like they're on fire.
  11. So you wear them because they're not tacticool? Sorry, i don't get the joke
  12. Tacticool? I hope you realise a large amount of SF guys (especially UKSF) use yoke harnesses for the exact reason of: they're tactically amazing.
  13. I done it for a bit. First game it came in handy as someone managed to lose their HPA tank so I carried it in my bag and gave it to a marshal at the end. The second game was a milsim game so had food, water and general shit in it. I've also contemplated using a rucksack whilst playing for exercises purposes - weighted rucksacks give big leg gains and adequate shoulder gains.
  14. I switched from MTP to DPM + boonie and in woodland it's fairly common for people to /look straight through me/. Flecktarn is a good, and I';m also fairly partial to MARPAT although I haven't used either myself, I imagine they would work fairly well.
  15. Anyone going to The Mall this weekend? (20th) *expects 99% of the forum to say 'yes'*

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