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  1. using iron sights is actually putting yourself at a disadvantage IMO because your not focusing on what the bb's are actually doing , iv allways just point and shoot ,basically aiming but without using ironsights and positioning your cheek/head so you can see the full flight path clearly ...

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    as above would prefer the ca33 handguard but would consider one from a g3 , thanks..


  3. a friend at my local site just got one along with the wraith c02 stock , OMG i gizzed myself ! iv only fired a few shots but from what i got from it is the gun itself and the way it shoots feels pretty toyish in comparison to say a ghk gbbr m4 , probably due to the weight and no blow back , you get no feed back from shooting , the trigger feels more like a button on a remote control then a trigger, but the range , consistency and the stealth capability is OBSCENE!!! also instant trigger response as you would expect , it only makes a little pop which a suppressor will remove to virtually nothing! , so in my eyes from an airsoft pov i think its sick!! i would buy the mtw but i dont really like m4's so im getting the wolverine reaper engine and wraith c02 stock to do my own stealth build in my G3 ,
  4. Boaring!! surely he has a whole team of people that can manufactur/design stuff at his disposal?! he should use the nbb system to make a gas sniper/dmr , could even be called ssg23 as a homage to the mk23... rather then copying something thats already in production! , actually kinda annoys me now im thinking about it ,
  5. yea hydro graphics for sure , try it out and finish it off with a matt clear coat , wont cost much to try it , probably guides on youtube , or pay some one that does hydro graphics https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hydro-graphics-carbon-fibre-best-selling-sliver-carbon-water-tranfer-printing/152583023758?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20151005190540%26meid%3D0e37dae2e975401780909924bac3a175%26pid%3D100505%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D152583023758&_trksid=p2045573.c100505.m3226
  6. HAHAHA my personal favorite mask i shit you not, yea it doesnt look great idd admit , but our sites are very close cqb style even the woodland is close up and majority of our players run gas guns with over .3g bb's , wearing this i have never been bothered by being shot in the head/ears at point blank , its also really comfy as its on your head and not resting on ya face/nose, great visibility and very breathable , and the mesh can be bent into the cheek so you aim down sites without any issue , throw a balaclava over it and problem solved , function over fashion on this one .....
  7. not sure if this has been mentioned but {my opinion anyway} sniping in airsoft is a play style/state of mind , you dont need a bolt action sniper to do it .... when i have sniped with a bolty , i did have fun but i have more fun with an auto gun thats setup to 350fps and used like a sniper , aimed accurate fire , only shoot when you can hit them ... do decent work on the hop up and barrel and your have zero minimum engagement distance to worry about anyway so when your sneaking through and come across a guy or 2 right infront of you ,you have no worrys , just shoot!
  8. after getting back into it iv allways gone alone , at first it felt like i was alone but after the first game you will talk to others and slowly make friends .. now i know pretty much everyone of the regular players {the ones that played when i have anyway} and now im only traveling to the site "alone"
  9. tactical AK's ! and the vector!! probably could think of more
  10. guess its how you look at it , from your point of view , buying it new then its new and it only gets older from that point , the moment you sell it tho , then from the buyers perspective its 2nd hand , 1 day old or 5 days old or a year old ,its still 2nd hand , thats literally what 2nd hand means . its been passed to 2nd person since being brought from new ,
  11. lol or he accidently blurts out "ah fuck!! hit! " ,,, "ah fuck i called it now" , "dead man" ...
  12. , i should of worded it better , i rushed it at the end... 99% of the time they will accept the surrender as they know you had them dead to rights and saved them some pain ,
  13. at my local we dont have a bang rule , you can ask/say surrender if you have them in that position and theres people that would appreciate that courtesy as they know you saved them some pain but theres the other type of player that wont say anything and turn and fight there way out of it as you dont have to surrender, you have to agree to surrending for that to work ...so mostly its much easier and quicker just to single shot them and move on but if its a new player or 1st timer then idd give them that courtesy as 99% of the time they will take it as they should ,
  14. i brought a few bits for my a&k svd , good service and good products ..
  15. yea atleast make the sniper so you can over hop it then when its adjusted properly you know for a fact its too its full potential , dont know what to make of the mws then , if your able to over hop it and its consistent then you could try using .4's?
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