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  1. yea asked a few neighbors one other, a dog less home about 6 doors down had it done to them, said neighbor has a drive and no car and i work at night so a possible theory i found online was marking the house for a break in although it still seems odd camera has been ordered however so we will see. hopefully its a fox dragging it there or something but it just seems too implausable
  2. dog barks in the day time but no more than the last few years ordered a security camera from amazon, it was a matter of time being where i live anyway... good ole london
  3. so about a month ago i came home and there was a large bone, a beef joint or something left behind the wall on my drive which i put down to being a random act of littering all be it a little odd someone would have a raw bone that large down a quiet street in the london suburbs but as you would i binned it and carried on with my life. today i notice another off cut of meat and bone which has left me a little skeptical that this can just be a coincidence. in over 20 years living at the address ive never seen something as odd as this. i have a dog (which ive had for 10 years now) so im slightly worried someone is coating these bones in something or maybe im overthinking it and it is purely coincidental. anyone ever come across this before? im hoping its not something more vindictive as ive heard burglers sometimes leave rubbish outside houses to see if the owner is there. might be time to get a camera on the front of the house
  4. Jay91

    Clothing store in London

    Military surplus stores are your best bet, there's a few decent ones dotted around Kingston if you're in the west. There's one in surbiton that stocks kombat UK stuff and has vests belts etc also a massive stock of surplus gear
  5. Jay91

    G&G GR25 upgrade advice

    My gr25 had a sudden drop of about 70 fps on a game day, stripped it down and turns out the nozzle had an a leak. I used Teflon tape around the o ring as a quick fix and a test to ensure this was the cause. Got to be worth a try hth
  6. Jay91


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No):YesAny other comments: sold me 2 g17 mags for a great price sent them fast and packaged carefully
  7. Jay91

    Flat hop.

    try eagle 6
  8. recently ive spent a fair bit on my aeg dmr and basr but my side arm has sat there unloved so while i was bored today decided id completely strip and clean my glock and have a go at tarting the lower up a little its my first attempt at stippling and i feel it wasnt too bad but i wish i spent a little more time with the patterns, i guess at least its "unique..ish" and if i ever decide i dont like it i can fill in the pattern also it was made a hell of a lot easier when i invested in a cheap rotary tool set from homebase and at only £21 i thought it was a bit of a bargain. it was pretty well made for the price and the accessories so far seem to be of good quality, not sure how it will stand up to anything more taxing than plastic but im sure ill find out!
  9. The bit on the inside that you have the front end of your gun through is designed for longer guns so that they can stick out the end that sock goes outside the case with the barrel of the gun through it. Sorry for the poor explanation I can take a pic if this doesn't make sense to you
  10. Jay91

    Flat hop advice

    I found eagle 6 had stock and they were pretty good on shipping, I've just put the prommy blue bucking on and I'm using the prommy black nub with it
  11. Can confirm this is easily bypassed they certainly couldn't be used as a long range weapon though
  12. Jay91

    flat hopping bucking

    so i ended up getting my bucking pretty smooth and made my flat nub out of a rubber, it was chronoing fine at home then when i took it out today it started double feeding i had already ordered a few different buckings and nubs (including a modify flat hop and prommy blue flat nub) but they didnt arrive in time to bring with me but im curious what i did wrong that could have caused the double feed im thinking it could have been the nub wasnt deep enough but when i looked down the barrel i could see it protruding giving me the desired flat hop. any ideas? the bucking also felt a little soft and was well used but it seemingly worked fine prior to me modifying it this is on a 450 fps dmr if that helps
  13. Jay91

    Limited choice on DMR

    G&g is pretty good out of the box, shoots a little weak so maybe upgrade the spring to get your limit, other than that as you say upgrade as you go.
  14. Jay91

    Gun picture thread

    that looks pretty nice my collection so far, the addiction's starting to take hold top to bottom well l96, g&g gr25, we g17 and vfc hk416
  15. Jay91

    flat hopping bucking

    so im having my first attempt at flat hopping my bucking and was wondering how smooth do i need the old patch and groove to be? ive cut them down pretty close but wanted to double check before i try and sand it smooth if its neccesary seeing as i will be turning the bucking 90 degrees thanks