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  1. CaptainDumbass

    Wolverine MTW - Any one in the UK own one?

    I've got one on the way from the states. Christ knows when it will get here though lol. Swapping to HPA is expensive as f***.
  2. CaptainDumbass

    Price check: G&G Scar L

    Make/brand: G&G Scar L CQC About 3/4 years old but in that time its been skirmished around 10 times and each time it was cleaned and greased after. Shoots consistently between 310-320 FPS. Has had a full high speed gearbox rebuild. This includes the following: SHS 13:1 High Speed Gears Piston has been weight reduced New Bearings AOE Corrected prior to new motor Shimmed and greased to perfection. Nuprol High speed motor. Brand new. Havent skirmished since fitting this but test firing has shown major improvements to the gun. AOE could do with being perfected again to reduce any excessive motor whine. This is very easy to do yourself if you look it up on youtube. Or a decent tech could do it for about £20. This allows the gun to run with 11.1v lipo's without a problem. ROF is insane. Roughly 35-40 rps. I suggest using high quality mags. I have found cheaper mid caps struggle to keep up. No work is needed for this gun if youre looking to buy something and take it to a skirmish straight away. It doesn't skip a beat. The original hop up has worked so well in this gun I never needed to replace or upgrade it. I would say the only things this gun would need to make it absolutely perfect are a Mosfet and a Tightbore Barrel. Aswell as having the AOE tuned again so theres less motor whine. Bad points: Minor scratches and usual skirmish marks Bolt catch unfortunately doesn't hold the bolt back, this has always been the case sine I bought the gun & is common with most G&G scar's Fire selector is pretty stiff. This has something to do with the selector plate. Any accessories included: The gun will come with a barrel extension, magpul mbus sights, original sights, Nuprol 11.1v lipo battery (used literally once), 9.9v LiFE Battery, original box, and a 450rd g&g metal mag. Pictures: (I hope the engraved holo sight in the last pic is enough proof the gun is actually mine)
  3. CaptainDumbass

    Price check: G&G Scar L

    Lmao sorry I wrote this after midnight half asleep I'll amend this later. There are no failing parts. Marks on the gun, a dummy bolt/bolt catch that doesnt even affect how the gun functions, and stiff fire selector (that still works) hardly means the guns "fails". It shoots fine. It has a fuse. Which in my opinion is safe enough. But if you dont agree, it is exactly why i mentioned it could do with a mosfet. In all honesty i might even fit one myself before selling the gun! Yes, any gun can run 11.1V Lipos but any with standard gearbox parts will wear excessively or break pretty quick. This has been worked on and upgraded so it can handle the power. So IMO its ready from a mechanical point of view, and as ive mentioned if you dont think its safe, buy a mosfet! The gearbox was only greased when I opened up the shell (poor wording). However, after every game, I used abbey spray lubricant for cleaning the barrel, lubricating any seals/ orings, and mechanical parts such as the folding stock hinge. Sorry for the poor wording
  4. Downsides to being 6 foot 4.... posted a grenade around the corner at about knee/waist height and get banned from using pyros for the day because it was still too high.... typical hahaha, my bad!

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    2. clumpyedge


      @Esoterick I've wondered the same thing. The usual reply I get from the shooter when asked if the head shot was necessary is oh it must have been the wind or the hop... (how its windy indoors is a bit of a mystery) 

    3. Albiscuit


      From a marshals or opposing players view, the waist height of a tall player is pretty high. You said it was knee/waist high, quite a big difference between the two.

      If I were crouched behind the corner your waist height is almost level to my face.

      The mall is sh*t hot strict on hard pyro being knee high only though, for good reason though.

    4. clumpyedge


      Playing devils advocate here but if someone decides to crouch down knowing that grenades are posted at knee/waist height then isn't that also down to the person on the receiving end knowing the risks of being that low down? I've been laid down before and had solid state BFG's land on me where they have been posted into the room I was in and knew that could happen... I do agree though that there is a fairly large difference between knee and waist height dependent on your height as well.

  5. *wobbly barrel*

    *sticks loads of foam in RIS so barrel cant wobbe* 

    job done.

    1. proffrink


      Job done for a couple of months*

  6. CaptainDumbass

    Best slim line flashlight?

