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  1. Guys, filters are ammo, not cleaning equipment.
  2. That's pretty crazy, I've been hit with 12% duty for gear before under the textiles tariffs, but that looks even more than that. Was the shipping cost expensive (tax calculated on that too) or perhaps someone assessed it with the dollar amount in pounds? I had a work package that came in like that once, tax bill was calculated with the japanese Yen value in pounds.
  3. Agreed but I don't think it's going to be an easy task, think of all the subdivisions and niches within airsoft, I wouldn't want to be in charge of trying to keep everyone happy.
  4. Yeah it really should, but they don't. Rather amusing that a bit of rain can ruin a day or weekend with a £1600 gun. Plus have you seen the cost of the standard components?
  5. I feel like it was years ago when G&G announced they were working on a gearbox mechanical trigger.
  6. Bolt started off working with OEM manufacturer, but after a disastrous first batch, invested in their own facilities.
  7. Did something inspired with the team 12 years ago. Not 100% accurate.
  8. You didn't mention a budget, how about an actual eotech? You can sometimes find the older models for about £200-£00 second hand.
  9. Most G&P guns come in plain brown boxes from the factory and a silver sticker on the end. As stated, the 7.2V tag means nothing, I don't know why they have them on all of their guns. I'd wager that the majority of G&P users around the world actually use 11.1V lipos nowadays.
  10. If you really need cooling, this could be an option: https://www.qoreperformance.com/products/iceplate
  11. Airbana has been down for a long time.
  12. Your transmissions are more likely quiet because there's an impedance mismatch between the mic and radio.
  13. You're right, my bad, wrong standard. But there must a standard for complying with the DPA right?
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