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  1. New member from the isle of Skye

    Welcome aboard. Airsoft and Skye sounds like a winning combination.. Must have a word with the wife about a holiday to Skye
  2. Well Hello!

    Welcome aboard Kris
  3. Me sporting the new AFUK patch on Sunday
  4. Acetech ac5000 vs Xortech 3200 (new version)

    I have had the Xcortech 3200 for a year or so. Pretty accurate compared with LWA's chrono. The 3200 reads about 3 fps higher based on back to back tests with same rifle. HTH
  5. Warrior Assault m4 pouches shrinking?

    I had a similar issue with my Warrior mags and PTS EPM Mags for the NGRS. Photo below is NGRS standard metal vs PTS EPM Mag, the EPM-Mags are a little wider and about the same size length wise. Had a sod of a job getting them to fit in the first few times, left the EPM-Mags in the pouches in a warm room for a few days to let the pouches "stretch". It might be the coating on the inside of the pouches. It is a little "sticky", plastic on plastic with the EPM mags, vs plastic on smooth paint. The pouches seem to have loosened off with use, probably due to the coating in the inside getting dirty and not so sticky. HTH
  6. Huddy

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: nice fella, part arrived when he said it would.
  7. Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    They already have most of mines i made the mistake of looking at my purchase history, not doing that again !!!!
  8. Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    you won't stand out that much there are always plenty of "just out the box" guys kicking around. I'll be the guy in MTP sporting my newly acquired AFUK forum patch Looking fwd to playing spot the forum guys on Sunday. Alan
  9. New Forum Layout

    i'll square this up. It was me, had made some changes to my firewall and messed up the outbound routing . Sorted out my mess and all working fine now.
  10. New Forum Layout

    its a firefox/mozilla thing. Just posted into the thread i was interested in using Edge. FF is normally my goto browser never had any issues with it. All very strange.
  11. if you are set on having MOLLE at the sides . Warrior DCS will do the job. Similar size to the Recon Lots of room on the front. I have seen guys with triple mag pouches out front. It closes "down" and fixes with velcro so no danger of stuff flapping around. HTH
  12. New Forum Layout

    am i the only one unable to post ? in certain threads . It is o.k here , have tried to post in another couple of threads. Browser sits at saving and the post is never completed. Permissions thing ?
  13. RAVEN EU Series G18 [Nuprol] vs WE G-Series G18c?

    yep it is . I have used them before for parts, but not an entire RIF.. Have a search around for importing a RIF, you will see what needs to be done. You may get hit by import charges and other things HTH
  14. RAVEN EU Series G18 [Nuprol] vs WE G-Series G18c?

    I'll second the WE G18C. TM compatible and endlessly upgrade-able. HTH
  15. Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    Hi Ally, Best to hire for your three games, talk to folk when you go. I have yet to meet an airsofter that doesn't luv to talk about their RIFs . You will get lots of opinions and info on whats best and more importantly what to avoid. LWA will do all the UKARA stuff for you. Take out their membership it saves you £5 a game and gets you a few % back on purchases (you'll need that ). Arwen is right LWA's limits are a little more than the other sites in Scotland (UK.). When it comes time to purchasing a RIF, be sure to ask for 350fps so you can use it on other sites. Not using team tape causes the odd "cluster f*ck" but it does induce some very good comedy moments. Just be sure to listen when the challenge and response is set for the team that you are on. Personally I don't miss it, as for me at least, 9 times out of 10 i can't see it anyways. I'll be @LWA 25th please do come and say hello. All the Best alan