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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 43 minutes

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    two HSGI X2R double tacos in very good condition complete with clips that allow you to mount them to either molle or a tactical belt. I'm looking for £30 each ono +£5 postage and fees. (I'm happy to split too) just message me for more information or if you have any questions.


    Reading, Berkshire - GB

  2. realism aside, I think it's the main reason that most gbbr owners run them. I gave myself a right shock when I fired my sr25 for the first time... it was loud enough to make my ears ring and I actually had to do some recoil management for follow up shots... for an Airsoft gun that was new to me. 😂 and I'd had my mws for about 6 months at that point...
  3. I just want to add a bit about vfc gas blow backs. they're reputation for being poor mostly comes from the older models such as the 416 as mentioned. and some models just have better alternatives out there (I'm thinking of the mp5 and mp7 particularly) externally they are well built. at this point I will add the caveat that I do not own the 417 However I do own the MK11 Mod0 (SR25) which is internally very similar to the 417 with the exception of being semi only as per the RS. internally they are now a lot better than they were, and pretty consistent but a new inner barrel and hop rubber will go a long way. However the main draw back with the 417 is that it has bolt bounce because the bolt return spring is too weak. with a stronger spring they will work well (you can see this in some of badabing's later videos) so tldr; they are ok and can be made skirmish able but will take some work and regular maintenance. at the end of the day you buy one because it's an incredibly fun/loud/hardkicking gun that will make you grin. not because it's going to be doing 2” groups at 80meters because it ain't... as for where you can get them... importing is pretty much the best way. and if you want to deal with a UK retailer have a chat with the guys at redwolf UK, they may be able to help.
  4. yep 3D "printing" in metal is a thing. it's properly known as laser sintering however it tends to be far too expensive to be cost effective within our niche hobby 🙄
  5. yep, I run the original ergo grip, although I'm sure the gen 2 should work ok too.
  6. likewise I also have a real steel ergo grip on my mws. it's an easy install and is really quite comfortable for me (even though it is quite thin as mentioned) so I really recommend them 🙂
  7. my two arrived yesterday too, it'll be interesting to compare notes once I've installed and tested it properly in a few weeks. (they are going in two very different rifles though, my gas M40A5 and the mk11)
  8. That should do the trick well. Although it is quite a long warning to read through...
  9. that's a strange one then @UKCYukarin most people seem to get on with them... there's not really anything I can add unfortunately. apart from possibly try a brand new can of propane. one thing I will say is that the mws mags hiss when filling(or at least mine do) and that's completely normal for TM mags I'm led to believe. just keep going until you actually see a cloud squirting out... I don't know, but that might make a difference?
  10. which propane adapter were you using? I use a madbull "metal" adapter... I wouldn't go as far as to say it's anything like steel as they are about fragile. but that works well for me, the mags should be fine on propane too... or at least that's my experience anyway. 🙂
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I'm looking for a KAC style 30mm dual ring scope mount for the MK11/M110. ideally the VFC or Ares versions in black, but happy with other brands if you have them. cash waiting.


  12. the small cog is called a star washer and fits directly under the mounting bolt to stop it vibrating loose. I hope that helps.
  13. I do mine when I feel it needs it... super helpful I know 😂 but basically this is a quick clean after most games to get any dust and muck out and re-oil or a more thorough clean with a barrel clean, wipe off any old lube then a full teflon spray on the trigger group and re-oil to displace any water or dirt if the weather conditions were awful, like the rain all day last Saturday, or if it's really dusty etc. I'm sure others have their own routines though...
  14. failing that the vision king short dot scope could work well for what your looking for. plus apparently the LPO short dot that it's based on has been seen in use although not many public reference images are available to confirm this.
  15. hi @hunter511 the thing with almost all gas guns is that they release much more gas down the barrel than they actually use so they are effectively all massively over volumed anyway. but you will almost certainly be fine on 144 using .25 s. in fact the issue with joule creep is normally encountered when you can run much heavier ammo (I run .36s) the short barrel will make it pretty noisy but yes you certainly can put a shorter barrel on it without any issues if you can find one you like that fits. I hope that helps a little anyway 🙂
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