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  1. One thing would be dependant on where you got it from it may have the m90 put in already. Mine did from patrol base. Only other way of checking is chronoing it and seeing if it reads high fps.
  2. Didn't know well suppose not looked into it much. But true sourcing at the current times isn't the easiest.
  3. Some new Battleaxe mid-caps! Bought from patrol base but seems they get it from taiwangun anyways according to the lovely label 😂
  4. I'm new to airsoft and like you said before about being new to the game and getting a charger for lipos I saw most people always mentioning the B6 I bought the IMAX B6 off hobbyking uk version and checked the hologram which come back all good. So am I assuming that hologram is correct? As it directs me to the website to say its genuine. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/imax-b6ac-v2-professional-balance-charger-discharger-uk-plug.html?___store=en_us
  5. Thanks mate for the reminder! Not had a chance to have a proper look yet as busy but will get round to it later!
  6. My first gun finally came! I know its two tone but it works out the same if i rented. Cost wise. Specna Arms SA-E03 2 x 7.4 Lipos NUPROL Case All ready for Saturday just got to test fire it later!
  7. This has just been mentioned in a previous thread actually, which might help you in deciding. Edit: just noticed you have replied in that thread above haha! My bad.
  8. All set on bbs and chrono! Hopefully my Gun will come tomorrow ready for Saturday! Wait in for UPS 😬
  9. Caj109


    Just received my package from Pete, quick and prompt delivery. I accidently selected two of one item and messaged him to change it to one and he was quick in refunding me the overcharge! Top notch service 👍
  10. New little toy👌, ready for changing over to deans!
  11. Starting to get things! Charger and lipo bag. Mind the bag was bigger than I thought haha!
  12. Yeah, good to start with! Means got something to use for a fair few months then should be able to buy something else if I fancy. You've got the E03 if i recall? Doing you fine?
  13. Thanks, I've bite the bullet and just ordered two tone on the SA-E03 in the end, thinking cause i'll probabaly keep as a spare gun or even main if i end up buying the cyma. I've bought 2x 7.4v 25c cranestock lipo's, wasnt planning on buying a 11.1v as rather not burn it out like you said. plus means handy if i get cyma so dont need to buy more batteries, plus specna comes with 2 midcaps. bought chrono, 0.25g bb's, bought a imax b6 off hobbyking uk version for the lipos, and safety bag. a nuprol case too for the gun and bits! Dont worry wont be touching nuprol! heard all sorts haha. just got to wait now and hope it comes before the 8th August! Thanks for the advice, I've been checking out this forum a lot recently to see what issues people have had.
  14. Yeah i see what you mean definitely with the costs to rent out-way the cost of buying two tone and walk on fee, like you say it'll be a spare gun too if need me! I'm debating cause say the cyma likes lipos i was gonna get a gun which also likes lipos to save costs down the line, but suppose can always use nimh. Have got clothing, boots and eye pro already so mainly need gun, charger etc. Plus down the line say when I've got my ukara and the cyma is back can easily get from TG as will have the other gun to use while waiting. appreciate the reply though gave me a thought for sure! Thanks Craig
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