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  1. another suggestion that floats around every once in a while is the vision king short dot which might also be worth a look at. it just depends on what you are looking for 🙂
  2. and yes the stti mags will fit the TM mk23, they are even green gas compatible which is very handy. they are also available under the ASG brand which you sometimes see around. one thing to note is that the feed lips are ever so slightly different which can result in a slightly heavier trigger pull. I sorted this out in 30 seconds with a needle file, although i could easily have lived with it as the difference was so slight so I wouldn't let that put you off.
  3. some of those can be an absolute pain, as above make sure that you push the clip down all the way. hard. other than that you have probably found the difference between some Airsoft manufacturers and the real steel in terms of rail dimensions, plus there are a few different standards out there, e.g. picatinny and weaver. if you are struggling to get it on still you could use an air-dry lubricant such as GT 86 or a similar PTFE spray or even just a splash of water if the rails aren't steel. if that fails you maybe able to try gently heating with a hairdryer, but hopefully it won't come to that.
  4. So I thought that I would add an update on how my L119A2 build was going. It's about 90% there, it just has a few finishing touches that I need to add. but the basic rifle is great to use and accurate to silly ranges with the .36 BB's. 😁
  5. hello, I'm sure there are a few in the area that you might bump into over time. for me personally I may be at gunman Eversley this weekend although I won't be able to confirm that until later in the week.
  6. welcome @tommo thompsonI'm not sure what your budget is, but within the aeg bracket there are normal aegs and those with recoil. if you have the budget a scar L from Tokyo marui would be a good performer with recoil. but there is loads of variety out there. If you haven't tried Airsoft before get yourself booked on with a rental and see if you like it. I think that the terminology is fairly similar to paintball with skirmishes, filmsims (a skirmish with longer games and a story line) and milsims.
  7. if you would like something similar have a look at the cm701 from Taiwan gun. VSR compatible for when you do get around to upgrading it and currently only £70. I'm sure that you could pick up a cheap basic scope from Amazon for less than £20. https://www.taiwangun.com/en/spring/cm-701b-cyma just remember that pretty much every bolt action rifle will need upgrading to perform well and even then 100m is a long shot that is simply not possible by most rifles within this countries FPS limits. there are exceptions of course but they are generally a bit of a work of art.
  8. I am aiming to, I currently am in the process of building at 10" L119A2 and then will probably build a second 16" for some long range action 😁
  9. really, it says on their website it's made and designed in Denmark? although it may just be assembled there... see the bottom of the 2018 tech spec. although it wouldn't be the first time that a company has played fast and loose with the facts. http://Technical information 2018 Revision - ActionSportGames actionsportgames.com › Download › 004... they do seem to get involved and care about their reputation a bit though which is more than a lot of Airsoft companies these days. plus they import some interesting rifles, including my m40a5 even though that's actually manufactured by VFC.
  10. I was under the impression that the Evo is the only range of guns they actually make. (they claim that it is made in Denmark as opposed to out the far East) this information may be out of date now though. otherwise it is just rebranding things, sometimes with some extra qc thrown in there if they feel like it.
  11. the idea of panic reloading in games makes me sweat about just thinking about it 😂 the drum mag now makes complete sense.
  12. it was a gunman filmsim, and I got through about half my rounds over two 3 hour games. clearly I am just more stingy than I thought 😂 but I only use semi auto and maybe I was being a bit sneaky. I probably will use more when I go to the next normal skirmish, but I'll have to get back to you on that. let us know how you get on, I'm sure that you'll be able to out shoot most people on the field.
  13. yep, I just had to drop the power ever so slightly using the NPAS valve. I should probably add that my sites limits are 1.14 J too so it's currently set to about 1.1J with 0.36 to be on the safe side. it's stock apart from NPAS a modify tan bucking and one of daves brass nubs. the previous owner had already installed these but it doesn't look like he ever actually skirmished the rifle so otherwise it was pretty much new. @sonofsammo that is starting to sound like a bit of a beast. you'll have to let us know how you get on... but I mean 350 rounds!!!!! I only normally carry 280 on me and that lasted me for a day 😂
  14. I had my first game with mine last Saturday and needless to say they perform incredibly well. If you can get on with the real cap mags I doubt that you will be disappointed. the range and accuracy with 0.36g BB's was impressive despite some very heavy wind 🙂
  15. hi @Daanios welcome to the forum, and the mws is a great choice in either the CQBR or m4a1 form, it's just whatever look you prefer. most of us are based in the UK, and it should be noted that the maximum muzzle energy for any full auto or burst fire Airsoft guns is 1.3 joules regardless of BB weight. personally I think that the easiest way to adjust the energy is with an NPAS which is fitted in the nozzle. this is easily adjusted at crono on the day which is helpful. although multiple upper receivers or bolts is another option, but I am not so familiar with the aftermarket bolts. I'm sure that someone else can fill in the details on that front.
  16. 1-under 18 players... we were all under 18 once, having said that it is entirely down to the person. some people are just really annoying. 2-themed game sites. I love them however that is entirely made by the players and their attitude towards the scenario. other people just want to rock up, shoot their mates and head home which is great, but they probably won't be that fussed about a theme. horses for courses and all that. I hope that helps 🙂
  17. haha that's a good point, I did think that it reminded me of something like Wii Airsoft... although personally I found it slightly entertaining in a comedic kind of way 🙄
  18. haha, although you missed out there, playing in the snow is something else. definitely with you on the enemy of the gates remake or maybe the winter sniper duel at the end of the film shooter 😂
  19. hahaha it's so confusing, but also a bit epic at the same time 😂
  20. I think that the hardest game for telling if I was hit or not was was about 6 weeks ago at gunman in the snow. there were bits of snow and ice constantly falling off the trees and since the trees were quite tall I found it hard to tell between a bb and some ice. I probably got it wrong a lot, but as has been said all you can do is call it if you feel a hit (unless you're in the safe zone) or if you're not sure give them the benefit of the doubt. it's a much nicer game to play for everyone that way 🙂
  21. cheers, that's very true, I probably should have mentioned that I have npas fitted along with a brass nub, and I will be adjusting against joule creep too (the site I play at only measure in joules not FPS)
  22. so I have my first skirmish with the mws coming this Saturday which I'm looking forward to. however I need to get some new ammo before then, normally I would just get some 0.32 geoffs super precision but I can only find 0.3 or 0.36 in the UK at the moment. so the question is what weight of BB do you use for a 1.1J build? cheers
  23. sadly I only really have experience with the TM mk23. however I think that the issue is that there are not many upgradable nbb pistols out there. The only one I can think of off the top of my head that could be made to work is the kjw Ruger mkI or gemtec oasis ( sold under other brands), up on what can actually be done to them. but I think that the accuracy of the mk23 is really hard to beat.
  24. likewise, I also have the set with the crazy jet barrel and it was a pretty good improvement in both range and accuracy. the only thing that I did have to improve was the angle of the hop arm which was slightly off on mine which created a slight hook at the end of the BB's flight. but that has been easily fixed with a pair of pliers, but the performance boost was well worth a little work 🙂 I should also add that it was only an extra 30 second job and I think that mine must have been a lemon.
  25. likewise, Google or even the search function on here is a fantastic way of finding the information you need. plus you find out all sorts of extra useful information which you wouldn't get if you just asked someone. 😀
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