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  1. I agree with @EvilMonkee . Plus, they are useless. A lot of the local players i play with told me to stay away from them.
  2. Welcome dude. I can tell you this, I started very recently and I freaking love it. A friend bought me a RIF as a gift and once I got my UKARA, I went and spend nearly £500 in goods. I have never felt so excited about buying something before like I did with the airsoft goodies. It's fun, and it's so bloody worth it.
  3. Hi All, What's everyone thoughts on Madbull Ultimate 3-in-1 Hop-Up Chamber Unit? Is anyone currently using it on their M4 style? What are your thoughts? Is it worth buying the kit or are there better ones in the market? Thanks,
  4. @Davegolf won't the 229mm be too short though? I'm looking to get a Hop, bucking and nub, and the Madbull Ultimate 3-in-1 Hop-Up Chamber Unit seems to have it all. Is this set recommended? Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hey guys, Just a quick question for those who have done on this model gun. I'm looking to upgrade the inner barrel, however, I'm unable to find 6.01/6.03 on the same size barrel as the current one installed which is 233mm. The closest i can find is - MAD BULL 363mm 6.01 Upgrade Tightbore Barrel. Will this cause any complications with the rifle and/or the hop-up? Thanks.
  6. Definitely, worth every pound buying from these guys. Super welcoming and mega friendly. I went there to purchase my first RIF and managed to spend £££ in there based on superb advice. Especially when I wanted to buy a more expensive model and they advised me against and instead to buy another cheaper model. I will definitely always buy my airsoft gear from them. Plus they are only 10 mins away so it's worth popping to shop and ask questions.
  7. Hey Guys, I hope you all had a good weekend. Do any know of you guys know of any sites in or near Surrey/West Sussex arear? Thanks,
  8. I have the privilege of going every single Sunday here. The lady doesn’t mind since we all spend all the time together hehe. having the freedom and spending a little way away from each other only makes the relationship better and stronger.
  9. @Readman97, what’s the ammo you run again? have you made any upgrades? Thanks
  10. @Sako thanks dude. I'm going to look at the pioneer tomorrow. I have read lots of good things about it and other bad things, but i suppose that's on a people preferences basis. I will keep this updated tomorrow.
  11. @CarloBear That's only 1 hour away from me. I might go there one day. Take pictures of the what site looks like so, I can see. Why is it called "The Mall"? Is it indoors?
  12. @steakandpotato Dude, that's the one. However, never knew it was called Dogtag until you pointed it out. But it's in the same location. Have you been there before? Bruno
  13. @Tommikka @Rogerborg @richmt11 @Duff That's right. At this site, for the license, you pay £10 one-off fee and after 3 signatures on the application form from the same site, you get the license. Perhaps, the £10 is for the fees or something. Because each time I visit the site with my own equipment that's another £25 per visit.
  14. @CarloBear thanks dude. where do you mainly airsoft?
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