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  1. tasum

    Newbie from Leeds

    Hi there, I'd recommend a visit to Fubar Bundy, they're up near the White Rose. They've got quite a bit of stuff and are very generous with their advice. Always good to have a proper look and a hold of what you're planning to buy. Always check where the batteries go in aeg's; some look lovely, but some people aren't so keen on front wired gear, but ask as many questions as you can. Not been to Killhouse, but it's on my list. Welcome to the fun
  2. I'm happy having some time off to marshal all my gear and take stock. I know I have more stuff than I need, so I'll be very happy with some pewpew time and time with the family and my chickens lol. Merry Christmas to you all !!
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    Thank you
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    Thank you. I spotted my error after I'd posted this, thank you for letting me know. Should I delete this?
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    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Seller was very quick to respond to my questions and offered me a great deal. The radios came very quickly, expertly packed and with a bunch of extras I was not expecting!! Great seller, easy comms and great gear at a great price. Very happy, thank you
  6. tasum

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Nice scope, where did you pick that up and for how much?
  7. tasum

    Ghillie Suit Critique

    Great suit. Really like the design so far. Makes me want to make my own. Think I'll just tweak my wildlands character for now lol
  8. tasum

    Do you get scared?

    I can't read this thread properly from behind the sofa....is it safe to come out?
  9. Does this have a stock? Where does the battery go? Sorry for the questions, but very interested lol
  10. Hi there, where did you see it at £82?
  11. tasum

    Patches are now available(ish)

    one coming to me
  12. tasum

    The Gaol Oakham

    Always keen on tips. Please let us have your tips, they will come in useful for next time, or for others going for the first time
  13. Quick update. I spoke to Seth at the weekend and he's a nice chap with a clear technical input into his idea. I believe he just lacks the confidence in his own ability to present his ideas, hence his reluctance to expand on his thread. It sounds like a good concept, but needs some clarifying to work out whether the numbers add up. I'm not an accountant, but that may well be the function he's missing. That explains his shout out for an FD who would fulfil that function. I'm sure he'd appreciate any help someone with the appropriate background can offer. I understand the scepticism on here, but it may turn into something we can all enjoy. It may not. I wish him well in the world of investment and finance. Keep us posted Seth and good luck.
  14. Had a great time at the Gaol on Sunday. Great site, lots of interesting buildings in this former prison. Some outdoor area which I found very exciting.


    The other teams players were all good sports and for the most part hits were called. Just need to buy some grenades lol. 


    Worth a trip. Nice lunch and the staff were very friendly. Good number of marshals keeping us all in order.


    Sadly lost my shemagh which was a gift from a pal. So if anyone picked up a dark green and black scarf please let me know :(


    Pretty sure I dropped it, but I dropped a brand new glock pistol mag which was handed back in, so a very honest bunch!!


    £35 for the day. Well worth it and the 5:30 am start 😮