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  1. The issue is... How do you go about buying a part when you literally have no clue what parts are required or what it's called? Google is an amazing piece of software engineering but a search string along the lines of: 'airsoft Hi-capa little springy thing with a weird shaped metal bit coming out of one side UK EU' is a little out of its capabilities. Hahaha. This is where a complete parts list comes in handy.
  2. Anyone got, or know of a place that I can get, either: A. An exploded diagram of a Hi-capa with part names labelled and listed in English Or B. A simple list of part names in English. Building a shopping list and it would help a lot! I've looked but all I seem to find are diagrams in Japanese. Cheers!
  3. Personally I just use my tracer unit. No faffing about, just shoot and watch the flight path.
  4. Did you just ASSUME that Roger was complaining?! This is 2019, Proffrink!!! 😉
  5. UPS are a joke for sure. Mike from Elite and I had a hell of a time with my order of pistol parts. I've literally never, no exaggeration, had a single delivery go smoothly with UPS. They take incompetence to a whole new level. Why are they not accepting RIF deliveries for you? Just you? Wtf? What did you order from patrol base? Did they sit on it or was it DHL?
  6. Par for the course with UPS in my experience. Fingers crossed for a result tomorrow. Did you get the uprated gears put in?
  7. Oh, that's ok then. You should get it for Sunday. I say SHOULD... I'm guessing UPS? Worst logistics company on the face of the earth so I hope for your sake it comes...
  8. I'm guessing you ain't getting it back for Sunday?
  9. Now I know why so many parcels go missing with Royal Mail! Fuck!
  10. I agree with this evaluation. I got the pistol first as my CQB primary. This means I can either go my intended sniper or GBBR routes next without issue. Either way ill have a sidearm for MED reasons or no time to reload reasons. Makes sense.
  11. Yeah, I did a bit more digging on the 2011 patent. It appears STI's patent on the double stack modular frame design expired so a few more companies now make the design but none of them officially call it a 2011 as far as I can see. I'm guessing the patent on the design is open but STI still own the copyright to the 2011 name. Salient Arms for instance call it the 'SAI Red' which comes in 1911 and 'Hi Cap' versions, which I would guess coined or followed the Hi-capa term and the Airsoft world just slaps the 2011 name with it so that people know that they are not buying the 1911 version. One thing I did notice with the Salient Arms version... They recently showed the pistol as the new service weapon for John Wick 3 and it clearly has 2011 stamped on the lower frame. Interesting. Perhaps they purchased a copyright licence? https://www.salientarmsinternational.com/product/SAI-RED/ Update: it appears SAI actually did purchase the 2011 copyright license, they use the term for the Red-H named pistol which I would presume is the version they licenced for the movie.
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