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  1. Been away for a while and now coming back in Ernest really fancy a sig552 and have come across one of these old classic army versions but no one seems to know what the mag compatibility is with other brands or even the fitment, does or has anyone had/have one of these and can give me some insight as to which if any I could use? cheers
  2. Nope, new stock from bespoke, all coming with 30k in the mk2 PDW and confirmed
  3. I'll confirm right now that the mk2 pdw does have the 30k motor, I took mine out to confirm it for you
  4. Anyone who has preordered the krytac needs to watch the bespoke airsoft YouTube vlog!! Very disturbing information if you've parted with your hard earned on a deposit for one
  5. Haven't we had this scenario before though? I seem to remember it happening a while back, winter may also be a factor, people are generally more stupid during the winter months, must be some form of Neolithic hibernation of the brain in humans
  6. I believe from memory that at least one of the gears is specific to v7 which is the box in your m14, if it's a v2/3 set then that's your issue
  7. What gear set did you put in? It may be you have the wrong one as the m14/v7 box uses specific gears, just a thought
  8. What colour are you after? I've got a brand new set of hsgi gel shoulder pads sitting here
  9. Seems possibly a daft question but surely if you're looking at 'chest' rigs, why are you trying to get it to sit on your waist? A chest rig is designed as described, to sit higher, is on or around the chest area, if you are looking for something to sit around your waist then a belt rig on an H harness is maybe what you're after?
  10. I know the star etc Don't work, I have heard tell of being able to mill out the insides of the g&g ones to increase capacity but unsure where I would find springs long enough for them
  11. Guys, I'm looking for a definitive answer on this one, I used to have a G&G UMG, I'm now considering buying another as I wish I'd kept it but mags.....50 r or 530r hi cap, neither are really acceptable, the gun will be my spare for when I won't use my TW5 I have read that the old classic army 100r mid caps worked but they are like unicorn poo, is there anything that is around that capacity that works? I'm after someone to actually confirm 100%, not that they think their mates mates uncles great grandfathers dog had some Cheers guys
  12. I'm interested to know what site will allow a 500fps dmr that can be spammed to he'll, I certainly don't know of any in the uk
  13. Kwa erg ak74, it's a beast out of the box, locked it semi with a mosfet as I only use semi and it's 380fps and an absolute arse to strip down
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