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  1. I'm playing in Dorset for the next few years whilst I'm at Bournemouth University. Ground Zero is my local, have you tried The Rock by Spec Ops or any other sites in the area? We're heading off to Combat South shortly for a game against Southampton Uni!
  2. I'm sure you'd find plenty of information if you were to search 11.1v & Mosfets... Anyway, providing you've got a standard trigger mech (not the ETU) you could use most of Gate's range (NanoAAB is cheap, WARFET for more features). Or you could go all out and get a Spectre Mk2 or Gate Titan providing they still fit into the G&G shells - the last G&G I worked on was a CM16 from 4 years ago and I installed an ASCU without problems). Most 11.1's will do, you just need to make sure it's not too large.
  3. Well damn... I've worked Saturdays for the past 6 years and doesn't look like it'll change. Fingers crossed you'll eventually do a Sunday game!
  4. Marui Recoil Scar L! It's my entry point into the NGRS line but I have a feeling I won't be turning back!
  5. I'm liking this new UI!

  6. You say you want the highest FPS possible - I assume you wouldn't want to make this into a DMR due to the size of it, so you'd be looking at 350fps. What FPS is it shooting at right now? I'd go with Hop Up, Barrel, Bucking. This is what I have in a few of my guns and they shoot great: - ProWin Hop Unit - G&G Green (Cold Resistant) Bucking - Madbull Python v2 6.03 Another setup I've had success with: - ProWin Hop Unit - PDI 6.05 Steel Barrel - Promy flat bucking - R-Hop patch - M-nub The above upgrades essentially provide more consistent backspin on the BBs, the ba
  7. I've made 6 or 7 orders from PB over the last two years. All orders arrive within great time and I've never had a problem!
  8. I have an M249 and however much I love it I certainly wouldn't get it as your first weapon. Much like my VSR, it is a great gun but it's great to have the option to use it when needed, and then just use a regular AEG for the rest of the time.
  9. Yes all booked in, and I've actually booked off of work this time! (Worked Friday 18:00-02:00 & Saturday 18:00-23:00, so was all very tiring haha)
  10. I was on NATO. QRF for the first day
  11. I work part-time at my local Asda, I was working there on a Saturday night and noticed a group of 6 or 7 people I spotted earlier in the day at Operation Nutcracker. Exchanged a few words and saw them the next day.
  12. Seems that I'm having to stretch out my pistons O-Ring every 3 months as the FPS drops from 330 down to 250 -_-

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    2. Governor


      It's got the original O-Ring that came with the SHS Piston Head.. What brands would be good, if any?

    3. Lozart


      https://airlab.parts/collections/gearbox-parts/products/airlab-piston-head-o-ring?variant=739258679 It's more about the material than the brand. Just a good, correctly sized Viton one should be fine. Worth also thinking about why it's stretching - is your lube degrading the rubber for example?
    4. Governor


      It's shrinking every 3 months so I end up having to stretch it out - I put the o-ring around the outside of an old cylinder and heat it up with a lighter. I'll grab another o-ring and see if that sorts it

  13. My VFC has been chronoing at 150fps for a few weeks now and finally got around to open it up again (sadly wasn't able to before the NAE). Stretched the piston head's O-Ring, re-lubed the cylinder and voila back to 330fps!

  14. You don't want to see the mess it's in now! I clean it every so often, then it stays clean only until the next game day
  15. Of course, at chrono today Gun1 was firing at only 150fps. Gun2's motor then borked before lunch. Gun3 is an AM-016 with DSG set up for pre-cocking. Of course, battery was too powerful when fully charged which made it not shoot, then double shoot on semi. FINALLY, now I'm home, Gun1 is at 300fps again, Gun2's motor has been cleaned and lubed, and Gun3 is FIRING PERFECTLY. What is this madness?

    1. Hudson


      Performance Jitters. All guns get it from time to time; usually at the most inconvenient times.

    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Guns are female - mind of their own that we will never fully understand

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Also some are very high maintenance and some are really cheap old ones that have been used & abused a fair bit - ok enough sexism I guess - yes dear I'm just about to do the ironing petal....

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