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  1. I fancy a softshell jacket for the colder months - what's the latest gucci kit out there?

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    2. ziontrain


      I was looking at the Pentagon Artaxes - the woodland one looks nice and retro but the price puts me off :(

    3. Skara


      Because it is actually NOT a soft shell.

      It's more like a hybrid between a traditional soft shell and a full on waterproof hard shell.

      Hence the higher price point.

    4. SgtTalbert


      I own the Pentagon also in Grey. Had it 5 years. Really really good. Kept me dry and warm in both Airsoft wars and general day to day. It's expensive but based on my experience it's worth it. 

  2. Only got shot in the face once on Saturday, will teach me to forget my facepro though

  3. Cheapo red-dot and protector from Amazon - thought I'd see how I get on before spending £££ on a fancy optic
  4. Am I being special needs or does the edit button not work?

    1. rocketdogbert


      I never have trouble editing lol

    2. ziontrain


      Looks like it's an issue with Chrome, seems to be cooperating if I use Edge but then that's just unpleasant...

  5. Don't say that, now I'll have to buy one to replace/go alongside my 1911!
  6. There's an old school for sale near me that it'd be fun to do something similar with, but it's £4m so would definitely need my numbers to come in!
  7. Whyyy is my keymod so wobbly

    1. ak2m4


      video and / or pics ?

  8. Have decided, following my return to airsoft on Saturday, that I need some sort of optic for my rifle. Any suggestions?

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    2. Musica


      Vision king was what I was going to suggest if he wanted more than 1x. Please be aware you will probably be stung for VAT/Duty/royal mail fee making this closer to 90 from my calculations. Kill flash shouldn't be unrated as a small amount of protection from bb impact. 



      There is one in the classifieds right now I think if it takes anyone's fancy. 

    3. Sawyer


      Forgot about that. Can't wait to be stung with import duty... 😂

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      For up close and personal i'd stick with an open red dot style, the "1x" on those scopes isnt ideal for cqb. it'll do in a pinch but it's real purpose is to be good enough close combat and ranged combat but at the sacrifice of not being perfect at either.


      If you do some range work then absolutely its a solid choice that i'd heartily reccommend, but for exclusively close and personal a dot is better.

  9. First game in ten years, let's go!

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    2. GAMBLE


      Hey. 👋

      Welcome back, 10 years of fun to catch up on! 😎👍


    3. StayOnTarget


      Hope the PewPew goes well 👍

    4. Skara


      Make sure to not call a single hit ;)

  10. Any recommendations for cheap rifle cases/bags? 

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    2. ziontrain


      I've got a big old Eastpak wheelie case, which I was surprised my gnu was too big for :c

    3. Musica


      how long yours gun?

    4. Lozart
  11. I've picked up a Fortis foregrip for my Krytac CRB, but when I try to install it it's really wobbly. I can't tighten the screws any further. I've seen a suggestion that it needs longer screws - would that help?
  12. I should be down on the 12th if anyone else is?
  13. I bought one of these. Yet to skirmish with it but feels solid enough loaded up with kit.
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