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  1. Careless

    Marui new GBBR's

    yea iv been aware of them , iv heard bad things about vfc though, apparently it will look and feel amazing but wont perform that way , which isnt what i wanted to hear but you never know as its not even been released yet , a psg1 would be perfect for gbbr aswell !! nice semi auto/dmr
  2. Careless

    LCT AK74 un and lipo battery?

    you dont want your AK to rust???? seriosuly it would look amazing! {if done right} all weathered an worn and rusty! , prestine airsoft guns dont look right imo ,
  3. Careless

    Marui new GBBR's

    i like the fact they brought out something different with the type 89 as the varierty is some what lacking when it comes to gbbrs... the vietnam style mags are cool tho! if ghk made them then idd have some for mine already totally changes the look!! , imo they shouldnt of bothered with them two AR'S as you can easily change the stock/front rail of there existing m4 to look like that anyway! unless theres some radical changes over there m4 ??? , a decent G3 gbbr would be amazing!! just think once the main body is built you literally open up the door to several g3 varients from the small compact mc51 to the msg90 and psg1 and a bunch of other cool variations too
  4. Careless

    Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    the mesh is made of steel , it will dent , thats no big deal , the question is how many hits can it take in the same spot before a bb goes through?
  5. Careless

    What gas do you use in your TM Mk23?

    i normally use propane but switched to mapp when it got colder , performance was normal but in cold weather so i guess you could say it was an overall improvement , Mapp will up the fps slightly over greengas/propane so you could say it will/could contribute to more range , probably handy to use if you want to up the fps without having to do any mods, couldnt tell you how much by though , i dont think its much but will increase as the weather heats up .. edit , dont worry about anything breaking , if it does just fix it, its all pretty simple stuff at the end of the day , most things will eventually break at some point...
  6. Careless

    What gas do you use in your TM Mk23?

    iv done it and its ok but probably knocked a few months life off the inlet valve ,
  7. Careless

    Green Gas remote line?

    my thoughts, you might aswell not bother , a fully charged gas mag will fire every single bb in that mag , for the sake of re charging it with gas when you reload its not worth it , your probably just change to a spare mag thats fully gas charged anyway. unless you want to run a hi cap modified drum mag this is totally pointless,, also the moment you disconnect the line from the mag , there is no valve on the mag, only on the line to the bottle , which means the mags reservoir gets dumped .... so your also wasting mags worth of gas every time you disconnect it,, great!
  8. Careless

    What would be a good DMR?

    was going to mention the kc02 , a few guys at my local have them , one is fitted with a ruger 10/22 stock looks awesome!! changing out the stock to a rifle style stock seems easy enough aswell as theres no motor or wiring to deal with , nice gun if your into modifying your kit , even though im not keen on the standard look of that gun , think of it as a blank canvas!! google images = KC02 build , some seriously sick looking builds that anyone can do!
  9. Careless

    What would be a good DMR?

    your question to yourself should be, what gun do i want to turn into a DMR?? and then aeg or gbbr??? most airsoft guns are essentially all the same anyway! with expections for aeg-gbbr , for me i like the the SVD dragunov, H&k g3 series , so lct as mentioned above would be perfect for an AEG g3 MSG90 or psg-1 build , Aslo being dmr/semi auto i would recomend going gas , the trigger /blow back feeling is sooo much nicer with no whiney motor! just a nice thwack!!! really changes the overall experiance of airsoft,
  10. Careless

    Advice RE Face & Head Protection

    theres a couple of different variations of the fencing style mask tho, the one that i use is the MA19 i think , it rests more or less on the top of your head but can rub on your cheek {i have shaped it close to my right cheek so i can scope up so thats probably why} , i wont use anything else as it offers really good all round head protection, the other variation is by black bear? , which is ok i guess but doesnt offer any protection past the face and probably sits differently in comparison
  11. if your into AK's then LCT is a good choice! or go for E&L or abit on the cheaper side Cyma but cyma wont be as good as either of those two , buy what you want , there just AEG's at the end of the day so nothing complicated about any of them and they can all be upgraded as easy as the next although on the plus side of having an E&L ak is they come with quick change spring gearbox's , so you can change the spring without having to pull the gearbox apart ... also the external's of both e&l and lct will be really really good so will be worth upgrading if you felt like splashing cash on fancy barrels etc etc
  12. Careless

    GBB Or AEG

    for gas , i buy propane 400g bottles for plumbers blow torch, use a madbull propane adaptor which then allows you to fill your mags up, you can also buy the mapp gas version which i recently found out works amazing for cold weather, doing it this way as opposed to buying airsoft green gas { which is propane with a little silicone oil mixed in for lubrication } works out a hell of alot cheaper, And the only real replacment parts iv actaully had to buy was o-rings for the mags, but then i do have a ghk which are supposed to be the dogs boii0x!
  13. propane gas torch bottles that the madbull propane airsoft adaptor screws too are cheaper then green gas, the quantity of gas held in them is larger then that of green gas, £10 for 400g https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Propane-Gas-Bottle-400g-Cylinder-Plumbers-Blow-Torch-1-Thread/263334698223?hash=item3d4ff89cef:g:BTsAAOSwmBhaEtfi green gas by nuprol £15 for 300g https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WE-Europe-Green-Red-Black-Nuprol-Premium-Airsoft-Gas-High-performance-BB-Gas/161687879654?var=460660523435&hash=item25a5593fe6:m:myj-ZkpM7QyGmEx9ZEGUL3g 400g of mapp gas is abit more expensive and varys from where you buy it , £15 - £20 so probably works out the same as green gas but performs better in the cold
  14. tryed out mapp gas this afternoon and i can confirm that mapp is a lot better in the cold over propane , bolt cycle on the ghk was noticeably slower using propane, so looks like ill be using mapp until the warmer months cheers for the heads up otherwise i probably wouldnt of bothered giving it ago...
  15. wondered what the difference would be with mapp , got some in the van for my blow torch which i'll be trying out on sunday if the weather holds out ...