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  1. They also move around the barriers every so often, about every month or so which makes stuff quite confusing. I play night games every few weeks there and occasionally have got lost in the darkness xD
  2. There's strikeforce cqb in Gloucester, everyone's really friendly there and you'll have no problems getting around if you're worried about fitness. I usually go to the Thursday night games. There's also a place out in the forest kinda near Lydney too called Forest of Dean Paintball and Airsoft if you want outdoors or the ppl who run strikeforce have a site Swindon way which is also outdoors. Haven't tried out the outdoor places yet.
  3. I’ve been using the pistol holster in my VX chest rig, found it a little bulky. How does it work for you?
  4. I’ve ran pistol only a few times in CQB. It’s really fun, only problem I found is magazine capacity and having enough of them. I have 4 standard glock mags and would find myself running out about halfway through a 1hr CQB game.
  5. Thanks! I got mine from patrol base too. I compressed both springs and the slightly shorter one was easier to compress so I’ve put that one in. We’ll find out Thursday at the chrono before the game 😂
  6. Cheers! I'll take the spare spring with me just in case and swap it out if i'm shooting too hot.
  7. Hello all! I recently purchased a Specna Arms C04. It comes with two springs with the gun as it has a quick change system. I only play CQB so I need to ensure it's under 340 FPS for the site I play at. From my understanding the gun comes with a spring in it that'll do 380fps and a spare M90 spring to bring it down to 310. My only problem is the spare spring provided says M90 on it's packaging but someone has put a sticker on it that says "Stock Spring", this makes me think the retailer has swapped the springs maybe?. When i put them next to each other one is shorter than the other.
  8. Personally, I prefer a bottle of BBs instead of a big plastic bag. I’d be willing to give them a go if you want testers for .25s
  9. What’s wrong with two tone? 🤔 then when you’re of age yourself, get yourself a membership and you can buy RIFs
  10. That’d be a good idea, I’d like to find some ppl near me who I can go skirmish with!
  11. Hi Guys, Am looking for getting a sight for my Glock, has anyone had any luck with importing sights from china from sites such as aliexpress (this sight in particular). Kinda worried that customs might not be happy about me importing it, or am i catastrophizing?
  12. I know where you're coming from dude, I've been really nervous about my first game. Moved to a new city for work and don't know anyone. Going to my first game here on my own on Thursday, nervous but also excited!
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