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  1. Cheers for the response Dave. I took your advice for going back to stock. New maple leaf bucking went as the nozzle was sticking a little( a bigger problem than I realised me thinks), new 150% recoil spring gone, upgraded 140% nozzle spring gone, upgraded Cowcow o ring/piston gone, the only things left not standard are a nine ball tightbore inner barrel and the metal slide. Worrking again. Im using ultra air currently. Many thanks again.
  2. Back again BBU issues afoot. About a week or so ago I had various fixed by a Cowow enhanced pistol head. Now, it seems I have similar problems in the same area. They are as follows. When shooting excess gas is firing out of the back, the slide doesn't always travel fully forward and sometimes the nozzle gets really stuck on the piston. When I put part (which takes some force) the nozzle breaks. I am training with this pistol everyday so it's getting some use. I'm considering some BBU and nozzle upgrade. Any ideas, any help greatly appreciated
  3. I have managed to fix it. Going with the theory that the new slide was too tight or was catching on the lower, I went to work with the file from my leatherman tool which fitted perfectly between the groves at the rear of the slide, I also lightly filed the areas of obvious wear on the lower. Now my slide is working perfectly on the standard recoil spring. After a few thousand rounds I'll try the upgrade recoil spring again but no rush. Thanks all for the help
  4. I did this today. No difference. I can only guess that the new slide and the lower are not a good enough fit and it's snagging somewhere. Something that might be relevant, I did notice that on occasion the slide did lock back but not on the usual catch, on the pin release notch just before it.
  5. The slide is quite heavy and the fit is a but closer than my other Airsoft Masterpiece ones. I've tried with an AIP 140% recoil spring which makes the problem worse so I'm back with the stock one. I'm using Ultra Air green gas. I've also upgraded to a AIP 140 % nozzle spring and a CCT enhanced piston head if that makes any difference, going back to stock doesn't change things though.
  6. As above really. New airsoft masterpiece aluminium Limcat Battlecat slide for a TM 5.1 Hi Capa Gold Match, the pistol is shooting but the slide is not travelling fully to the rear and therefore will not lock back when the mag is empty, if I rack it to the rear by hand with a mag in it will lock back. Anyone know of any fixes Thanks in advance
  7. I've been doing some testing. I've had all sorts of problems since fitting both springs. 1st I noticed the pistol didnt shoot a BB every time. 2nd The slide stopped just short of fully forward, this is due to the BBU seal/O ring becoming faulty somehow. 3rd The slide won't lock open when the mag is empty. So, I have a new CCT seal on the way and have removed all of the new springs replacing them with the stock. Heroshark, you were right.
  8. Hi I asked because the recoil spring comes with a hammer spring. I am changing the recoil spring due to a new metal slide. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi All I'm upgrading my recoil spring to 140%, should I change my hammer spring at the same time or is it ok to continue with the stock? Many thanks in advance.
  10. Is the Tm Glock 17 magazine the exact same size as a RS magazine? Many thanks
  11. I currently use a TM 5.1 but want to practice with a Glock. This guy from Liku Tactical uses a detonator slide with his G19.
  12. The idea is to have a realistic training aid that I can use with a RS holster, with or without an rmr and flashlight and something that is going to be durable. Also I'd like a pistol that doesn't cost as much as it's RS equivalent.
  13. Thanks Robert. I'm tempted just to get the new VFC Glock 17 gen 5 but haven't seen anything much about accessories and parts for it. Ideally I'd have a TM G17 plus a new metal rmr slide but these slides cost a lot.
  14. Can I put an rmr on a original TM plastic slide without any adverse repercussions?? Many thanks
  15. Nice! Which would you prefer, a VFC Glock or a TM Glock with a metal slide. Would the VFC come close to matching TM internals?
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