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  1. all of the above +1 from me. Ordered a few bits and bobs yesterday AM. Comms were good emails when picked and dispatched with tracking number. Arrived this morning. Not much more to be said really. Very pleased 😊
  2. Nothing really to add to the praise already laid out for the TM Gas MP7. It does exactly what it says on the box. Great little GGB, I use it as a secondary when Sniping for a little more "poke" than a Pistol. (and also the WOW factor when on full auto 😉 )
  3. I get good results with 0.28 in my bog std 416C. HTH alan
  4. "Bedding in " in your case means that new magazines can be a bit stiff. Especially the BB follower ( the bit that has the spring at the bottom of it and pushes the BBS up). I have found this on a few of my Gas Pistol mags, To cure this i put a little spot of Silicon oil on the follower and worked it up and down with my thumb. ( <insert euphemism of your choice>) This seems to helps the follower slide more smoothly. The principle is the same for Gas and AEG mags, but in practice it is more difficult, as pistol mags have the follower open, where as AEG/GBB mags the follower is in the casing. It may be easier to put a blob of silicon oil on the top of the follower (not too much) of your mags and fill with BBS then empty manually, do this a few times to allow the oil to work its way around the follower and its track. I wouldn't empty the mags with your rifle as it will drag all sorts of crap from the BBS on to the bucking and barrel. Use the little switch on the top of your mags to empty them, be aware BBs will fly out so point the mag down in to a bag or bucket to catch them. Not sure If i have explained this properly or my approach is valid. Sure others with more experience will step in to correct any or all of the above.
  5. Could just be mags need a little bedding in or maybe a "wipe" of silicon (don't be spurting silicon oil everywhere) on the BB follower and working it up and down a few times with no BBs in the mag. TBH only have a couple of gas pistols so can't be very much help i am afraid. It is brand new and not playing nice. I would be tempted to get the shop you bought it from involved rather than trying to fix it yourself.
  6. Not unless its a gas blow back. If it requires batteries then it won't stop when the mag is empty. (VFC don't do bolt stop on AEG..AFAIK )
  7. I properly laughed out loud. thanks Trigger the people in my office think i am a bit mad now...
  8. Hubble sight only required if it is a TM 🤪
  9. A 417 is many things, not sure i would describe it as "cute" ...but to each their own. My TM-417. Not cute and bloody heavy, you might want to have a think about a longer barrel as it will add more weight out the front
  10. Welcome to the 417 club 👍 Your arms will get used to carrying it ...eventually 😜 Which make is it ?
  11. Continuing the "agricultural" theme, The current Daily drive
  12. it is indeed very nice.. Keeping the Landrover theme going My Disco 1 a little more minimalist 😉
  13. I had a look about for a solution to an MP7 holster. Have these two: For mounting on my Plate Carrier (wo1f put me on to this one) : https://www.weapon762.com/holster/1336-tmc-mp7-lightweight-kydex-holster.html?_pcnocache=1550057864434 For a belt mount. I have the stock of the MP7 level with my belt (pretty high on my leg) : https://www.weapon762.com/holster/434-tmc-lightweight-mp7-holster.html?search_query=mp7&amp;results=20 Tried the belt mount on Sunday, worked very well, didn't flap about or hinder my movement. I wasn't crawling about on the ground tho. I wouldn't bother with extra sights, the stock Iron ones work well enough, lets face the MP7 isn't sniper rifle... As with all these things YMMV . alan
  14. Pls take the following the way it is meant, as a heads up, not a criticism of your choice. I would be slightly concerned about the wire and the "thing" wire tied to the stock. It is either wired for self destruction and that's a bomb attached to the stock (unlikely but you never know) Or (more likely) a battery pack. It looks to me like, the thicker wiring from the Gate that hasn't been passed through the channel in the buffer tube and under the locking ring (which is a PITA to do, but IMO looks nicer). This could be an indicator of a 1/2 arsed job fitting the Gate. HTH alan
  15. Assault. 6 X 120 midcaps for the AR/416 (5 on the PC one in the gun) 3 X pistol mags ( 1in the gun 2 on the bet) Sniper 2 X 70 midcaps (1 in the gun) 3 X MP7 ( 1 in the gun) or 3x Pistol (1 in the gun) Probably don't need as many mags for the pistol but they come in handy sometimes
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