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  1. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon

    Plate Carrier Choice

    You pay £120-£160 in the UK for one. http://www.military1st.co.uk/fy-vt-m025-kh-flyye-new-molle-lt6094-vest-khaki.html http://www.military1st.co.uk/fy-vt-m025-fg-flyye-new-molle-lt6094-vest-a-tacs-fg.html Used only once, and you get all the pouches with it as well..... I would say its worth £100. But some are just born cheap. Cant help that
  2. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon

    Plate Carrier Choice

    Its not your typical replica. The quality of FLYYE gear is so much higher than that of the TMC, King Arms, Condor etc copies... Infact, the quality of the material is higher than standard issue gear. Thanks
  3. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon

    Plate Carrier Choice

    If you are looking for a 6094, I have a FLYYE one for sale for £100 if you check my posts? May be of intrest but you wont be getting a crappy chinease replica. Thanks
  4. Can you get the FLYYE/PANTAC operator belt with the harness from the UK? Cant find it anywhere.

  5. Looking for a good gas blow back CQB weapon... Any ideas?

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    2. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      I was thinking of the MP5 Apache by WE, whats it like for efficency etc?

    3. Lozart


      No idea, plenty of decent reviews out there though. Seems to be reasonably well liked.

    4. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      will take a look. cheers

  6. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    fuck my life! How are they all going?
  7. I have a 6094 plate carrier up for sale, if interested, look in the Gear for Sale section of the forums. Cheers guys

  8. I have the FLYYE 6094 with the map-pack, mag pouches for 8 m4 mags, and a gp pouch, what sort of price is reasonable to ask for it if i were to sell it? - Its cost £200 all in and its been used once...

    1. jcheeseright


      sell it separately, you'll get more. I sold a flyye 6094 for £100, but it was multicam and about 2 years ago


    2. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      oh okay, luckily they dont go down in value as the years go on... Cheers, will sell it seperately.

  9. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon

    G&P M4 Cracker - the low down please?

    Hi, I have experience with one of these, I dont own one but can give you some information and feedback.​ As you know, its one of G&P's CQB M4's with a 7 inch barrel (i think). From experience, I can say they are quite (very) loud and fun to use. Accuracy is okay, not the best at its length but it could be improved with a longer barrel etc. but with the CQB features, it will do fine. Its scary, truly scary when you hear it fire in an echoing room. The only thing I don't know is about the bolt stop. Sorry. Hope the rest helps
  10. So I splashed out and got the Ultimate gearbox installed into my M4 by LWA. f*cking amazing.... Absolutely f*cking amazing. Worth the £135.99 and would have happily paid more. Can now outperform everyone (except p*s and systemas) when it comes to gearbox performance. Also, due to it being paired with a prowin hop up and lonex 70 bucking.... Outranging a lot of people. First Game - 70m headshot after 4 shots at the guy

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    2. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      aha, that's quite good as well. I didn't realise you could over hop all things.

    3. Mos


      Come on now, you didn't hit a head from 70 metres did ya...

    4. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      Well his head flinched and jerked so that surely meansi did, and then he called hit

  11. Well. I was going to just buy a plate carrier - Turns out I spent over £300 more on other things as well.... f*cking airsoft!

    1. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      And its my birthday in 3 days..... uh oh..

    2. Uprising


      Its your birthday present to you

    3. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      Yeah but if thats my birthday present to me, that means I cant buy anything else with my birthday money with any excuse

  12. Well its payday so I thought I might treat myself to the FLYYE 6094 Plate Carrier...

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    2. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      yeah will do... I do have something u could do now:

      -Run the sling through the pads

      -Get a two point sling


      If these dont work I will take a look and let you know!

    3. Sacarathe


      I have my single point over the shoulders, inside the straps already - I can't see a way to put it under the shoulder straps above padding. Two point is something i'll see to next year now.

    4. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      ok, a two point sling does seem to stop the weight going directly though your body, but instead widens the pressure throughout so you shouldnt notice it as much over longer periods of time

  13. Have a team starting next month - Based in the midlands, around Matlock. Phoenix Airsoft is another site we go to and as from November, Stirling Airsoft. We are looking for semi-serious airsofters who want that milsim side to show. Any interest, message me directly. Facebook Page: Aegis Milsim

  14. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon

    What is MATO ?

    Where are you based, me and a friend are looking to join a team?