    Looking for a flashlight for the side of my Scar, ideally i want it to look slim line but still be really bright & strobe would be a nice extra but not a necessity. I found this: http://shop.specwarfare.com/night-evolution-neforce-weapon-mounted-led-light And i just wanted to check if there is a light out there that could be better? Cheers
  7. CaptainDumbass

    Gun picture thread

    Lmfao just because youve been airsofting once is not a defence. Unless you have a site membership, a UKARA registration, or the rifle youve painted is your dads/brothers/boyfriends/whatever who has one/ that is registered..... buying a two tone gun and painting it black is manufacturing and RIF...... resultantly breaching and violating the VCRA = Illegal.
  8. CaptainDumbass

    Absolute Airsoft (Reading) Review

    I went last sunday. Firstly i would like to say this is no disrespect to any staff at this site. I did enjoy my day and i couldn't fault how f***ing lovely the staff and marshals were. I would like to return and i hope there are no hard feelings about this post. There are just rooms for improvement and then i would 100% consider being a regular player for sure. If this causes offence or concern any members of staff that may see this are free to contact me here to discuss. In my opinion compared to the other local sites in and around berkshire. The day i went (and by the sounds of things other days since its been open aswell), was just run poorly and it was very boring...... Firstly the safety brief covered everything most safety briefs cover, however the lad that explained it was quiet as f*ck. If you werent close to him you couldnt hear him. This could be dangerous for new players or those that may not be familiar with the site. Getting your gun chrono'd was practically pointless. They read your reading and sent you on your way. No tag on your gun or anything. I saw and overheard two lads in the safe zone purposely not get chrono'd because no-one would have been able to tell if they had or hadnt..... This potentially allowed players with hot guns play without being caught. Game briefs were explained very poorly with no indication where certain areas marshals mentioned actually were. I spent a whole game trying to find where a flag was we had to capture. So no-one had an actual clue what they were doing half the time. During game briefs (and i think this f*cked me off the most) players AND MARSHALS found it funny to shoot eachother. Now this happens nearly everywhere i go airsofting and i get it, its banter and it can be funny, but this site took the piss. People would be running around spraying eachother with high ROF guns, shotguns, and even launchers. While this is all shits and giggles there is a time and a place, and during a game brief where people are trying to listen, this was dangerous, stupid and overall annoying. On top of the stupidity during game briefs, someone (i honestly wasnt able to work out who, player or marshal) would set off firecracker bangers, these werent BFG's these were actual fireworks which were even louder than .12g blanks... thats saying something. At one occasion one went off next to someones foot which caused them to fall over aswell as burning their legs. Setting one or two off to scare people is funny, im not a grumpy ass hole i promise. But I dont think i need to explain how annoying and dangerous that was and how the marshalls would encourage it... Set a f*cking example. Moving onto game play We played on the same "map" the entire day which was a pretty open woodland field with no features or anything other than a couple small huts and trenches. While this is great for long ranged combat it felt like we were being picked off by DMR's and snipers all day and those with AEG's and GBBR's had no proper combat most of the day. Compared to the other fields this site had to offer i personally think this was the worst. When i questioned this with a marshal they explained it was because paintballers were also playing that day and they didnt want confusion. While i understand this, it doesnt take a genius to communicate with the paintball company so both airsofters and paintballers could play on other fields while still staying a good distance from eachother to avoid confusion. Hit taking was very good, i didnt once have to question myself whether my shots were falling short or people were cheating or simply not noticing that they were hit. It was a pleasant surprise. Marshals would also occasionally shoot players with their own pistols as a "hit checking" precaution and allowed players to get back into cover and continue playing. This meant everyone was playing fairly and honestly. While this isnt really the sites fault they could have enforced this way more: DEAD PLAYERS DO NOT TALK. On so many occasions people who were dead would walk past me and whisper "theres 3 of them behind that bush they dont know youre here" or just give away information of enemy players positions. Ruins the fun. Team balancing was awful. They put all the rentals and young players on one team with a couple adults (me and my friends lmao) and then all the clearly experienced players with proper kit on the other, i dont need to explain who spent their day pinned in their regen point........ This lead to the majority of my team just walking back to the safe zone in the middle of a game. Even when mentioned to marshals there was no change. The website says walk on is £20 and it includes a hotdog and you can get a pizza for £5 more. I chose pizza and wherever they ordered them for they were 8 short so people had to go without pizza and get food from the paintball kitchen to the same value. Kinda sucks.... Also, this might be petty but at the start of the day i needed my lipo's charged, gave them to the lad in the shop before i even signed in and got chrono'd and he just left them on the side and forgot about them for half the day.... so i had to use my SMG-8 in a woodland site for hours which you can imagine was wank.
  9. CaptainDumbass

