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  1. The last time I played at the Bunker I was about a foot shorter and I distinctively remember how many times I would hit my head in doorways. 

    Tomorrow should be fun....... 

    1. RobHedley


      I managed to crack my head on one of the supports about half way down a tunnel that was about an inch lower than the others. I was at full sprint at the time! I had no idea what happened until I hit the floor. I ditched the Cap and only wear a helmet down there now. Got plenty of battle scars on the helmet now but at least it is not my head.

  2. That all depends what kind of upgrades you want. Are you trying to acheive high ROF? better trigger response? higher FPS? more range?
  3. I sold my G&G scar with internal upgrades recently for £210. Id say with the EGLM and extras yours would be in the region of £300
  4. Acetech are the leading producers of tracers currently. If you'rs is the honey badger ive seen videos of people integrating the "Lighter" unit inside the original integrated suppressor. Double integrated lol.
  5. TM Hi Capa 5.1 Gold Match So for i have installed a maple leaf hop unit and 6.01 barrel with great results. Airsoft masterpiece hive slide, CC barrel, etc incoming.

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    WE Glock 17 Gen 4Owned from new, regularly cleaned, greased, and serviced. Outer barrel has had paint removed for chrome look, will be polished before posting.Slide has been drilled along the top to reveal barrel.Skirmish/ holster marks on the slide as to be expected, but other than that this gun shoots just as it did the day i got it. Cant fault it.Reason for sale: starting a hi capa project so need funds.Comes with: Original box, Original mag, Nuprol Belt Holster, and 2 extended 50 round mags (one is practically brand new, has only been tested). All 3 mags are gas tight.Will consider splitting the 2 extended mags, as a pair only.


    Maidenhead - GB

  7. TM Hi Capa Gold Match has arrived.... now to spend what i spent on the gun, on upgrades....

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    2. StayOnTarget


      Unless its broken leave it be man,one of the lads I skirmish with has a stock one he uses propane (it shoots a fuckin dream) and runs around with extended mags being a nightmare to the other team,looking at your loadout preference I'm guess you're a CQB man so if you haven't already what about a torch and some mags to go with that slick pistol you've got,oh btw I'm not in the least jealous🙄

    3. Steveocee


      There are T&Cs you sign up to when buying a GM. One of them is that you won’t upgrade it. Honestly you won’t be able to upgrade it from where it is, you want something to upgrade then buy a spare hi capa! My GM is annoyingly fantastic.

    4. CaptainDumbass


      Sorry chaps. I did a silly and upgraded it anyway. 
      Maple Leaf hop unit & 6.01 inner barrel with Autobot 60 bucking and its already shooting even better lol.

      Short stroked it simply for gas efficiency and faster shots. 

      Nine Ball gas routers for better sealing/ efficiency. 

      New magwell for the looks.



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    Here i have for sale is my beloved G&G Scar L CQC I have been the only owner of this gun from new & for a few years it has been my main & only AEG so I have treated it like my firstborn. This gun has honestly never skipped a beat. Shoots 310 +/- FPS. Im a CQB player so range is good enough for me that I've never had to upgrade my barrel or hopup. I personally think It still outperforms many newer guns at long range to this day. I begun upgrading my gearbox for a high speed build, this includes high speed gears, high torque motor, a weight reduced & short stroked piston, and hours of shimming until it was perfect. The gun can handle 11.1v lipo's shooting about 30 rps. Trigger response is brilliant with this setup. I have the original Nihm battery, a 9.9v LIFE battery (my preferred battery for this gun), and an almost new 11.1v lipo. You choose which one you want. Work done/ upgrades: SHS 13:1 High Speed Gear Set SHS High Torque Motor Piston has been wieght reduced and short stroked, also comes with brand new nuprol steel toothed piston (didnt get round to fitting this) Shimmed to perfection. AOE was corrected a long time ago but i cant guarantee it is still perfect. Package includes: Gun Original box MBUS sights Original Sights Magpul RVG or Magpul AFG (your choice) Barrel extension Original orange tip (the one pictured is now unfortunately damaged) Either the original mag high cap mag or two PMAG mid caps. Bad points: Springs in the MBUS sights have come out of place and no longer function. Easy to fix if youre not afraid to take them apart. Usual skirmish marks (as to be expected with all second hand guns...) Fire selector is stiff. This has never bothered me but it could be an annoyance for someone else. Easy to fix if needs be. Currently running without a fuse. I planned to hard wire a mosfet into this gun but never got round to it since i made the swap to HPA. A mosfet would be the best upgrade for this gun in its current state. If it doesn't sell I will be installing a gate titan mosfet & more gearbox upgrades so the price of this gun will only go up. Price is set at 220 ONO


    Maidenhead - GB

  9. Today i managed to tune it and get it firing at 345FPS on .2g with the dwell set perfectly. Glad i bought x2 48ci tanks to be honest. with 35rps this thing gulps air. But no more than every other high RPS hpa engine! Very impressed with it.
  10. Armorer Work SAI Hi Capa, or the TM Gold Match Hi Capa? 

    1. rocketdogbert


      You want an awesome gun? Buy the TM

      You want a blingy gun? Buy the AW

    2. Yukarin


      Would say a Regular TM 5.1 HiCapa for the best parts compatibility.

    3. Albiscuit


      Not yet bought it, but a TM hi cappa will be my next major purchase!! 


      Done a bit of research and all roads lead to TM it seems.

  11. Thanks hahaha I doubt it. I have no interest in recoil and i think its just an extra waste of air in my opinion.
  12. Wolverine MTW. All thats needed is to modify my magpul pistol grip so it fits the gun. Cant fault this gun at all. Doubt ill be going back to AEG's after this.
  13. Brief first impressions/ review of the Wolverine MTW over in the HPA threads for anyone that's interested. 

  14. Havent had chance to tune and shoot it yet but first impressions: I have never handled an airsoft weapon of this quality. When they call it a "training weapon" they werent kidding. I am very impressed at how compatible the parts are for these things. Ive chucked a bunch of aftermarket parts on as you can see, which confirmed for me almost everything is compatible with Milspec, AEG, and GBBR parts which is handy for anyone moving over to HPA that previously owned an M4/AR based gun. I am very glad wolverine made their rail system M-LOK over keymod. looks a feels 100 times nicer. I was lost for words at how light this thing was despite it being 90% full metal. I could give this to a young teenager and they would be able to sport this all day without a problem. Definitely lighter than my G&G Scar-L. Aesthetically and Ergonomically I cant find a single fault with the base gun bar two things. The only issues I faced was the split receiver (these things break down exactly like real AR's) was abit wobbly. Fortunately I had a spare G&P magic pin which resolved this issue right away. I havent seen many people speak about this issue on the forum so i could have been unlucky. But either way, if you find the same issues, its less than a tenner to amend. Secondly, my after market stock (AEG) was very wobbly when fitting. This was to be expected as ive heard many people mention this on the Wolverine Owners group on facebook. Easiest solution in the world: couple strips of electrical tape either side & the top of the buffer tube (where it would be hidden under the stock), slid the stock back ona nd no wobble at all. You'd never know the tape was there by sight also. My only suggestion to wolverine would be to have some kind of sling mount added to the stock gun or at least have it as a option in their "gun builder" on their site or high pressure airsoft's site. I had to find a mil spec AR sling mount end plate on ebay so i can use my single point sling.
  15. MTW arrived last week. Getting Bottles filled today so will post updates and feedback shortly.
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