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    cheap dpm and a viper vest to save my sides
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  1. tasum

    Division 2

    Not been playing too often, but just got the chatterbox, which is great fun. I'm still loving this game
  2. Don't mean to hijack this thread, but can you shoot the tm scar with the stock folded? Do they have a wire connection that is exposed when the stock is folded?
  3. tasum

    Division 2

    never knew about these loot boxes, you learn something new everyday.
  4. tasum

    Division 2

    Thought I'd mention that the beta left me unimpressed, but the full game is so much better than D1. Seems a little easier to mod your weapons and the guns you start with are much more effective than the original game where you needed several mags to slow the ai down. Well worth a look if you want something urban based a bit like Wildlands. It's a great game to play with your mates, although I still love Wildlands So who is playing?
  5. Can anyone recommend a light bearing holster for a sig F226 e2? I have one from nuprol for my glock, but I understand they don't do one for the sig
  6. Check out Fubar Bundy near White Rose and there's Patrolbase in Huddy. Always good to see as many options as possible. The G&G rifles are very good as are the Specnas; really fancy one of their 416's. You pay more for guns with trades. Make sure you find out what batteries the aeg's take to avoid not having enough space or enough power. Sort out your eyepro asap. Have fun.
  7. Hi there, I'd recommend a visit to Fubar Bundy, they're up near the White Rose. They've got quite a bit of stuff and are very generous with their advice. Always good to have a proper look and a hold of what you're planning to buy. Always check where the batteries go in aeg's; some look lovely, but some people aren't so keen on front wired gear, but ask as many questions as you can. Not been to Killhouse, but it's on my list. Welcome to the fun
  8. I'm happy having some time off to marshal all my gear and take stock. I know I have more stuff than I need, so I'll be very happy with some pewpew time and time with the family and my chickens lol. Merry Christmas to you all !!
  9. Nice scope, where did you pick that up and for how much?
  10. Great suit. Really like the design so far. Makes me want to make my own. Think I'll just tweak my wildlands character for now lol
  11. I can't read this thread properly from behind the sofa....is it safe to come out?
  12. Does this have a stock? Where does the battery go? Sorry for the questions, but very interested lol
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