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  1. I currently use a TM 5.1 but want to practice with a Glock. This guy from Liku Tactical uses a detonator slide with his G19.
  2. The idea is to have a realistic training aid that I can use with a RS holster, with or without an rmr and flashlight and something that is going to be durable. Also I'd like a pistol that doesn't cost as much as it's RS equivalent.
  3. Thanks Robert. I'm tempted just to get the new VFC Glock 17 gen 5 but haven't seen anything much about accessories and parts for it. Ideally I'd have a TM G17 plus a new metal rmr slide but these slides cost a lot.
  4. Can I put an rmr on a original TM plastic slide without any adverse repercussions?? Many thanks
  5. Nice! Which would you prefer, a VFC Glock or a TM Glock with a metal slide. Would the VFC come close to matching TM internals?
  6. Umarex VFC Glock These look quality but are they? I like that they already have the metal slide unlike the TM, their spare mags are well expensive though, the Glock 17 Gen 5 mags are £40 each. I suppose I just want to know whether this will last, fit a decent holster and be able to take an RMR.
  7. It might be a Glock 19 then. I've seen this guy on youtube I asked him what he was running and he uses the TM Glock 19 with Ragnarok holster from T.REX ARMS, combined with a Safariland UBL.
  8. Performance as in drawing, shooting, reloading, moving whilst shooting all as fast, as accurately and consistently as possible. Got the tm 5.1 hi-capa. Like I say, i want a Glock. Cheers Musica for your helpful post. I know a stock Glock 17 mag holds 17 rounds and the 19 holds 15, in 9mm anyway. I'll have to check this out. Thanks
  9. Hi All Any of you have any experience of the Tm Glock 17 or Tm Glock 19? I'm thinking about the 19 as i want to practice from concealed carry. I do a lot of performance shooting and these plastic slides don't last more than a few weeks so I have to consider the availability of a metal slide. Also how close a replica are these? I want as close as possible so it translates well to real steel and for holster fitting too. Thanks in advance Nick
  10. Looks good but, I want something to go with a Safairland UBl mid or lower ride. Id love to know what real pistol the TM 5.1 is most like, some say it's the 1911 Springfield and it looks the same, if I was certain of this I'd get a Trexarms Ragnarok.
  11. Hi All I'm looking for a kydex passive retention holster for a tm 5.1 hi-capa, that would fit to something like a safariland or a blade tech paddle. Any ideas?? Many thanks in advance/ Nick
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