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  1. Oh completely the gun is fantastic stock and I have no desire to add anything other than the titan and ill leave it be until something dies which will probably be me by the time my missus finds out how I've been spending on airsoft 😅
  2. All valid points dude and its a second hand gun, I've just used a few with titans in and love how the trigger feels, the response is great and it's more of a want than a need!
  3. Nice little tm hk 416 devgru that's going to have a titan fitted! Now to choose an optic to go on it...
  4. Hey all, just a quick one. I know due to the design that the trigger on the P90 feels absolutely awful, would fitting a small mosfet improve this and does anyone have any real experiences with trying to make a P90 trigger more responsive? Thanks!
  5. yeah im currently set up for stanag mags so id have to have a look at that if i went for the heavy! Ill ping you a PM about your add, i could very well be intrested and the bonus of being London based! ha
  6. The time has i finally have my UKARA and im itching to buy my first rif. Got it narrowed down to a TM recoil 😂 i keep trying to talk myself out of buying an M4 and always just tend to have quite niche tastes... Does the Scar hold any advantages over the AR platform or is it all just different shell on the same internals! Help please im the most indecisive buyer on the planet!
  7. I’m not sure if I’m more jealous of your watch collection or your optics! 😂 I was about 10 mins from a new breitling this weekend before I was dragged out of the shop by the missus muttering something about the mortgage
  8. I have a Umarex hk416 GBBR, I’m trying to find a recoil shock that might come close.
  9. Tried the TM g36c and the recoil wasnt as strong as the m4/hk ect and ive just seen the Ares version and with the price difference i was wondering if anyone has had any experience in shooting them and generally how well they perform against the TM version!
  10. I tend to hoard so i can see this becoming a hobby that becomes expensive fast, i think im up to 5 in 3 months! My next purchase i cant decide between a TM Next gen Sopmod or the TM next gen G36C. And i think the dream of screaming "SUPRESSING FIRE" is enough to warrant the cost of the MK46 for me 😂
  11. i think all in 500 would be at the higher end of my budget for this. Plus still cant decide what bloody recoil shock TM to buy and to make matters even worse i saw the new TM MK46 mod 0 EBB which is defo on the christmas list so i might just keep working on this until i can make my mind up, theres far too much choice
  12. That looks great, exactly the sort of project I’m looking for. I think the rps was over exaggerated 😂 25rps is perfect! Cost isnt really the motivator I’m not in a rush this can be built over the next 6 months. Have you put a mosfet in yours?
  13. Sounds good to me, ill keep it and gradually add bits to it and it can sit on my workbench as yet another project just noticed you play at Red1 Chislehurst, how do you find it? I havnt managed to get down to try it yet but its only a 10 min drive from me
  14. It does actually feel really nice compared to some of the cheaper guns ive held, its got some weight to it and nice and solid so maybe so?
  15. Stupid question but how would i find out? is it stamped onto the gearbox somewhere?
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