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  1. Careless

    Airsoft tantrums

    lol or he accidently blurts out "ah fuck!! hit! " ,,, "ah fuck i called it now" , "dead man" ...
  2. Careless

    Airsoft Argument

    , i should of worded it better , i rushed it at the end... 99% of the time they will accept the surrender as they know you had them dead to rights and saved them some pain ,
  3. Careless

    Airsoft Argument

    at my local we dont have a bang rule , you can ask/say surrender if you have them in that position and theres people that would appreciate that courtesy as they know you saved them some pain but theres the other type of player that wont say anything and turn and fight there way out of it as you dont have to surrender, you have to agree to surrending for that to work ...so mostly its much easier and quicker just to single shot them and move on but if its a new player or 1st timer then idd give them that courtesy as 99% of the time they will take it as they should ,
  4. Careless


    i brought a few bits for my a&k svd , good service and good products ..
  5. yea atleast make the sniper so you can over hop it then when its adjusted properly you know for a fact its too its full potential , dont know what to make of the mws then , if your able to over hop it and its consistent then you could try using .4's?

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    as above , after g3 120rnd mid cap mags . thanks


  7. ahhh i see , sorry i thought you meant you were using .2's lol , are you able to over hop the bb's with those weights at all?
  8. you cannot have it all my friend but the above should tick all the box's once setup right , you are deffinatly using the wrong weight bb's in all of the above though , use .40's in your sniper and atleast .36's in your mws and mk23 .... that should help get further range and accuracy out of them all , not all guns are good out of the box , some will require hop and barrel work , dont be affriad to try it yourself , plenty of how to guides on youtube/internet and removing the barrel and hop up is pretty easy on most guns , as your only be disapointed when you buy your next gun to find out its a piece of shh1tt3 out the box and with a few replacement parts and a bit of lovin you have a well sorted rif thats shooting how it should be , all guns can be upgraded and worked on , even if i buy a new gun it gets worked on straight away, but your bb weights are well off and get yourself a hadron designs tdc hop cover for the mk23 , its a must have! edit , use quality bb's !! bb quality will also effect accuracy , dont cheap out if you want accuracy and consistency
  9. Careless

    Ruger Mini 14

    been awhile but im sure in Rambo first blood, one of the coppers had the full stock mini14, which looked awesome!! .... check out the KC02 gbbr , people have been putting this gun into ruger 10/22 stocks which look sick!!! could easily put it into an air rifle stock as a cheaper alternative , ...
  10. Careless

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    well under 500 , i normally only shoot when i can get the kill ,
  11. wouldnt sell this , unless someone was willing to pay alot more then what i paid for everything! WE collectors edition ace vd.. Real svd wood furniture Real russian pso-1 with I.R detector Real sling and cheek pad One of my gun cases as it stands right now , Ghk g5 {sd6 lol} , ghk m4 , tm mk23 and A&k spring svd with a custom shortend front end and of course WE ace vd ... pso-1 fits like a glove on both a&k and WE svd ...
  12. ill take some this week , kinda thought i was going off topic but i highly doubt i would ever part with it so it fits rght in!! , as a bonus its also an amazng wall hanger lol
  13. i brought the "collectors edition" which for some reason hasnt had much advertisment and seems hard/rare to find, it has a steel machined reciever unlike the other models which are ally , shooting it sounds and feels amazing! the best gbbr feeling i think there is! , has a really nice kick which is actually off putting when watching/tracking your bb's down the scope , the wood furniture imo is terrible ,in the sense that its not ply wood and has a wierd venier like finish which is too perfect! more suited to cabinets and coffee tables , might aswell be plastic if im honest , the good thing is WE actually did a really good job in copying the gun itself , the front hand gaurd is a direct swap for the real one! the real stock takes a little wood working to fit and even the main stock bolt hole lines up , also a cool little feature is the gas tube/rod actually protrudes into the bolt carrier by 5mm or so , when the bolt travels forward it hits the gas rod and operates the gas piston at the front , pretty cool little detail but if you have seen any videos of it shooting , you can hear a tinny echo noise at the end of the shots , that is the bolt carrier hitting that rod and echoing through the bolt carrier , cut off that part of the rod so it doesnt make contact removes that noise which makes it sound even better!!, iv also got the real pso-1 scope which has the I.R detect lense, pretty sweet looking down it knowing its the real deal!! and also has the serial number of the gun it used to be on engraved on the mount and the real stock also has a serial number too , iv given the gun the worn look and with scope fitted it looks like a real svd!! or the very least deactivated , literaly the best looking airsoft gun iv ever had and probably will ever have, only downside right now is the accuracy is bad , just waiting on maple leaf crazy jet barrel and maple leaf bucking which should sort it out , iv cleaned off any silicone contamination on the bucking/barrel and polished the barrel with no change , inner barrel is slightly bent , can see it when you roll it on a level surface which isnt good! , could also be silicone oil comming out of the mags when you shoot and contaminating the hop rubber as there new mags they probably have a load in there from the factory to keep the o-rings in good shape as the gun is brand new and has fired less then 200 shots so isnt bed in at all but im giving you the out the box opinion , once the accuracy issue is sorted then it will be an absolute beast! , jesus this is more of a review lol , ill get some pics up soon ... i cant speak for the ally bodied verisons but this isnt an issue on the steel bodied version {collectors edition} , mag is tight with zero wobble ,one of the first things i checked as i heard about that issue..also got to bare in mind this gun has been out a few years now so that issue might have been sorted out by now altogether? ..
  14. i can imagine the smell , i just fitted a real SVD wood set to my WE svd , and the smell is amazing , kinda like its been soaked in gun oil? , just hope it doesnt wear off lol
  15. Careless

    Marui new GBBR's

    yea iv been aware of them , iv heard bad things about vfc though, apparently it will look and feel amazing but wont perform that way , which isnt what i wanted to hear but you never know as its not even been released yet , a psg1 would be perfect for gbbr aswell !! nice semi auto/dmr