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  1. Rather then just spam up the "what have you just bought" thread, figured i would start this thread insted so after 3d printing some LRB stuff for my VSR And making some silencer foam spacers i decided to have a go at an end cap for my L96 (left is the 3d printed one, right is the original one) Which then lead me to wonder if i could make a flash hider, using the PDI one for inspiration from left to right 1) original first try, realised i had missed the thinning on the top, and part of the under side 2) unfinished print, realised i had forgot the hole in the middle 3) included the hold, but there was a the top dimension wrong 4) finished print that i have not broken out of the support matterial, had another idea 5) Finished print, this one i like, easier simpler to make etc, but the cut outs do go quite high 6) finished print, the barrel hole is intentionally off set by 2mm to try and see if this would work as a LRB modded flash hider more to follow
  2. sp00n


    Has anyone used them in the past for bits? good/bad/ugly???
  3. sp00n

    Best Place To Buy A Dynatex BFG Online?

    Have you been missing me 😅 (been busy with none airsoft stuff)
  4. sp00n

    Best Place To Buy A Dynatex BFG Online?

    And I still have most off them left 😂 also ohshiboom may be coming back as they have been bought
  5. sp00n

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just picked up these bad boys! paper shooter is to give me something to do on xmas day, and the WE Barry Burton V2 is an early xmas present to myself
  6. Just watched the redwolf review of the Cybergun Thompson m1a1, looks good, but ... an open bolt system meaning it kicks forward :(:( .... yeah maybe not.


    whats your thoughts?

  7. sp00n


    General rule of thumb is 1/3rd of the original cost of the basic gun (+/- for out of production guns and condition), plus around 1/2 for accessories (if there out of production or in good condition etc) also take into account who fitted the mods etc generally it’s worth only what someone will pay, but aim high
  8. sp00n

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just picked up a we desert eagle, just waiting for spare mags and a day off to play
  9. sp00n

    Is the CSI star xr5 in white two tone

    I would advise people against getting a xr5, mine wouldn’t feed, wouldn’t hop, and the gearbox dry not abit of lube now I have stripped it and lubed it, it now feeds fine off any mag, just need to strip it gain to swap the extremely small reaps nub for a full size nub, then it should be ok
  10. sp00n

    Send Airsoftgun to germany

    Isn’t it also law in Germany that all airsoft guns have to be semi only?? Are you sure there isn’t a local airsoft store that could order it in for you?
  11. sp00n

    Strike Back Retribution

    Watched first episode ..... i hate/dis-like the fact that the 2 main male characters are scott and Stonebridge clones (bet it says made in China on there back sides ... or cyma), makes it feel cheap .... they didn’t even reverse the roles .... that said the the female characters are brilliant (especially the royal engineer lass)
  12. sp00n

    Strike Back Retribution

    Knew I downloaded and forgot to watch something
  13. Anyone know of any trick with new ares efcs gearboxes ... mine dose not seem to work (tried different motors, changed battery, and programming thus far)

    1. Skara


      if it doesn't work then the electronic board must have felt something wrong (this is what my tech said once, idk if it's true or not)

      I'd say ask them directly.

    2. sp00n


      I figured it out, the trigger was not making the micro switch B)


      all working fine now

  14. sp00n

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just ordered a few bits mag cnc steel hammer set with 150% spring for my kc02 ares efcs gearbox to replace the crappy box in my g&p m16a3 And a 40mm ugl bandoleer
  15. I would go with the ares, the trigger/efcs is brilliant But I would advise you to try both if possible
  16. sp00n

    ID This Sniper for me?

    Just had a look, I think it’s a Well mb4406 Aspuk’s identity your airsoft sniper rifle
  17. sp00n

    ID This Sniper for me?

    Looks like a well mb(something) have a look on aspuk’s website, they have a good section for id’ing sniper rifles
  18. sp00n

    uk sucks for airsoft

    People should read the OP’s name
  19. sp00n

    A few questions about Magpul PTS RM4 ERG

    1 lower hand guard 2 upper hand guard 3 barrel nut if I remember correctly these are made by kwa, and if I remember correctly you can get bits direct from there website.
  20. Choosing an ak is such a personal thing 


    do I go aeg (cyma 048m) or gbbr (we PMC with the wood kit)


    bear in mind that I already have a cyma 028b


    tough call :(

  21. sp00n

    LiPo battery problem

    Basically your battery is technically dead, the cell voltage has dropped too low. Or there is a fault in the batteries wiring. did you leave it connected inside the gun? what voltage is it saying your battery is at??
  22. Yours has a g36 optic on it
  23. sp00n

    One for the techs to ponder....

    Probably the mag pressing on the hop may be improving the nozzle/hop seal
  24. sp00n

    Give me a reason to not buy this gun

    Always try before you buy My recommendation, have a go with an ares amoeba (well within your budget, lots of m4 variants, epic electronic trigger ... I could go on etc)
  25. sp00n

    Are they really that good?

    Get an ares amoeba, amazing gearboxes, built in fets, able to handle 11.1 lipo's. I love my ares vz58 (it's got an amoeba fet in it), trigger response is amazing and it's got a really nice 60'ish meter range on 0.25's (measured with laser range finder) ... all stock edit :- have a go with one if you can