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  1. cheaters (rant)

    The only way to deal with cheaters is to keep shooting them until they call the hit, if you need to change position and get a different angle to be sure of the hit then so be it. I will often try and find a different spot to hit them on to discount not feeling it through a plate carrier or something, the other thing to do is ask a marshall to check if your BB's are reaching where you are shooting, this avoids calling out a cheater but has the same effect of getting them checked.
  2. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Possibly more useful outdoors/Non CQB but certainly not essential.
  3. MP40 problem

    I really think you are worrying far to much about this - you would have been perfectly fine as you were without touching the gun at all.
  4. Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    THIS! had a situation where we were effectively pinned and this weekend warrior comes racing up behind us and shouts "you, you you and you what are you doing stuck here follow me NOW!" and races out from behind cover only to get lit up. Naturally we pissed ourselves laughing at him as he walked back passed blaming us for him getting shot.
  5. Game shenanigans---->moan

    and I'll put money on them all working still
  6. Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    people that stand around chatting during a game briefing - then AS THEY WALK AWAY TO START THE GAME ASK WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. ICS APE

    I have a cxp APE and have run it for a couple of years now with no issues, can be a little picky on mags, but now I have several that I know work that isn't an issue. I only have double feeding issues if I try and run it on 11.1v lipos. Other than that I love it, it has been a great reliable weapon that has never let me down with good range and accuracy right out of the box.
  8. Ukara being down and all...

    Why would the ukara DB need to be PCI compliant? it holds no PAN data...
  9. Question about a gun sale dispute.

    your buyer is taking the piss.
  10. First time @ The Stan (Sheffield)

    I play at the stan quite often and tbh really like it. You WILL need a torch as a lot of it is quite dark. be prepared to climb a lot of stairs which can be murder on the legs.
  11. Has the forum gone to the dogs?

    based on the replies to this thread I think the answer may be yes :|
  12. Whats your favourite game type/scenario?

    I like the pushback games (particularly at the stan) gives a good balance of intense play and balls out attack as opposing team numbers dwindle, and from the other side of that fence picking a spot when the team doing the pushing back all rush past you and you can take lots out all at once we should do a thread for game types we dislike - for me any type of "infection/zombie" game, always seem so pointless as you never know who you are supposed to be shooting at.
  13. Dye i4 eye protection

    Loads of threads on here, tl;dr is they are great
  14. MOSFET....Which brand

    seconded - I have used a few of these and they are excellent
  15. Tac house spartan at chesterfield is okay, The stan at Sheffield is good, Skirmish Nottingham is a woodland site near sherwood forest (never played there) there is a CQB site in the centre of derby but in all honesty it is rubbish so avoid that one. for all of them you are going to have to get the spring changed out for a m100 or m110.