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  1. Guyver1

    Saying hi in Edinburgh

    Welcome aboard Gary Always nice to have another local 🙂
  2. Guyver1

    Invader Gear worth buying ?

    thanks Guys. Hints duly dropped to the Mrs. I'll feed back here when/if she takes the hint 🙂
  3. Guyver1

    Invader Gear worth buying ?

    Thanks for the Info Gents, Very useful Unfortunately I need to shrink a good bit Gepard @CKinnerley must be a bit smaller than me, judging by the sizing on the kit (it is nice tho)
  4. Hi all, I have a birthday approaching soon. Looking to give the Mrs ideas for presents. I am after a woodland pattern trousers and spotted these http://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/invader-gear-predator-bdu-trousers-us-woodland-camo-knee-pads-15607-p.asp I'm not familiar with Invader Gear as a brand, wondering where they fit on a scale of: ClawGear - expensive but really nice Bulldog -- not too expensive but good quality Viper-- cheap and mostly nasty ? Anyone have any Invader Gear kit ? TIA alan
  5. Guyver1

    Nomad Airsoft closing - last day is 1st July 2018

    ahh "interpreting for the NEDS" ?? You can thank me later 🙂
  6. Guyver1

    Gun picture thread

    The Rifle arrived for the sight i bought last week. It looks better on the 417 than it did on the M4 🙂
  7. Guyver1

    New Player In Scotland

    Welcome aboard Mike
  8. Welcome abroad Seven. I'll second eagle6 for TM spares and upgrade parts. They are very good. Must have a look into Nomad Roger. Quite interested in the Milsim Lite, LWA did something similar last year and I really enjoyed it. Tks for the heads up 👍 ..
  9. Guyver1

    Gun picture thread

    mad bull ace stock. Very Solid 😊
  10. Guyver1

    Gun picture thread

    Too much <insert length and or Width pun here> ? The scope is actually for a DMR project that's due back to me next week after getting upgraded with lots of prommy goodies.
  11. Hi john and welcome aboard. I got to LandWarrior (near gorebridge) most game days. Based in the borders if that is near you? alan
  12. Guyver1

    New player, west coast Scotland

    Welcome aboard SgtMac. Nice to see another "jock" joining the crew 🙂
  13. Guyver1

    Recommended sites in Scotland

    You might want to look @ www.airsoftedinburgh.co.uk as well. Face book link https://www.facebook.com/AirsoftEdinburgh/ Its my local site and normally gets 100'ish players on a gameday.
  14. mines delivered this morning. Have tested without a charge in it. Seem to be spot on 3 seconds until it fires. All in i am impressed. 😊 Will have to wait until next week to get some blanks to test it properly.
  15. Same here, but no phone call, just an email with dispatch notification and tracking number from Hermes. Hopefully it will arrive and I will be delighted. Just wish SWAT would "pull their finger out" and give honest/realistic waiting time info to their customers. Instead of all the next day dispatch crap that is on their website. It would save a lot of bother if expectations were set before ordering. Onwards to many bangs......... 🌟