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    It was just run abit poorly and it was so boring...... Game briefs were explained sh*t so no-one had an actual clue what they were doing half the time, we played on the same "map" the entire day which was a pretty open woodland field with no features or anything other than a couple small huts and trenches, and they put all the rentals and young players on one team with a couple adults (me and my friends lmao) and then all the clearly experienced players with proper kit on the other, i dont need to explain who spent their day pinned in their regen point........ Also, this might be petty but at the start of the day i needed my lipo's charged, gave them to the lad in the shop and he just left them on the side and forgot about them for half the day.... so i was using the SMG-8 in a woodland site for hours which you can imagine was wank.
  10. CaptainDumbass

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Sweet mate! Come say hey
  11. CaptainDumbass

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    You wouldn't believe how accurate that is! I was booked for the mall that day and my friends f*cked off to Absolute instead so I drove and played woodland instead. Extremely disappointed with that site to be honest. Gunna rock this at the Mall Sunday! Yeah its a clone unfortunately! im not that rich hahahaha. Made by Emerson and honestly couldn't be happier with the comfort of it. Was pleasantly surprised with how well it kept me cool considering it's material.
  12. CaptainDumbass

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Finally built a loadout based around comfort rather than looking tacticool. Apart from running (almost) full black in the sun all day..... Couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
  13. As title says, i just bought myself a Wolverine Inferno Gen 2 and need to find somewhere to fill the bottles i bought with it. Located in or around Berkshire ideally! Cheers!
  14. CaptainDumbass

    Milsim - Operation Jericho Spear

    By "our final milsim game" does this mean there will be no more Okto Eight Milsims?!
  15. £500 worth of combat gear and a new car...... today's been successful...

    1. Robert James

      Robert James

      £400 of gear, £100 car?

  16. Spending 500 quid on gear and not a single purchase is a gun or attachment :( 

    1. jay83


      what ya go for?

    2. CaptainDumbass


      (everything is black minus the combat shirt): Fast PJ helmet, comtact II's, wiley x glasses, pentagon wolf grey combat shirt, emerson gen 3 combat pants, flyye LBT6094 w/ a f*ck load of pouches and what not, hydration backpack, CQC belt, custom kydex holsters for my glock & TRMR's, and a new pair of magnum spider's........ im feeling broke as f*ck lol.

  17. The urge to buy a Tippman this pay day is just too much..........

    1. Monty


      Buy one, seriously. Tried one a few months ago and the noise it makes is fantastic.

    2. CaptainDumbass


      gunna wait around until a nice package goes up for sale on here or another forum/facebook group... im too lazy to buy one and then buy & fit new rails and stocks and stuff xD

  18. CaptainDumbass

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Hi Capa every time just for the availability of repair/maintenance/upgrade parts for it compared to the M9, also i believe its compatible with 90% of Hi Capa mags/parts/accessories for the TM version aswell.
  19. CaptainDumbass

    Looking into starting Airsoft

    ^^ couldnt have put it better...! As for site's The Mall is a great one, based in Reading so 15/20 minute drive away from Basingstoke! Staff and Players are great with new players aswell!
  20. So im finally pulling all my guns and stuff out of the cabinet after taking a 2 year break, lubing/greasing/etc everything so its all in working order and ive come accross a 6.03 Madbull Black Python inner barrel, seeing as the gun is taken apart already i may aswell fit it. What i want to know is should i be looking at buying any new hop-up bits & pieces? Last thing i want to do is fit this barrel and the accuracy of the gun be worse than when i started! If its any help my Scar-L (gun im fitting it in) lets out about 315 fps, i use it for CQB and woodland so i often need accuracy at range with .20 and .25 bb's. Cheers!
  21. CaptainDumbass

    Fitting a new TBB, will i need a new hop bucking?

    I wasnt fussed about how long is been away, i was just worried that, while my hop performs superb right now, if i put the TB barrel in, will it perform differently/ worse than when i had the shitty brass barrel in? dont worry i have .25 & 0.3's of course
  22. CaptainDumbass

    Fitting a new TBB, will i need a new hop bucking?

    what sort of nub/bucking should i look at getting?
  23. CaptainDumbass

    Lipo chargers !!!!! 😡

    It bewilders me while LiFePO4 batteries still havent taken over the Lipo hype.............
  24. Any recommendations how to post gas grenades? Will post office be funny if i just tell them its an airsoft grenade inside?

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Do. Not. Say. That. Say its sporting equipment or something. Never should the word airsoft be mentioned, and especially not the word grenade... Also, you need to make it not airtight, so just open the seal on it (depress firing pin and keep it depressed will work

  25. CaptainDumbass

    CM.701b Upgrade recommendations

    Have fun with spending hundreds on new hop units/rubbers/nubs/etc until you find the right ones! welcome to sniping >