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  1. I have seen BTP Firearms in action first-hand in an underground train, and they seem to be ok with the suppressors inside. The 417s are apparently very good at punching through train walls and windows. A couple of months ago when I last saw them, they were still using their Leupold Mk4 CQTs, but I wouldn't put it past BTP to be grabbing lots of new kit.
  2. Pretty sure it's the TA31 with Shield RDS you need for British stuff. If you want to make an accurate gun I'd say ACOG is fine. You can get a replica of the correct ACOG that was used, you can't get the correct Spectre so it will look a bit off.
  3. They're Tokyo Marui 870 clones right? So should be the exact same, and probably countless guides on youtube.
  4. Oh that's good. it was your posts about them in the Milsim news group (or whichever it is you're usually posting in). I'll probably pick one up when I revamp all my kit. Gotta get ready for Okto 2.0!
  5. Yeah, I follow the Australian Airsoft Council on FB and see they are making big strides. I feel like Australia would have some awesome sites too for milsim etc, huge swathes of diverse land. I was considering DPCU stuff but I think I'm going to go with multicam and/or brown stuff. Might end up with the odd pouch in auscam as SORD have some in their clearance section though. Let me know how you get on with the emerson pouch, I might pick one up at that price.
  6. Oh, you're in 'straya? That's sweet, I'm actually just starting an SASR kit, just sorted out my gun, gonna move onto ordering SORD pouches when more cash comes in. But yeah. I just found some of those Emerson antenna pouches instock on spec warfare http://shop.specwarfare.com/emerson-tci-type-radio-antenna-relocation-pouch-prc-148-mbitr-devgru-aor1-aor2 if you wanted one. Cheap as chips, too.
  7. Just to say, I run my radio on my front-left side and run an extension to the nagoya on my back through the molle, not really had any issue as I got a longer cable than I needed and looped it round and round so that the antenna can't slip out. But that's not what you asked: Morion Thread Works just recently started doing an antenna relocation kit, not on his website yet I don't think, but it's on his facebook page and bonus points for being made in the UK. The only foreseeable issue is the Nagoya is very thin and might not be held in securely enough if you're not looping the wire around like I
  8. Yeah mention it to neighbourhood policing team. They should chuck an email out on Neighbourhood watch and hopefully some others might have had similar experiences and can provide info. Hopefully nothing major but stay safe.
  9. Yeah! I don't get to play very often, and for no apparent reason, use different loadouts everytime I play (trying to get my moneys worth out of all my kit lol) But I am just outside of Watford so have played at Red 1 etc from time to time, just don't have the money to go often at the moment. If I go again soon, it'll likely be an evening game and I'll probably be wearing the police kit or AOR2 kit, so if you see me, lemme know
  10. My latest loadout. Met SC&O19 impression. Next things to buy would be matching trousers, a newer MOLLE Aegis vest, CS/PAVA holster, Bluegun X26 Taser + X26 exo holster... Currently I'm wearing: Firearms cap, Ex-Police Navy Blue shirt (was strangely difficult to find), Aegis vest (carrying radio, training baton, cuffs and 2 glock magazines. Had my drift camera on my shoulder to act as a bodycam), Cheapo spray pouch on my belt (to be replaced), Replica Safariland for Glock 17, drop leg STANAG Pouch. Just running my TM Recoil as my TM G36 is old a
  11. Hi, I'm in Rickmansworth, so right next to Watford. Red 1 is a great site, run by nice guys. Reforger isn't too bad either, the site is nice, the regular players are kind and helpful in my experience. Just a thought, in this heat, don't forget to carry water on you. It would be great to grab a water bladder from Tescos (or similar) and stick it into a small backpack so you have a few litres to keep you up and running. Let us know how you get on on the 2nd!
  12. Apologies for not responding sooner. I'll check what I'm doing on the 24th and get back to you ASAP! Honestly not fussed about lending my AK as I'm unlikely to ever use it, and it's an absolute tank so no chance of damaging it lol. but that can be cleared up later. I'll send you a PM in the next couple of days and let you know what's going on.
  13. I'm near Watford and actually went to Harrow College! I've been to Xsite Outpost/Lane End and the Mall many times. The closest site to Harrow is probably Red 1 airsoft which is one of my favourite local sites honestly (less than 10 mins away from me). I would be happy to do a game day and lend a hand and a gun/gear, but I'm busy on Sundays for about a month, so if there's a Saturday game on somewhere, then I'd be happy to come along.
  14. That's great to hear. I've got my TM M4 so dont need to buy such a gun but it is nice to know that this is a viable option for newer players, especially at just £60 from TG!!
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