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  1. Just to input - you can buy the Micro Flight MK3 complete set for £184.99. Hopefully you sell this but I thought I'd mention
  2. WE Scar H GBBR - Issue

    RA Tech Inner Barrel

    Brand New Hop Unit

    Maple Leaf Bucking

    Standard WE Nub

    (Nozzle looks fine and seems to seal properly with bucking)


    BBs are not firing - they get stuck in the hop unit. Its infuriating, I tried with the old maple leaf bucking the gun came with and bought the 75 degree pink one. Still doesn't work.


    Starting to give up. Has anyone got any idea what this could be?


    Is it the fact that I am using the standard nub? Im waiting on the maple leaf omega nub to arrive with a new maple leaf 70 degree bucking.

  3. WE SCAR H GBBR isn't feeding all the time.


    Has anyone got any ideas?

    (The nozzle looks fine and this has been tried with 3 different magazines and different amounts of gas)


    Sometimes the BB wont come out the barrel, but will be stuck in the chamber, but other times, the BB wont come out of the barrel but wont even be in the chamber?


    Really would appreciate some help if anybody knows? 



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    2. PT247


      aye hop bucking may be torn or your hop nub may be sitting wrong.

    3. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      Perfect - I've ordered a new bucking so hopefully this sorts it, nozzle seems fine the feeding bit isn't broken so should be the hop unit

    4. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      UPDATE: I took the hop up unit apart and removed the rubber and nub, I then replaced the rubber but left the nub out just to make sure there was no hop on.


      It fed fine! No hop up obviously but I've ordered a new hop rubber and nub so this should sort it.

  4. Looking to get into the TM Recoil shock market and sell my VFC Umarex HK416A5 - can't find any on here for a fair price. Been used indoors only a few times so good condition.

    Any ideas what a fair price would be to ask for?


    1. Drin9


      Completely depends on the condition, whats included etc. Best to put it up for sale for what you value it at, see if you get any interest

    2. Druid799


      Appraisals section mite be a better idea ?  

  5. looking for a geissele style rail for my umarex vfc 416a5...

    Nowhere seems to have it in stock.

    Any ideas?


  6. Any milsim teams based in the east midlands?

    (dont have to play milsims in the east midlands as I realise most are in scotland/wales/south)


    Looking with a mate to find new people to go airsofting with.



  7. Looks like: Opscore helmet (multicam cover) A regular tshirt RAL1073 combat trousers (clawgear or 5.11) Looks like a JPC or DCS style plate carrier
  8. G&G seem to just work. Not bad, not the best. They last years and the internals are so reliable, especially the GR series where you dont have the gimmick electric blowback. You wont go far wrong at all with a G&G, you'll have the peace of mind that you can just go to a skirmish or milsim, and have a good time, without worrying about performance. Speaking of performance; they are so easily upgraded, pretty much anything on the market will fit a G&G, including pretty much any magazines, externals, and obviously V2 and V3 internals. I had a G&G before the VFC416 and it was a good all rounder. Would suggest upgrading the hop unit but thats all. Externals seem solid, the paint is thick and wont chip after a little knock, Ive dropped my G&G a lot and it just seems to take it and carry on flawlessly. Hope this helps.
  9. You pay £120-£160 in the UK for one. http://www.military1st.co.uk/fy-vt-m025-kh-flyye-new-molle-lt6094-vest-khaki.html http://www.military1st.co.uk/fy-vt-m025-fg-flyye-new-molle-lt6094-vest-a-tacs-fg.html Used only once, and you get all the pouches with it as well..... I would say its worth £100. But some are just born cheap. Cant help that
  10. Its not your typical replica. The quality of FLYYE gear is so much higher than that of the TMC, King Arms, Condor etc copies... Infact, the quality of the material is higher than standard issue gear. Thanks
  11. If you are looking for a 6094, I have a FLYYE one for sale for £100 if you check my posts? May be of intrest but you wont be getting a crappy chinease replica. Thanks
  12. Can you get the FLYYE/PANTAC operator belt with the harness from the UK? Cant find it anywhere.

  13. Looking for a good gas blow back CQB weapon... Any ideas?

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    2. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      I was thinking of the MP5 Apache by WE, whats it like for efficency etc?

    3. Lozart


      No idea, plenty of decent reviews out there though. Seems to be reasonably well liked.

    4. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      will take a look. cheers

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