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  1. if it's loosened up a little already then you're almost certainly right. it sounds like they have tightened the tolerance without thinking about the thickness of the paint on the mag... it's probably just one of those things at least that means you should have very good consistency due to a solid gas seal.
  2. It sounds like the tolerance on the mag release where it it holds the mag in as a bit too tight... as to whether you want to sand it down a little is up to you. although I can't be sure without seeing it in person.
  3. make of it what you will but I know that he has really upset the hunteering guys who are mostly a pretty easygoing group. from what I understand they were running hardcore multiday sniper Vs sniper events and decided to run a hunteering lite or sniper ops as they called it... it's this fb group that Mr KM now runs today so they felt a bit hard done by to say the least. as to my personal view I don't like the YouTube side of his persona as he comes across a little vindictive but I don't think he's like that in person and equally he has actually helped design an improved leafsuit which works very well. yes it's made in Russia but there is enough Innovation in there to make it unique if you're willing to pay attention to the little details. (yes I do own one as it met my requirements for what I needed)
  4. I think that sums up a lot of the challenges of running a milsim although I disagree with the other poster that they are not Airsoft. I understand not everyone will appreciate that it's not a constant 24hr battle but rather an event that builds up to a crescendo much like any good film... I think a lot of the issues people face are generally caused by the management or lack thereof of the different sides... if each side is given objectives which are regularly updated and a reasonable commander you suddenly lose the sense of standing around doing nothing and instead you are a part of a team working towards an objective even if it is just being on stag. unfortunately this requires a very good DS team who are really on the ball which tend to be a minority... certainly not something that can just be thrown together. anyway that's my thoughts on it. With regards to the OP, I think the answer is yes and no... they just require a different mindset and milsims tend to have a little less flexibility with the set objectives and greater team work that is sometimes required.
  5. you won't regret it... don't even have to change anything if you don't want too...
  6. unfortunately it's likely to be a yes if they're noticed as you are the one that needs to prove a defence for importing a RIF. as to whether customs decides to accept your non UKARA defence is anyone's guess and probably depends on who is dealing with it on the day. basically UKARA is the defence they're used to dealing with on a regular basis.
  7. tbh as far as governmental lobbying goes, I'd suggest that UKAPU has been one of the major driving forces in recent years... particularly with their hard work on preventing our auto rifs being classified as section 5 firearms (the introduction of the 370/520 fps exemption that stops Airsoft guns being classified as a firearm.) so UKAPU and the UKARA are currently the big two in my book I think 🤔
  8. I guess it's mostly my desire to be able to map the flight path to be able to engage people at around the 100m mark plus... which is only possible when you start lobbing the BBs... calibration is where range cards come in and you just have to apply empirical data..tbh once you have set the hop once and you have a very consistent FPS you stand a chance... it's this side of things that really interests me tbh so I'll stick the equation up once I'm happy with it and see what happens.
  9. yep, it just needs to add in the factors for elevation and also the impact of a head/tail wind and then get an answer in milliradians... not that useful for most people, but may be handy for the milsim snipers among us who have the luxury of operating from an FFP.
  10. I don't know how I missed this when you first posted it, but that is a very nice explanation... hmm now I wonder if I can use this to make an equation to estimate pellet drop 🤔
  11. generally speaking it would still be prudent to give people a heads up that this is happening. regarding sourcing rifs as a marketing agency you may be out of luck as this is what the law states as a defence (see below). but equally you may find it easier to get in a group of reenactors/airsoft impressionists(we tend to be a vain lot, and generally don't mind helping people out for a doughnut) or failing that a specialist props company. (c) production of films (within the meaning of Part 1 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (c. 48)_see section 5B of that Act); (d)the production of television programmes (within the meaning of the Communications Act 2003 (c. 21)_see section 405(1) of that Act);
  12. I'll second that, and I'd probably add that the TM is suprisingly low maintenance in the scheme of things too, but as mentioned the recoil is a little sharper and the trigger feels better in the ghk... just food for thought anyway. I don't think either are bad rifles at all and are very reliable really.
  13. yep, according to Google translate the short summary is that the Taiwanese government has just approved some legislation that means GBB pistols and rifles will be considered illegal firearms, as in their view, they are too easy to turn into a functioning rifle/pistol. since a lot of GBBRs are currently manufactured there this would have quite a large impact on gas users across the world.
  14. temperature rise is suddenly a bit more interesting. so as you said the temperature drop for the propane is down to the phase change... for anyone else following, the more shots you fire, the more gas is released and the change from liquid to gas has to get energy to do this from somewhere... cue another discussion on entropy. but at this point I tend to just look at my steam tables in honesty although I will have to check if propane is actually listed... 🤔 otherwise thermodynamically I think both the HPA and the GBB system work in a very similar way. they both are a discharge of pressurised fluid out of what is effectively an infinite reservoir, through a valve and down the barrel which actually makes the losses involved in firing the BB quite low in the scheme of things I can only really think of the friction of the valve tbh. at this point it's a game of pressure differentials as far as I can see. However that seems to be quite a different scenario to the losses found in an AEG so I don't know how easily it would be to quantify with a comparison. 🤔
  15. that seems like a reasonable assumption to me... and at that point you could look at it really simply using the first law where actually all of your loss will be accounted for by Q and work from there. however I think actually the challenge does come down to that pressure loss... although technically that would be considered a second aspect of work done and could be shown as an additional factor of system efficiency. I'll have to think about this some more on my way home from work 🤔
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