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  1. Seven

    Blank Firers...

    Oh damn! Would that not have neighbours and passerby's straight on the phone to the cops? Last thing I would want is SCO19 kicking my door in and shoving a real rifle in my face... What do you use them for? Some kind of reenactment?
  2. Seven


    I dont like glasses, the gaps around the edges make me super nervous, I value my eyesight greatly and although its a low chance shot... it can and has happened, so I'll vote goggles. If your not a super sweaty person then the 'Pyramex I-force Slim' goggles are great. I have them, they work great with just a little anti-fog treatment (like some dishsoap) until I REALLY start sweating. Rogerborg then put me onto these FMA goggles... http://www.taiwangun.com/en/glasses-goggles/protective-goggle-with-built-in-anti-fog-fan-black-fma-2?from=listing&campaign-id=19 Nice field of view and comes with a clear and a tinted lens for those sunny outdoor days. The fan is on the right hand side and it works really well with a 3.7v Torchy 14500 battery. Roger double glazed his set and hardly has to run the fan at all, only under extreme circumstances. I've STILL yet to give mine this treatment but with a little anti-fog (dishsoap) and the fan always on I've run fog free all day. So if your a sweaty sock like me, these get my vote.
  3. Seven

    Recommendations for a Cronograph.

    I got the xcortech x3200 mk3 and I cant be happier with it. Fire-support have a good price on it too... £55... its £70+ everywhere else i've seen. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/xcortech-x3200-mk3-chronograph-new-version
  4. Seven

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    Some more pictures from Belgium... The sheer size is overwhelming, we spent hours in Tyne Cot cemetery and only saw half of it. Sorry for the blur... Not taken with my camera (my battery was dead).
  5. Seven

    Case for multiple pistols

    How much do you normally pay for your peli cases? I just picked up 2 of the 1400 variety... one for £31 and one for £32.
  6. Seven

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Peli Case 1400 - £31 ***EDIT*** Make that 2x Peli Case 1400's, picked up a second one for £32
  7. Seven

    Case for multiple pistols

    haha, lemme know when you get around to it, would love to see. 👍
  8. Seven

    Case for multiple pistols

    Did you cut the foam yet? Im interested to see how it looks now...
  9. Seven

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Odin's beard, you got enough camo variety? FML What brand are the pants and shirts? I might be looking for them in black soon...
  10. Seven

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    5x replacement Prowin 170mm hi-capa mag lips. Filled one of my mags today with BB's to chrono the new pistol and set it down on the table while I switched on the chrono and set it up. Was in the middle of the chrono settings when suddenly the mag vomitted the entire compliment of ammo across the room. Checked the mag and everything seemed ok. Only put 5 BB's in this time aaaaaand... Boom... Off flies one of the lips, completely sheered. Brilliant. The other 5 mags seem ok so just ordered a handful to replace the broken one and have some spares in my box. Fuck!
  11. Seven

    What you vaping?

    I make my own liquids but the flavour concentrate I use is from empvap.com Their flavours are very good. plus they are local, so if I find myself in a bind and cant wait for delivery i can pay them a visit.
  12. Seven

    What you vaping?

    Yeah, i seem to be falling into a recurring theme... i quit for 2 years and didnt even use a vape for the last 6 months of that and then started smoking again for 2 months... same thing this time... another 2 years off and back on again...
  13. Seven

    What you vaping?

    If your not into huge vapour production you could probably run a kbox lower and get nearly a week out of it... i like the high vapour, i find I dont use my vape unless I get a craving and I need that massive instant dose so the quicker i can get huge production the better, less time with box in hand. And yeah, the 'dirty' liquids are nasty to coils. I used to be into the sweet ones. Like Irn Bru, RedBull, starburst etc... ive settled on cherry menthol now... pretty much exclusively cherry menthol for 2+years
  14. Seven

    What you vaping?

    You should check out the kbox... I can get 2 full days of vape on a full charge @ 36 - 42w and I blow huge clouds... I can fill a room in 5 minutes hahaha.... 1 full day if I really go hard.
  15. Seven

    What you vaping?

    currently using the Atlantis Evo extended tank with 0.4ohm coils. Box mod is a Kanger kbox 200 Currently on cherry menthol 0.3mg that I make myself due to falling off the horse and back on the fags following a night on the piss... back down to zero nic soon enough...