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  1. Is this grip the BCM one?
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Condition as new (except rear sight), let me know if you have any question! Looking for 25 posted but I can split ! I would be happier if take all together :)! - Front and Rear sight+2 pin and gas tube £15 - Complate Delta ring £10 - Flash hider £10 SOLD!!!! - Sling plate £5 - Buffer tube £ SOLD!!!! - Stock+Grip £10 +shipping fee


    - GB

  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This a Swampfox knockoff ,but pretty nice quality it has a decent red point adjustable brightness and zero,and paralax free. Comes with an extra rail mount If you would I can send cr1632 little bit hard to find in the market.. Shipping and fees in the price,feel free to ask!


  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Surefire clone 14mm CCW ,Used but its steel ,shipping in the price!


    - GB

  5. Guerilla Optics T1 pro Shock and water proof been using for more than 1 year! Good stuff!
  6. Yes ,thats true but one way or the other mocking always sucks , especially in sensible parts like hopup ... In this case I reckon easier to restore the original wheel which is handles properly fine bbs from 0.36g.
  7. So, the list! - TM G19 base Nova Slide set: - Slide Rmr cut - "Trijicon" iron sights - Compensator - Threaded outter barrel + GM Steal barrel thread protector + ML CZ Jet 6.01x97mm inner barrel + GM inner barrel stabilizator - Nova BBUnit + GM Nozzle + GM Nozzle Spring set for g18 + GM Piston head + Poseidon IcePick nozzle valve + ML Autobot 60°/70° + Hadron H plate + Cowcow SS guide rod set - Guide rod + GM 135% recoil spring - Short Stroke buffers 4x Lower:
  8. Yeah the beginning always starts with a loads of research. Check boomarms I found some there and maybe you should ask him its a rly old advert but Im pretty sure its still available!
  9. UK,Hongkong...etc That slide was rly rear piece finally I found it on Boomarms other things from Rainbow8,JkArmy, Agl-airsoft thats all what came to my mind! But I will write an update soon!
  10. Yes ,just spoke about the Gunsmodify "Fine tune" wheel
  11. Same problem, though I love GunsModify actually this wheel not able to lift up to 0.36' ,I use 0.30g and I have to turn up the wheel almost until the "knock" the effective province only the last 5-8 click and have no acceptable/stabile solution for. If you wanna use the orginal hopup wheel you should use the origi spring+nub the GM one too strong thats why it breaks the plastic wheel.
  12. Yes the recoil less ,but its different ,return for faster and more snappy. So finally the enjoyment factor is increased ,more consistant less gas consumption I like it! Anyways mucking always ended up with sucks! Difficult to find out whats happened ,try to reassamble again!
  13. Yes good stuff! This is gonna be my first winter with so I cant serve with comprehensive experiences but faster and the engaging points better if you gonna invest I recommend the AngryGun high speed Buffer to balance the less recoil.
  14. When you see a lot of mws being sold...., you can be sure there is a crisis! 😂🤔🤔😔😔😔😔
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