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  1. Yeah i know what you mean. Altho the "little factors" like 5 or 6 kgs are not so little on the last game of the day when you are knackered 😁
  2. Thanks for all the posts and opinions guys. You lots are why i hang out here 👍. @Adolf HamsterThe cost, i get it, if you want it then thats how much it costs. Simples.. @Tackle @E21A IF and its quite a big IF i go for it, the wife will be partially informed (i may miss a zero out )so my nether regions stay intact 🙄 @proffrinkThe weight, completly understand. I "hump" a G28 around most of the time, its heavy but this one is in a different league of heavy. 6kgs according to the spec sheet. Might be a "morning gun" when you are fresh. My battle buddy has
  3. Who else gets all "hot and sweaty" when you see this ? Real Steel SRS HTI .50 BMG at deserttech.com Airsoft version It' s a LOT of money ?
  4. Hi Roger, I use O rings (got a mahoosive box of them from lidl a few years ago) for muzzle brakes and compensators on my AEGs. Never had one come loose. It does work very well, keeps the pressure on the brake/comp/tracer unit much better without the need to over tighten and also lets you have a bit of adjustment if the brake/comp/tracer deosn't sit exactly in-line. You can twist it around a bit so BBs don't clip the brake/comp/tracer on exit.
  5. Tazball in inverness I would think would be the nearest. http://www.tazballpaintball.co.uk/activities/airsoft
  6. When your HK417 or HK G28 isn't quite long enough 😏 https://airsoftpro.cz/en/guns-accessories/suppressors/suppressors-1/tlumic-viper-sound-tech-310x55mm-detail
  7. posted in wrong section . Sorry . Mods please feel free to delete
  8. all of the above +1 from me. Ordered a few bits and bobs yesterday AM. Comms were good emails when picked and dispatched with tracking number. Arrived this morning. Not much more to be said really. Very pleased 😊
  9. Nothing really to add to the praise already laid out for the TM Gas MP7. It does exactly what it says on the box. Great little GGB, I use it as a secondary when Sniping for a little more "poke" than a Pistol. (and also the WOW factor when on full auto 😉 )
  10. I get good results with 0.28 in my bog std 416C. HTH alan
  11. "Bedding in " in your case means that new magazines can be a bit stiff. Especially the BB follower ( the bit that has the spring at the bottom of it and pushes the BBS up). I have found this on a few of my Gas Pistol mags, To cure this i put a little spot of Silicon oil on the follower and worked it up and down with my thumb. ( <insert euphemism of your choice>) This seems to helps the follower slide more smoothly. The principle is the same for Gas and AEG mags, but in practice it is more difficult, as pistol mags have the follower open, where as AEG/GBB m
  12. Could just be mags need a little bedding in or maybe a "wipe" of silicon (don't be spurting silicon oil everywhere) on the BB follower and working it up and down a few times with no BBs in the mag. TBH only have a couple of gas pistols so can't be very much help i am afraid. It is brand new and not playing nice. I would be tempted to get the shop you bought it from involved rather than trying to fix it yourself.
  13. Not unless its a gas blow back. If it requires batteries then it won't stop when the mag is empty. (VFC don't do bolt stop on AEG..AFAIK )
  14. I properly laughed out loud. thanks Trigger the people in my office think i am a bit mad now...
  15. Hubble sight only required if it is a TM 🤪
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