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  1. Don't we all have memories of wanting the be the "cool kid"? And in my case, I thought having an airsoft pistol that looked like one in my at the time favourite game, which was really just a Gen 3 with a silver slide. It's the first time in a long time I've had this gun in my hands and it has a few slightly odd modifications that I'm not sure how I came up with. Again I was just 11, but it was still me. Where I live it is illegal for someone under 18 to handle an airsoft gun without adult supervision and the guns were locked up at all other times. .....I still remember waking up my parents at 6 AM because I wanted to continue working on it. • "Built" on a WE EU17 Gen 3 • • Instead of just the slide, almost all metal parts have been sanded down to metal, including even the trigger pins. • The back plate is partially sanded which gives it a "striped" look. • While a bit hard to tell without comparison, the Dust Cover has actually been slightly filed back to give it a "sharper" look. • The inner barrel has been "hidden" by painting the tip black with a sharpie. • The outer barrel has also been filed back so a suppressor would sit straight. The threads are worn out by now. • The outer barrel is two toned, why I did this I don't really know. The front and chamber are silver while the barrel itself is still black. • The spring guide rod looks like it has also been filed, possibly to match the slightly shorter modified outer barrel. • The magazine plate has been painted silver, I think this was also done with a marker. The "slightly" blurry picture is the Glock as it appears in Pyrozen's "Sift Heads" Flash Game Series, Which started the initial idea.
  2. Long story short, if I upgrade a spring sniper with steel cylinder head, metal piston, metal spring guide and CNC hop up housing, will the heavier parts increase wear to the point where I'd still need a steel cylinder? Also, does ONLY the AirsoftPro cylinder fit a CYMA M24 or can you use other cylinders too? More on this in separate thread below.
  3. Quick question since research hasn't really given me an answer here. I'm trying to figure out if it will accept a VSR barrel or if it uses an unique barrel since It won't take a VSR cylinder as far as I've understood. I've also seen some people say that It'll take all Snow Wolf M24 parts and magazines while some say it doesn't. I've never worked with spring sniper rifles before except for painting them, so I don't have any experience. Here's the most important question, I have been told that it will accept an APS 2 cylinder such as those found in some WELL models like the MB01. Is this the case?
  4. So after trying to replicate this I found out that it was simply not working with laminate wood. I think it's time for a change of plans. I'm going to go for this look, meaning I'll try to bring out the beauty in the lamination pattern instead of trying to make it look like a single piece. Here in Sweden we say "Gör om, Gör Rätt" which means "Do it again but Do it right". It could still be a replica of an old gun, as the stock could have been changed at some point.
  5. I went and took a closer look and some of them are laminations showing, I think I'm gonna try to stain those parts with a cotton swab to get an even finish and then try to re-weather based on an old shogun hanging on my wall. (if you tell me why I didn't do that in the first place you win 5000 £) I'll get back to this thread when that's done. PS: wasn't trying to accuse you of anything, perhaps bad choice of words. Not a native english speaker here.
  6. I never said it was a good job, I just said it was weathered I've never done this before, we all gotta start somewhere It's also a laminate stock so I'm not entirely sure how close to a real stock it can get
  7. The stock is now properly weathered using steel wool, it has 4 coats of stain and 2 coats of mineral oil.
  8. Yes this is true and I noticed afterwards that the scope sits too high. I'm thinking of getting a low profile mount for the scope as the picture I used the most when referencing real guns had the scope mounted significantly lower. Perhaps a Leapers UTG, it has a single bolt instead of two, like in the picture too.
  9. -PARTS & MATERIALS LIST- -Built on CYMA CM.032C M14- CYMA M14 Scope Rail Mount Maple Leaf 6.02x510mm Precision Barrel ASG Universal Bipod AIM-O 3.5-10X40E-SF Scope AIM-O 3.5-10X40E-SF Short Scope Extender (Not Attached in Picture) Vortex Hunter 30mm Low Scope Rings Aim Top 120 Hop-up Rubber ASG 9,6v NiMH Battery CYMA CM.032 Mid-Cap Magazine FOSCO Service Brown Spray Paint FOSCO Clear Coat ToC Sling/Harris Stud Zar Moorish Teak Oil-Based Wood Stain Herdins Teak Oil -Possibly TBA?- Gate Mosfet NanoHARD G&G AEG POWER SPRING - M120 Ultimate Gearbox Shims M1 Repro Leather Sling Leapers UTG New Gen 4-Point Locking Deluxe M14/M1A Scope Mount Leather Cheek Rest/Cartridge Holder
  10. No it's perma blue paste, aluminum black didn't give that brown, rust-ish effect
  11. This is the scope mount for my M21 build. I've attempted to weather it after getting tips from fellow users. If you guys like it, I will use this method on the full build, if not, tell me how I could improve. What I've Done: -Steel Wool used to wear away paint to simulate edge wear, a fine file was used to make a few deeper scratches on the outer edge where it would get hit on things the most. -Rails are extra scratched to simulate attachments going on and off over the years. -Bolts have extra weathering to simulate screwing them in and out over the years. They also have marks around the edges made by pliers to make it look like tools were used at some point. -Round scratches around the bolts to simulate said tool touching the metal. -Finer steel wool used to create a slightly uneven finish as wear is never even -Generic scratches
  12. in Sweden, I don't have access to payment methods required to order across, however I found a double grooved barrel after some searching guy I got the gun from recommended we put sugru hop in it, he has more experience than me so I just went with the flow the gears was also his idea, he says if I put in reinforced gears it'll hold up better if i decide to add a stronger spring.
  13. I type most my posts on a phone and do that so I can see what I'm doing and I never remember to change it back Better just post while on PC. About the barrel it most likely is not possible to find here. I am planning to buy a madbull barrel and take it to a very experienced builder, I know he can mod barrels to fit other gearboxes, I think he uses JB weld and needle files
  14. I've never worked with AEGs, so I don't know if I'm doing this right. I'm planning to change to a precision barrel with a sugru rhop in it, shim the gearbox and replace the gears with higher grade ones to begin with. V7 parts aren't that easy to come across here, do parts for other gearboxes work with the V7? Gears, Motors, Pistons and so on. The scarcity of parts also makes me worried that I do something that will result in gearbox shell failure and then I can't get a new shell in a long time. I'm trying to build a DMR so performance on full auto is not relevant and it will be semi-locked. What I'm looking to create is an accurate gun with as little "vzzt" gear noise as possible and a decent trigger response, with an FPS hopefully around 425. The base is a CYMA M14, and I'm not sure what battery would be the best, so some recommendations there would be cool too. Note that I only use NimH batteries as I simply do not feel comfortable around lithium based batteries.
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