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    For sale is one 5.11 Rush tier Rifle Sleeve. they are well made bits of kit that fit on most day sacks or Bergen's fitted with molle on the side allowing you to to carry an additional rifle. this has been used for one weekend event before I invested in a full drag bag and as such is in very good condition. price is £25 including PayPal fees and postage within the UK.


    Reading, Berkshire - GB

  2. yeah, I've been following them for a little while and they look like nice cards so definitely worth checking out if you're into that sort of thing.
  3. I have to say that this is an interesting read, especially as I know very little about either company, or ak's in general. but the comparison is definitely something I'll remember and is very handy if only for understanding their design philosophies.
  4. the TM is definitely one of the best GBBRs out there and is very well built and if you can pay a bit more and get one you won't regret it as it really is so easy to maintain and performs very well. for the 300-450 price bracket your probably looking at SMGs like the TM MP7, WE Apache mp5 range or as rocketdogbert said the Kwa mp9 although I don't own the mp9 or mp5. there are plenty of other gbbrs out there but you really need to read up on them on a case by case basis as with some you could potentially spend a similar amount fixing the thing as you did buying it in th
  5. tbh the standard 250mm TM inner barrel is just as good as if not better than most of the aftermarket alternatives so it will always be a solid option.
  6. so the two terms you've used are both colloquial terms for muzzle velocity or muzzle energy. and as @Davegolf has said a longer barrel increases this, but this is only half of what makes a difference particularly in gas guns. as far as increasing range goes though, that is significantly down to the hop unit/rubber itself and it's ability to consistently put enough hop on the BB in a controlled way, and that is what makes the mws a pretty special GBBR. there isn't another magical force that gives it extra range though.
  7. so I am first aid trained and primarily play longer milsims where the site tends to be bigger (of course that means it takes longer for help to get to you) so I put this one together for myself and it all fits into the BFG micro trauma kit. contents are just the basics to cover major bleeds, CPR and other general boo-boos. and I guess that's the issue I have with the pre packed med pouches/ifaks. when am I going to need a decompression needle or even a clotting agent at an Airsoft game? so I felt that it was best to put one together that suited what I knew I was likely
  8. for me VFC/Sig MCX gets my vote, because it's just different, and I really like mine 😅. TM MP7 is the gas option that shoots really well out of the box and probably the SRS Covert for some sniper action...
  9. I don't exactly know what happened... but that situation really makes me cringe based on what it looks like. you can't grow back eyes... and even if it is only a bang, it still has the potential to send debris flying up which can cause a bit of damage if you're unlucky... certainly not his finest moment.
  10. Personally it's H&K closely followed by Sig... I'll also give Colt Canada and Desert tech a mention for producing some seriously cool toys.
  11. I'd personally expand that to don't touch other people's stuff without asking. plus Airsoft is a non contact sport for a reason... since it's supposed to be a game of honour I can agree that cheating and cheat calling does ruin the atmosphere too, so that's probably the one for me. especially since the sport is built around honesty, otherwise we would all be playing paintball....
  12. if it's loosened up a little already then you're almost certainly right. it sounds like they have tightened the tolerance without thinking about the thickness of the paint on the mag... it's probably just one of those things at least that means you should have very good consistency due to a solid gas seal.
  13. It sounds like the tolerance on the mag release where it it holds the mag in as a bit too tight... as to whether you want to sand it down a little is up to you. although I can't be sure without seeing it in person.
  14. make of it what you will but I know that he has really upset the hunteering guys who are mostly a pretty easygoing group. from what I understand they were running hardcore multiday sniper Vs sniper events and decided to run a hunteering lite or sniper ops as they called it... it's this fb group that Mr KM now runs today so they felt a bit hard done by to say the least. as to my personal view I don't like the YouTube side of his persona as he comes across a little vindictive but I don't think he's like that in person and equally he has actually helped design an improved
  15. I think that sums up a lot of the challenges of running a milsim although I disagree with the other poster that they are not Airsoft. I understand not everyone will appreciate that it's not a constant 24hr battle but rather an event that builds up to a crescendo much like any good film... I think a lot of the issues people face are generally caused by the management or lack thereof of the different sides... if each side is given objectives which are regularly updated and a reasonable commander you suddenly lose the sense of standing around doing nothing and instead you are a part o
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