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  1. Time Left: 1 day and 3 hours

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    I'm looking for a KAC style 30mm dual ring scope mount for the MK11/M110. ideally the VFC or Ares versions in black, but happy with other brands if you have them. cash waiting.


  2. the small cog is called a star washer and fits directly under the mounting bolt to stop it vibrating loose. I hope that helps.
  3. I do mine when I feel it needs it... super helpful I know 😂 but basically this is a quick clean after most games to get any dust and muck out and re-oil or a more thorough clean with a barrel clean, wipe off any old lube then a full teflon spray on the trigger group and re-oil to displace any water or dirt if the weather conditions were awful, like the rain all day last Saturday, or if it's really dusty etc. I'm sure others have their own routines though...
  4. failing that the vision king short dot scope could work well for what your looking for. plus apparently the LPO short dot that it's based on has been seen in use although not many public reference images are available to confirm this.
  5. hi @hunter511 the thing with almost all gas guns is that they release much more gas down the barrel than they actually use so they are effectively all massively over volumed anyway. but you will almost certainly be fine on 144 using .25 s. in fact the issue with joule creep is normally encountered when you can run much heavier ammo (I run .36s) the short barrel will make it pretty noisy but yes you certainly can put a shorter barrel on it without any issues if you can find one you like that fits. I hope that helps a little anyway 🙂
  6. haha no worries, the tax stuff is a pain and seems to only apply sometimes... it gets even worse importing from the far East where the charge is dependent on which side of the bed HMRC got up that morning. 🤔 and that's good news, there's some hope there then @LVOA-D
  7. sadly you would still be paying vat if you are within the EU. but I'm sure that they would be fine sending it to most other countries, it's not normally an issue as far as I'm aware. as always if you would like to double check it might be worth giving them a ring or send them an email. 🙂
  8. I thought that it was about time to share a photo of a few of my favourite RIFs 🙂
  9. I'm currently running an FMA H-nape repro with a team Wendy epic liner which together are very comfortable and really hold the helmet on securely (FMA maritime) you will probably end up having to make the liner and whatever strap you use work together. it's a pain in the backside but means that the helmet is comfortable for days. literally. I personally didn't get on well with the original FMA wormdial as it had a tendency to put quite a bit of pressure on the back and side of my head before loosening it's self and ending up resting on eyepro which caused all kinds of fogging issues 😂
  10. I, umm. wow... I agree, you might need a new upper there 😮
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is a brand new, never used genuine Magpul Enhanced Rubber Butt Pad. fits most Magpul stocks such as CTR, STR, MOE, ACS etc. price includes shipping and PayPal fees.


    Reading, Berkshire - GB

  12. I believe that eagle 6 can order one in for you, but if anyone else has any ideas?
  13. if you're looking for a belt, I really like the osprey webbing as a base. it's cheap and pretty much indestructible whilst still being comfortable with quite a heavy load on it. 🙂
  14. so I am finding on my mws on full auto that it sometimes double feeds in the middle of a burst. it is pretty much stock apart from a modify tan bucking with brass nub and is being run on propane using an npas with 0.36g bbs. cound this be bolt bounce? could an angry gun high speed recoil buffer help with this? it's not a massive issue as I pretty much exclusively use only semi at this point in time but it would be nice to get the full auto consistent.
  15. that was some very good timing @FreeFrag.UK 😎
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