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  1. Managed to order the wrong chest rig in my excitement to buy things, what a wally!

  2. Krytac CRB, PTS mags, batteries, charger, goggles, chest rig. I'm back in the game! Pics to follow on arrival.
  3. New kit ordered, looking forward to getting back out there and flinging balls around!

    1. wil1hit


      nice just starting myself what you orderd ?


    2. ziontrain


      Krytac CRB and many accessories

  4. UKARA renewal came through, time to buy new gnus!

  5. Yep, already got walking boots (and some cheap army surplus jobs I've used before). Probably gonna go for a PMC/contractor look until I decide what camo etc I want.
  6. Hi all finally looking to get back into airsoft after being out for a while, thought I'd chuck together a list of everything I'm planning on buying for you to pick apart! KRYTAC MK II TRIDENT CRB, BLACK 8FIELDS TACTICAL BUCKLE UP RECCE/SNIPER CHEST RIG, OLIVE GREEN - will be replaced by something from Spiritus or the like in due course BOLLE RAIDER KIT BALLISTIC AIRSOFT SAFETY GLASSES - will get these glazed with my prescription PTS SYNDICATE EPM ENHANCED POLYMER AEG MID-CAP MAGAZINE VP RACING BATTERY 7.4V 1000MAH 20C LIPO CRANE STOCK BATTERY TURNIGY ACCUCEL 6 - NIMH/NICD/LIPO/LIFE/PB BATTERY CHARGER Delta Mike Face Pro Snood GIANT POWER 7.4V 1000MAH 15C LIPO STICK BATTERY - for my old mp5, needs new batteries Any thoughts/suggestions/changes?
  7. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/ares-m45-s-class-ar-pistol-stabilizing-brace-edition-by874 Scuffed but otherwise fine? Missing sights too but otherwise why would you not?
  8. I need some new batteries for my CA MP5 - I bought one a year or so ago but I think my crappy charger might've borked it. so, I need batteries and a charger - is there any point in going for a LiPo or should I stick to the old-school stuff? I am looking to pick up another AEG in the future (probably a G&G M4 or ARP9) if that makes a difference?
  9. I've previously worn a cheap PASGT replica, rather bulky though so might pick up a FAST/MICH once I get back into airsofting
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