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  1. Crazy_Crystal

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    so I've finally bought my first GBBR and joined the TM can club all in one shot... it's a TM mws CQBR 😎 it also turns out that recoil on a rifle is quite entertaining, who knew 😁
  2. Crazy_Crystal

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    that was exactly the thought that just went through my head... dodgey is an understatement... it pretty much reeks actually you're right. I didn't spot that, I still don't understand why they have done that though...
  3. Crazy_Crystal

    Eye Pro

    I have to say eye Pro is not the place to save money. for an extra £4 you can get these which will at least have a suitable rating. this company also do a few other types of goggles and glasses all of which are under £25 http://www.britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk/shop/sale-items/revision-sawfly-impact-sun-g-1123881.html
  4. Crazy_Crystal

    Need single point sling

    that makes a lot of sense. and I definitely agree about the rear sling point potentially being a problem. I also run an asap sling plate which works really well as you say. 🙂
  5. Crazy_Crystal

    Need single point sling

    I found the bungee to be ok in this case. it is fairly stiff so that it just takes the shock off dropping a rifle. I can't say that i have tried to stretch it particularly but it doesn't seem to stretch at all in my experience. of course YMMV horses for courses and all that.
  6. Crazy_Crystal

    Need single point sling

    I have a WAS version, based on the same principle as the Ferro Concepts which seems to work well. the big bonus with this type of miller single point sling is that when you drop the rifle to draw a pistol, the rifle is not falling down the centre. this means it hits your leg instead of more sensitive areas...
  7. Crazy_Crystal

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    first order from flecktarn.co.uk arrived yesterday. never used them before but Comms were ok, and it all arrived on time. I ordered a viper rigging belt, an osprey MK4 smoke grenade pouch and a bulle drop leg dump pouch. and I have to say the dump pouch is surprisingly good quality for the price, better than viper or condor almost on a par with WAS but not quite.
  8. Crazy_Crystal

    Woman in need of apparel advice!

    on a side note, it may be worth looking in army surplus stores as well for things like shirts/jackets. particularly with women now being allowed in frontline combat roles. if you can get your head around the NATO sizing standards there will almost certainly be something out there that is already tailored to your shape.
  9. Crazy_Crystal

    The two different types of cqb site

    ok, that sounds good. although I have never actually been to a ucap game before, the site and style is what is appealing to me... that and the fact that it is only a few miles away.
  10. Crazy_Crystal

    The two different types of cqb site

    I can only guess that it might mean scenarios with limited ammo and a specific set of objectives and probably encouraging teamwork... I have no idea what this will actually look like though as we can only speculate. whatever happens I will definitely be trying this site out when it opens... 🙂 what they do say on their website is this; Vengeance will feature rolling games, themed with current CT operations in mind. Limited ammo, medic rules, much more like our Operation Semiramis. This is not a skirmish. You will be met at the gate by a member of staff and checked for booking. Returning to Battlesim! First game to start late Feb 2019.
  11. Crazy_Crystal

    Heavy Balls - why aren't they white?

    that was my understanding as well. I believe that you used to also be able to get ones with a ceramic compound in which were white, however being ceramic they had a tendency to shatter which was not such a great idea so I haven't seen them around recently (nor would I actually want anyone to use one)
  12. Crazy_Crystal

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    that's a good shout on getting elasticated mag pouches. viper do some extended pistol mag pouches in the hsgi style. alternatively TMC make some SMG pouches which you can get from somewhere like weapon762. if you have the budget for real steel then blue force gear ten speed mp7 pouches are worth looking at along with hsgi if you prefer that style.
  13. Crazy_Crystal

    The two different types of cqb site

    thanks for the heads up @MisterG I'm from that neck of the woods, and am certainly looking forward to that site opening... I mean a cqb battlesim, what's not to like. they haven't announced an opening date yet though, apart from possibly the end of Feb. 🙂
  14. Crazy_Crystal

    WAS are they with it?

    likewise the majority of what I use is WAS. however it is worth being patient and signing up to UK tacticals email newsletters as they fairly regularly have between 10 and 30% off sales codes, and because it lasts so well don't be afraid of picking up bits you might need second hand. Their stuff comes up fairly regularly on the classifieds here and on Facebook 🙂
  15. Crazy_Crystal

    Landscaping and Airsoft

    potentially or even just a gun emplacement or similar waist high trench/firing position. just a few photos for inspiration.