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  1. Seven

    Walk on site

    Yup You really don't have to be sneaky about it... If you tell the guy assigning teams that you are together he will keep you together and move a solo player that hasn't been assigned to the other team. I've seen them ask multiple times if people are together so that they can be taped up on the same team. People wouldn't come back if they are not guaranteed to play with the friends they came with and given the lack of teamwork from the majority of people it makes sense to try to keep what little there is/will be. Haha, you gave in and started tinkering?
  2. Seven

    Walk on site

    @Mad Rag did you book up for the 17th in the end?
  3. Seven

    Hi everybody

    Brexit, if it even happens, will have no effect on anyone coming into the UK unless you intend to settle here. You will still be more than welcome to come and play if you wish, just as you would be welcome to come for a holiday.
  4. Seven

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    Haha, yeah! I even got a free GPS tracking unit in the 1450. Just had to reactivate and switch ownership.
  5. Seven

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    Peli 1400 case for £30 and a Peli 1450 case for £32. Thanks to the person on this forum that gave me the idea to get them on eBay. I don't remember who you are, but thanks!
  6. Seven

    Mesh googles/glasses

    lol, I'm subscribed to that guy and had no idea he did Airsoft.
  7. Seven

    Gold match hi capa mount

    True, but he already has the GM so it's too late... But it's still a viable solution since the SAS kit won't fit. Edit: and despite the no drop system maybe being different... The result is the same is it not? Either way the barrel is fixed?
  8. Seven

    Gold match hi capa mount

    You really can and easily obtained. Cowcow for a start do a non-dropping threaded barrel in gold, silver and black.
  9. Seven

    Gold match hi capa mount

    I wouldn't even worry about the weight on the barrel unless your mounting a ridiculous tracer unit. Just grab a gold, threaded barrel and slap it on with a thread adaptor if required. My tracer unit arrived yesterday and I immediately took it out the box to feel the weight. It's an Acetech 'Lighter' tracer unit and when they say lighter, they ain't messing about! Take a 20p coin from your wallet and feel the weight of that... Feels about the same weight to me. Edit: I just looked up the actual weight of the unit.. it's supposedly 60 grams. Doesn't feel like it at all. But even 60 grams is nothing when you consider people have been using big, heavy (130 grams) TM tracer units for years and years without any fancy mounting for it and had no issues.
  10. Seven

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    How long was the delivery, dude? I was contemplating just ordering one of these from Davescustom... They are like £60 there but shipping from the UK... I really cba to wait 1-2 months only to find it broken or subpar from Ali. Let us know how it fairs when you test it out! I'm on the hunt for a temporary vision obscuring level of brightness.
  11. Seven

    Tracer unit, what bb's

    Yeah that confused the living shit out of me when I read that a few weeks ago. Nowhere else can I see them called yellow so I presumed they are actually green and it's just Patrol Base being 'special'
  12. Seven

    assistance in choosing matching gear.

    Very true, but people will do what people will do!
  13. Seven

    How many guns ?

    Honestly, I can pretty much guarantee it unless someone comes out with a shit hot GBB M41A or GBB Morita Mk1. Then I may be tempted. AEG's don't excite me at all.
  14. Seven

    How many guns ?

    I'm with you on this. Like I said earlier in the thread, 4 will be my limit. Certainly seems like a rare breed, hahaha.
  15. Oh yeah, I totally get that but by my reckoning everything listed there, new, would not be far from the £500 mark, maybe more. So while, like I said, the price is a little high, it doesn't seem THAT bad. I wouldn't say it deserves to be called an alternate universe. Out of curiosity, unrelated to that ad, how would you value modified/customised parts on resale. Factoring in man hours etc. For instance if someone took a standard slide and customised if nicely. Something you couldn't just go out and buy but would require a bit of work to try and replicate?