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    Looking for l85 sa80 replica airsoft. Have 100 max In cambridgeshire preferably but would consider buying from elsewhere via paypal for a geniune article


  2. Have you tried madpatches.co.uk I just saw they do minimum of ten Might be worth a shot
  3. I saw 2 for pvc patches for 40 theyre asking 200ish and 150 was like 400. I think there asking so much and in high numbers because they have to use a custom mould to make them and to cover all the costs and make it worthwhile for both you and them. I know its not what your hankering for but It would probably be best to go with embroidered its cheaper and easier and a nice trustworthy lil old lady will sew it up for you. Sorry m8 did have a scan about for you but i think ur gna have to either bite it and buy bulk or go embroidered Hope this has been help
  4. Ebay have ALOT of embroiders willing to do custom patches. You can deffo get custom name patches made in singles or small bulk buys so they should do you what your asking just type in custom patch and ask a few if theyre willing. Failing that check in the 100% biker and bsh magazines theyve ALWAYS got embroider ads in there hope this is helpful pegasus
  5. Ignore cheeseright Hes The type that shows up with a plate carrier and nvg goggles to airsoft Regardless of wether ive been to airsoft yet or not Had a set of 58 pattern for 16 years and used it alot for several of my hobbies never had a problem with it all. Its cheap cheerful and will see you through everytime. Thats why i reccomended it to you
  6. Gear wise buy ex army stuff. It will last longer and is usually alot cheaper. Good boots are a must. Waterproofs would be handy. Keep all your gear lightweight and bare minimum. You Dont wanna be hauling a tonne of stuff about and knacker yourself in the first half hour and or cause injury especially if your doing milsim events Reccomend 58 pattern webbing very cheap very light and almost indestructible Hope this helps
  7. For people looking for good quality items and an owners review. Rate your items out of 10 and a good description of why etc etc Please keep this on topic and to the point so others can use this as a viable source of information Thank you Pegasus
  8. Thought this would make a good post for anyone looking for quality face protection and an owners review. Post your eye or face pro and rate it out of 10. also please give a good description of why you rate it what makes it good etc. Please keep this on topic and to the point so others can use this as a good source of information Thank you Pegasus
  9. If you have a whole under the barrel by the handguard then you can buy a tri rail adapter and then you can fit rail mounted bipods
  10. Thx cbh much apreciated for the info Tah Pegasus
  11. How do the armalite mags compare to the nuprol mags?? Which one would you say is the best?? Thanks for the info Pegasus
  12. The social pyramid is real. If workers down tools the political class is fkd and so is the industries food production etc etc. We all need each other for it to work properly. Same can be said for airsoft. The shops and sites need us and we need them.
  13. If a business is to succeed it needs customers if it has little or no customers it cannot survive alot of these airsoft shops are running sites too so if they dont get paid enough to keep it running you cant play there. Ultimately that shop abroad doesnt provide you with the sites and services here they just sell you guns at an undermining price. On the subject of niche versis basic services. No. Basic manufacturing and labouring is the legs to the captialsim pyramid without them noone can stand.
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