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  1. pretty much exactly a year ago, not dealt with him since unfortunately.
  2. Yep that's similar to my experience. they only shipped them out when i kicked up a stink on a large facebook airsoft group, raising a dispute is probably required too at this point. They are still making them though and unfortunately they are the best plates available.... so definitely a catch 22. Just as an FYI I believe the HR4K ones @GeorgePlaysAirsoft linked are possibly made by travail but i could be wrong. definitely look like they have the same profile anyway.
  3. I know the feeling... I was hoping for some DPM C222 but they didn't have my size either 😥
  4. Arktis have a good sale on for black Friday if you want some more obscure camos like Swedish M90 or even high-speed modern DPM kit. https://store.arktis.co.uk/collections/sale-clearance
  5. I ended up going real for mine, unfortunately metal prices have been going up recently so they're not as cheap as they were. Alternatively you can get a repro and add your own lead weights. https://www.odintactical.co.uk/ops-core-helmet-counterweight
  6. Btw another alternative to these is sprinter custom ghillie... They're top quality although they cost a lot more but if you want something off the shelf that's your best bet. You can pick them up from longbow Airsoft. Edit: I should add this is just a promotional Photo from the SCG website, just as an explanation so the OP can see the difference.
  7. Mountain warehouse currently have 50% off everything if anyone needs camping kit, or even good quality clothing etc. https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/ Plus COMEBACK15 gives you 15% off their explorer hiking socks(yes they come in green.)
  8. An IR Illuminator is definitely useful in very very lowlight conditions such as heavily overcast or in dense woodland, indoors etc. however I'm not sure if I'd use any of the dbal's just for illumination as they don't throw the light very far. however that is compared to a dedicated weapon light. in fact i recently picked up a cheap Ali IR x300 on my MP7 that is really very good if you're not able/willing to get a real surefire or Inforce light. (I also use an Inforce WMLx for reference.) Another thing to be aware of is that IR Lasers can be banned at events as they can be very dangerous (Ironically because you can't see it, so you dont know if its pointed in your eyes and therefore you don't blink. Having said that the G&P DBAL is often considered one of the better IR lasers out there as it will hold it's zero under recoil.
  9. While i'm assuming it's for an international customer that is a really dumb thing to post on their youtube page... i can't even understand why they thought that was a good idea to advertise that they're willing to produce something that's actually illegal.
  10. tbf they keep saying this is the last run and then do another one. its a bit like the M81 ferro slingsters... "it's the last time guys, we know we have said this for the last 5 years but we mean it this time" So you may get another chance yet, i think this was their 2nd or 3rd run of them.
  11. A few bits have arrived to finish the OpFor rig i'll be using at the next Okto in January... because who doesn't like woodland and a Czech Ushanka 😅
  12. Nice, I may bump into you at some point then, although i'm not actually around this week. (It's my local site.)
  13. Basically this is the important tube information. it looks like being a reasonable gen 2 unit although being a pvs 7 means you may need some practice with it to avoid tripping over things (No depth perception.) Either way enjoy your NODs and get yourself to some night games.
  14. The best options for what you're looking for is either a Wilcox L4G11 mount or a norotos AKA2 bayonet mount, as these will fit any OpsCore/Wilcox style night vision shrouds and are highly adjustable. as to where you can get them is a little trickier outside of the states. I would suggest the facebook groups mentioned before or ebay as your best bet. Alternatively Wilcox do make an adapter, but you'll have to have a search for dovetail to bayonet adapters for yourself. Hopefully you'll find something fairly quickly.
  15. Unfortunately not unless you are the only player with night vision in the game area. the thing about digital is that they do still require a light source they just allow you to see IR, so they tend to come with an IR LED illuminator to make anything near darkness visible. unfortunately, because IR is very close on the light spectrum to red you can often appear to people without NV as a glowing red cyclops and for those with NODs you appear as having a giant headtorch, which isn't exactly subtle either. hopefully that explains their limitations, however for dusk and dawn when they don't require the additional light they're great but your eyeball does pretty well too then and is definitely cheaper. as @Monkman said you can pick up a pretty good unit for around 1.5 k second-hand although bargains do occasionally pop up around the 1K mark and there are a couple of FB groups for buying and selling NODs. if you're going the whole hog and making a once in a lifetime investment go for Gen 3s or Photonis Echo's or better if you can, just make sure to see what they're like in person if going second hand. Equally most Gen 2+ units will be amazing for your occasional night game use and it's probably only worth stepping up if you are putting in the hours at night.
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