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  1. Ryfoolz

    Full face protection that doesnt fog?

    That looks really good, the more i see the mask the more i like it! Ive used loads of paintball masks (dyes ect) and dont really fancy one of those again, might have to pick up this mask and do some DIY to it
  2. Ryfoolz

    Full face protection that doesnt fog?

    My mask does have its own fan that with the visor comes to i think like 50 quid ish? Thought sod that i can print one for a couple of quid, v1 looks okay, it works but needs some refinement!
  3. Ryfoolz

    Full face protection that doesnt fog?

    Ill build one of these within the next few days and see how good it is!
  4. Ryfoolz

    Full face protection that doesnt fog?

    That sounds pretty ideal then, do you have a picture of yours? i work in a college and dont fancy turning up looking like a 16 year old with welts all over my face so i think that a full mask would work out better!
  5. Ryfoolz

    Full face protection that doesnt fog?

    How big are they? I have an absurdly large head and I tend to just look at things and they fog
  6. Hey all, so for the first time ever i had my trusty virtue vios fog on me this weekend, probably will just need to replace the lens but its got me looking at other options, has anyone used the AWT ARMOR WARRIOR TACTICAL G4 PROTECTION HELMET and if so how does it perform? any other recommendations are always welcome!
  7. I did give it some thought but having used remote lines a few times before i just decided it wasnt for me, i much prefered running about with something completely disconnected! Used a rental G36C last night for the first time and really enjoyed the platform, this just makes the choice harder than it bloody should be!
  8. So when purchasing his new pistol my friend decided to use his heart instead of his head and picked himself up a deagle. two weeks of prototyping different holsters on the 3D printer and hes still not happy with what weve come up with so will have to bite the bullet and buy one. Does anyone have any recommendations of holsters that they have personally used? hes prefering a leg/hip holster but i think at this point it doesnt matter where it goes aslong as it fits! Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys its definitely helped me narrow down what ill look for! I never imagined there would be soo much choice for a great quality equipment! Im fortunate that i dont really have a budget so i can just buy what takes my fancy, although i would prefer to buy once and not spend half my spare time tinkering with it Ive heard gbb's dont perform too well in the cold though, is that a common issue in the smgs aswell? i imagine its a case of making sure the mags arnt completely frozen? Its difficult because i really want the feel on a gbb but ideally in smg/small rifle config, i think the HK16 (and any alternatives such as the KWA) might be the best way to go! Also after not being able to use optics and attachments the 12 year old inside me is screaming to bolt everything i can onto the gun
  10. Hey Guys, after too many weekends of long days in the cold and wet and just the general free for all shambles that is paintball me and a friend have decided to sell our paintball markers and start to airsoft instead! After hours of looking at guns and getting hands on with them at shops im still having issues with what im wanting from a gun. My friend has settled on going GBB and is happy with his choice where as i would prefer to go down the electric route. I really enjoyed playing with the TM recoil series guns and found the kick quite fun but seeing as im playing mainly cqb i dont know if an EVO/Vector would be a smarter purchase. Does anyone have any experience of any SMGS with electric blowback? (if those are a thing) and what would persuade you to get a evo/vector over any of the TM recoil series (HK416, M4, SCAR ect) Any help is appreciated! Ryfoolz