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  1. So sprints comming up... still no offer for sponsourship ;P
  2. If you make a sticker Dev you could "sponsor" me in the sprints ;P I am sure i could stick a few stickers here and there
  3. Give us a shout when you do find one because i am in the same boat as you
  4. JerseyRider


    I wouldn't.... As soon as you get a job in your hobby it becomes something you slowly hate because you end up thinking of it as work and who would want to pay to go to work!
  5. Its the standred JG M4 CQB one...
  6. JerseyRider


    If your old enough to work your old enough to make you own decisions.... As long as your over 18 you can join the services with out any of your family knowing if you really want too...
  7. Here is my "custom built" M4 CQB... Funny enough it ant finnished yet...
  8. Now you can invest in AF-UK Bumper/window sickers!!
  9. Nice one Dev I would order one now but i dont have a Mastercard or a Visa Card...
  10. JerseyRider


    What type of pilots?
  11. JerseyRider


    Basicly Civi cheifs logg there hours and that is how you get Qulilys and Promtions But in the Navy the Cheifs dont logg there hours so when you leave you have no proof that you have done any cooking at all! This mean no Quilys and no jobs for you
  12. JerseyRider


    You can still join... Min age is like 30? Be warned you dont get any hours logged beeing a cheif in the Navy
  13. Nope.... They are just sorting them out... Will be soon though
  14. JerseyRider


    Royal Navy Rateing: Weapons Engineering Technician
  15. Dont mistake it with Compair the Meerkat! Or he will have to take "long sooothing jacuszi buble bath"
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