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  1. I have just bought one first day with it next Sunday and can't wait
  2. Ok thanks for the help this is my first venture into hpa
  3. IV literally just bought the gun new and stock I have been looking for the tdc mod to no avail
  4. Recommended BB weight for the tippmann M4 ? Any suggestions
  5. jay1988

    Best Gbb pistol

    I have a asg one already however tends to double feed also would like something blow back aswell
  6. jay1988

    Best Gbb pistol

    I run sniper so want something reliable as a secondary I have been looking also at the Aw glocks aswell
  7. jay1988

    Best Gbb pistol

    Right guys I'm looking for a new Gbb pistol something no more than £150 have been looking at we God of war pistol what's people's thoughts/reviews any input appreciated
  8. So the Prometheus purple will fit in the standard barrel ? Only reason I ask I have bought 2 hop rubbers and neither fitted because of the bridged barrel
  9. I tried everything no joy I have found out why when Ares made the upgraded pistons they did a 90° and a 45° version I have the 45°one which will not work with lycan sear how ever iv now fitted a m140 spring and new pin and spring guide which is working absolutely fine so gonna leave it as it is
  10. This is what I'm stuck on doesn't look like anything needs adjusting
  11. Right I seem to have another problem slam firing IV fitted piston and spring guide and IV tried the standard Sears and the lycan 90° sear still slam fires with both anyone got the solution ?
  12. Roughly what FPS does that put out ? I was looking at the m145
  13. What size spring do people recommend ? I have the upgraded bolt to stainless steel, piston and spring guide also have a ml rubber and nub standard hop up (for now) any insight much appreciated
  14. I'm wondering has anyone cut down a inner barrel ? Or is it a no go ?
  15. Is there a specific inner barrel I should look for as I can seem to find a 550mm one
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