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  1. Time Left: 13 hours and 37 minutes

    • For sale
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    Hey guys, I'm out of the game for a while and I need to make up some cash so I've decided to sell my pride and joy, it's all in good working order not had any issues while I've used it. Pickup only due to size and weight. Comes with the case, 2x 2200mAh 7.4v 30c LiPo batteries, T1 red dot sight, Nuprol NX600L, AceTech AT1000 Tracer Unit, 4 PTS EPM midcaps, one nuprol hicap, 3 and a half bottles of .2g bbs, a 1 and a 2 point slings and a tornado speedloader



  2. Gimli

    WE XDM 3.8 Gas Mags


    • For sale
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    2x WE XDM 3.8 mags, got as part of a mystery box, BNIB Price includes fees/postage


  3. Anything Acetech, if you want a supressor looking unit, AT1000, if you want a QD flash hider/tracer combo, AT2000, if you want something small and compact which can also be used with a pistol, AceTech Lighter. i personally use the AT1000 and am so impressed i've bought a Lighter to use with my pistols, i'm really happy with the brightness of the bb's Also AVOID the Nuprol tracer, it's utter garbage
  4. fingers crossed, need that extra protection, i'm in the habit of having my forehead smashed in by snipers when i pop over cover haha
  5. Guys, I'd really like to get a fast helmet, they make life much easier than wearing a cap during a game, but i need one that will guarantee fitting my 62cm bonce Any suggestions where to look or specific items? Please save my poor fat head!
  6. As it's coming ever closer, which of the AF-UK boys and girls are going to UCAP Redemption on the 19th?

    1. L3wisD


      I've heard it's not very good. :(

      One of my mates said it was too cramped for the amount of players allegedly.

    2. clumpyedge


      Maybe we should get @Asomodai to do a review.

    3. Asomodai


      It is our intention to go down there one day. But we are already committed to Plantation this weekend :) I only get to play roughly twice a month so maybe September.

  7. Gimli

    Nuprol XL hardcase

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    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Not gonna need this behemoth, so hopefully one of you guys can use it, only used for a couple of games. just to clarify, this is the 140cm XL case, not the 110cm Large case would prefer pickup due to the sheer length of it, but can be posted if need be Priced with postage in mind


  8. Gimli

    WE XDM 4.5 Pistol

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    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Selling due to lack of use, used in one match, but having way too much fun with my TM Gold Match to put this to good use comes with XD Gear holster Price includes postage


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    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Selling my Good old trusty Five-Seven, been well loved, and used a fair amount, but still running perfectly with no issues, other than the damaged safety lever, comes with 2 gas tight mags and a FOBUS retention paddle holster Price includes postage


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    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    As standard, played 2 matches with it on separate days, solid rifle on .4's with FPS just scraping the limit at 498 Price includes delivery


  11. So, i've come to a conclusion, i'm gonna be that guy strapped up with about 50 pistols and one primary, i like playing with all the different guns, but iunno, something about pistols, just makes me happy.

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Welcome to the club. Except I now also have about 50 primaries haha

    2. Gimli


      @SeniorSpaz87 If i had the financial stability, i'd be in that club, i've gone through a fair amount of primaries and pistols, just need to work on slowly building now :P

  12. Gimli

    WE XDM 4.5 Pistol

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    • For sale
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    Brand new, part of a mystery box, surplus to my requirements! comes with original box, even though it's not pictured also comes with XDGear retention holster



  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale or swap
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    Used only for firing practice, trying to reduce gun collection, comes with tan Vertical Foregrip, sights and 3 shells


  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I received this as part of a goodwill gesture from DTD when my holster had parts failure, no need for 2 of these so hopefully one of you can grab a bit of a bargain price includes fees/potasge


  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Got in a trade, thought it was gonna be really great to use, just doesn't quite suit me, all in good working order comes with 7 mags and 3 batteries.


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