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  1. I've heard alot of good things on the Bolle x800/810/1000s want a pair myself
  2. if you want to kill your eyes that is. if you want something cheaper get something like the bolle cobras or tracker. the FMA goggles get dented when shot, i wouldnt risk it tbh
  3. lowkey hoping for more delay so i can cop a patch
  4. just took another look at taiwan gun, everything is so cheap, ill be buying all my gear from them
  5. well tbh, i cant buy any gun until my i get my student loans. (i know i shouldn't be using my loan on guns), which will be very soon. ill keep a close eye on the classifieds and since black friday is coming up ill be able to snag some goodies
  6. wow they're so cheap but i dont have my ukara yet
  7. I've thought about just getting the CM16 but, the M4 platform is kinda jarring and everyone and their mother has one. Are there any reliable modern styled AKs around £150 and where can i find them, it seems only patrol base is stocking cyma aks
  8. +1 on mesh mask with cloth sides, nice pair of googlies and a cap
  9. alrighty guess ill make sure i have that in the checklist
  10. Speedsoft isnt really my cup of tea, just reminds me of call of duty smg rushing. Would be interesting to what comes out of competitive airsoft though.
  11. I'm going for the CM16 2.0 not the one with the built in MOSFET as I've heard they can backfire, shame cos I really like the PDW stocks
  12. anyone have experience with the hex mags? they look so sexy, but i've seen mixed reviews about them
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